Yesterday’s freeze stripped the trees of many of their leaves. In some areas the lawns are deep with them. Falling in a crackling rustle all day. No gentle turning of colours for these leaves. Just the fast snap of cold.

I worked in the barn all day preparing pens for winter. As usual I create areas of deep packed straw that will deepen across the winter.

Having found no good supply of straw yet. The animals still just eat their wonderful oat straw and my usual supplier has gone over to corn husks ( these are dusty and stink of chemicals so I don’t use them), so the first layer is wood chips then old straw.

The animals will not be invited in for a while yet. I only use the barn when the weather is truly nasty. The cows are fine outside.

I weaned Molly from her big piglets yesterday. So it was nice to be in the barn with the music up loud. Keeping an eye on both the little pigs and their forlorn mother.

The pigs never care. They just ate and slept all day – mostly outside in the sun in their empty garden.

Molly will be alright. I will work on her electric fence today. Then shift her house into the back field. She will be behind an electric fence for a few weeks until totally settled then I will take it up and she will be free to join Poppy and Sheila.

I worked in the piglet house for quite some time. Opening up their second sleeping area, my guests helped me move the blue fish bowl house onto the deep pack of old straw waiting in there, and I reorganized their water and feed. Things are much easier to manage now their huge Mama has moved out.

Everyone has more space.

We all need space. I certainly need space- space and light.

More sun today. So I will work on the fences.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

23 Comments on “FALLING DOWN

  1. It was a work packed weekend, building and fixing for winter that is coming, we had light snow fall off and on yesterday and today, we have more snow coming.. yesterday I looked up and sighed, after two days of strong winds, 80 plus percent of the fall color is gone.. poof very bare trees and with my big yard trees wow can you see in the house from the yard now. still need to build the new goose house this week yet.

  2. Did I tell you that yesterday we had a lot of rain, and the roof still leaks…one leak has been leaking for about 8 years and nobody can find where it is….so a blue bowl catches the water before it reaches the bed….which is why I thought of leaves! A couple of days ago I worked in the garden, getting ready for winter, and I swept up the brown crinkly leaves from the Magnolia tree..it was all clean…..after the rain…the ground is covered in leaves again..brought down by the heavy rain. and now it is cold and I dont want to be outside…I prefer warm.. Its good that your farm guests are giving you a helping hand.If I was there i would do something (probably pet the pigs) as I am not much good at my age for doing heavy lifting… Have a good day Miss C….and may the sun shine brightly on your patch

    • Making soup is the very best thing in the world to do, especially if the chill wind blows & the roof leaks. We had the chill winds for two days here & the still green leaves or withered dun colored all over everything. No mystery leaks, knock wood. But I’ll be making soup today too. I’m just happy after a big blow that the yard trees are still upstanding, even though there are dead limbs & big branches all over the driveway. To be gathered up later when it’s warmer out there.

  3. I bought the dogs a new winter bed today, one with sides that they can snuggle up into together…rather like the farmy animals!Those piglets look amazing.

  4. Oh dear, winter seems to be moving in too quickly. Tima and Tane look very happy with their bed. Laura

  5. We used to bed the horses down on shredded paper when we couldn’t get wood shavings. Is that a possibility for you? Or would the pigs try to eat that too…? And thinking laterally, would dried leaves be any good? Looks as if you have an excellent supply of those!

    • I believe straw is warmer because it’s hollow. The air inside the straw actually acts as an insulator, plus for some reason straw doesn’t seem to get as wet as hay. The problem with hay is, it becomes soggy. Where we are (Eastern Washington) the winters are quite wet. If I put hay down in the chicken house it turns nasty just from the wet they bring in on feet and feathers.

      • Yes. I cannot imagine the mess of horses sleeping in paper. Good wheat Straw is wonderful- but harder to find here – farmers don’t seem to grow as much wheat anymore.

  6. Yes, as The Daily Cure said, it is weird that the green leaves would just all fall off! It has gotten close to freezing the last two nights, but the leaves here are hanging on and just starting to turn. Just about all of the black walnuts have fallen, making for dangerous walking about, skittering and flailing as we try not to twist ankles. We are due for another bit of a warm up for another week or so, so I’m a happy camper!!! 🙂

  7. Nice to get prepared for the cold weather. The piglets look lovely and healthy. I’m ashamed to admit I look at their lovely shape and see pork chops! Keep warm. Where I live just outside Winnipeg, the Canada geese are training to fly south and there are only a few white American Pelicans still here. The land is watchful for the big freeze. Enjoy the sunshine.

  8. I too feel for Molly. Those nursing days were wonderful with the babies. But all good things must come to an end. Enjoy this moderate weather and happy fence moving. Good Molly a hug for me,
    And happy 3-week birthday piglet!. Love Mary

  9. We got the pool covered and now, NO MORE pesky oak leaves or acorns falling into the pool and staining it for the rest of the winter – yippee! Thank goodness for helpful neighbors!!! It’s been in the 30’s at night, 80’s daytime. No rain, no snow yet. Where is Wai sleeping these day? Just wondering – do you ever get confused as to what or whom you put where? chuckle! Have a great day, Ms. C.!

  10. It’s hard to know what our relative coming seasons will bring but I’m working on the assumption as our winter had more colder than usual days/nights but also some warmer than usual, summer will be similarly hotter and a mixed bag otherwise. I love fallen leaves to use as mulch, compost but not sure with your coming winter freeze vs our moderate winter if that would work for you.

    • I actually drive the back yards and collect people’s leaf bags. I love them for mulch and under all my trees and bushes- why anyone would rake them
      Out and throw them away is beyond me.


    Yesterday’s freeze
    stripped the trees
    of many of their leaves

    * * *

    Falling in a crackling rustle
    No gentle turning of colours
    Just the fast snap of cold.

  12. FREEZE!? Oh my! At the rate things are going, we could get it too in a month or so. We are not far behind everyone else this year.

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