I have to admit to being a little overwhelmed at the moment. I have too much to do I think and am running a bit ragged.

Then yesterday Tima got into the feed shed and ripped open multiple bags. The little pigs all have diarrhea probably from their sudden weaning ( I have consulted with a friend who knows about pigs and he said give it a day or two)

The new farmer started on the West field.

And Piglet got an amazing offer of a home in a developing urban garden with some pretty amazing community affiliations in Champaign-Urbana.

I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Not a day too soon either as John has only so much patience for me and my strays.

In fact filling out all those subjects for you is overwhelming me too. And I still have not had time to get Molly’s enclosure finished. Poor girl is still waiting for me in the milking room.

Today is egg day. Everything needs boxing and labeling and setting off to the restaurants and I have run out of milk for the baby.

The house is a mess I have laundry coming out my ears and guests coming on Thursday.

So. I will stop my whining and make a black coffee and a proper doable list before I begin chores.

That will do. I am not even going to check this page for errors. I am going to Publish and send me letter off to you and get to work.


50 Comments on “OVERWHELMED

  1. Breathe, List and breathe again. You got this. Tima! Bad girl! (well she is a Pig, but still!!!!!!!!) So happy for Piglet!!!!! He has decided to live and oh he will have a good life I think. It is a he right?

    Okay – I need to take my own advice – breathe – list – breathe again Pat…. Stressful here too. Toodles.

  2. You could take a break from the blog until things get under control. We will all understand. Even Superwoman needs a break.😜

  3. Go! Go! Do what you need to do. We’ll all still be here, sitting around and drinking coffee and gossiping when you get back. A constructive day to you…

  4. I worry when city folk want to take a very cute piglet that will turn into a huge pig.

    • I took her across and showed her Manu and Sheila. She knows this is not a house pig. They have an acre and are building a very sturdy warm shelter for him to move into when he is bigger and I am finding him another rescue to live with. I have been quite stern with her as to his size. Reality set in fast when confronted with Manu!

      • Awww that is great… he will have a buddy. And good to know that they are aware of the size of grown pigs…PIglet is so adorable, they are lucky to get him. I’m sure he will be just as adorable when he gets big, just a bigger adorable. LOL

  5. Yes, the doable list is the ticket! And it’s so rewarding putting a big check next to each item when moving on to the next!!! 🙂

    • By the time I got the regular chores and jobs done it was 4pm and time to start again and make John’s dinner. I never even had time to write the damn list! Tomorrow maybe

  6. Will be thinking of you. You know how to make fine lists and then follow them. And you always get things done! Please remember to breathe. We always do better when our brains have enough oxygen.
    Glad piglet has a loving place to go. He is so darling.

  7. Excellent news – that sounds like Piglet will get a good home and lots of new human friends.
    You’ll have to send Tima to Sheila for behavioral adjustment 😉

  8. I know that feeling and it’s not good for you. Have been trying to figure out what I can leave off the list so that deep level of stress doesn’t take further tole on my health. Please be cautious about that. It will exact it’s price. Sending hugs though I know that won’t help.

  9. Get some uninterrupted sleep, that should relieve some of your stress too. Has John retired fully yet, he can help with egg delivery while you pull every thing else together, as you always do. Laura

  10. You go girl!!! You’re doing EVERYTHING you want! And we get to peek at how you are making your dreams happen. All the “have to’s” came together at once today, that’s all. And it will again! Just put your head down and work!!!! You’ve got this! (Yay for piglet!)

  11. I hope the list makes it feel more doable. It always does that for me. Something about tasks just popping into my head because I hadn’t thought about them in a bit, makes me feel out of control. Putting it safely on paper or in my to do app makes it all feel doable.

      • I totally agree, with all the tasks that got put off and shunted aside last fall and winter I did wonder at times how would I ever catch up but slowly but surely it’s happening. I have a small white board on my fridge and I list those ‘filler jobs’ on it. You know the ones – you walk by and think ‘oh, I have to do that’ and then it promptly leaves your mind. A lot of them are small jobs that don’t take a lot of time (hence ‘filler’ – they fill the odd moments in between) but when they’re bouncing off your eyeballs like popcorn they can seem overwhelming. Also actually completing a big job (today I pulled and replaced two broken wooden fence posts along with disassembling and reassembling the fence they were attached to) gives a huge boost. That was a job I was really not looking forward to so it’s a load off to have it done. Like Elizabeth said, sometimes you just have to put your head down and power through.

  12. Lists help corral those unruly chores. Coffee helps! You are amazing. All the rescuing, feeding, entertaining and farming you accomplish! Sending positive thoughts your way. Take care of yourself. We are cheering you on!

  13. When YOU feel overwhelmed that’s overwhelmed!! You do the work of 3 people every day—day in and day out. Yes John’s help would be useful.

  14. If we could make magic, all of us who faithfully follow your blogs and share in your life, would slip across the miles and like a small positive army we wold share in the chores. We would rake, and fold, and hammer and mend, and cook and clean and share the load of our amazing Celi.

  15. we have your back; however we do it; some people shout to the sky; others cross their fingers, some pray to the Big Pumpkin, i will say some assistance prayers. Hamlet: Come what, come may, time and the hour run through the roughest day.” hugs

  16. Deep Breath.. a big E-hug.. sit with that cuppa and just let yourself sit for five min and settle.. then write that list and up you go! I will not tell you that you have this because its a farm and the simple fact is that things will still be need to be done when you go to bed and wake up tomorrow.

    So instead I will say this.. everyone’s basic needs ARE being meet! Slow and steady will get the job (jobs) done and if it means that someone stays in this pen or that pen for a few extra day.. so be it.. they are safe, feed and their needs respected in that pen.. they will be moved when they can be moved 🙂

    Congrats on egg day and good for wee piglet! I caught a break today its plus ten and sunday, and I am straining wood outside, sure beats this past weekend when we were working outside in the cold and light snow.. brrrr.

  17. I have faith that what you need to get done will get done.: The confidence that what you hope for will actually happen and the Assurance about what you cannot see right now . Many hands make light work, yes implore your guests to help out which I am sure they will gladly do so. ,… all this too shall pass, sooner than you can imagine. My 9 year old neice prescribes taking a quick break lay down in the hay and look up at the Sun for a minute or two, this will do good for John too. Give Piglet a farewell kiss for me.

  18. Just go from this moment to the next, ticking off your list as you go, that’s all you can do. A hug, a wink and a raised eyebrow from here.

  19. Better out than in, hopefully the dialogue helped, and setting it down on paper always makes a to-do list seem more finite and do-able. Plus there’s the satisfaction of crossing off the done’s.

  20. You are amazing, keep going! You’re doing such a good job with all your animals. Wish we were there to help you out! Love to Piglet and his new owner. Hang in there, Molly!

  21. By the time I get in to have a cuppa everything sensible has been said . . . so have that list, feel better with each tick and here is another lot of almso summery hugs from the Antipodes . . . if all our vibes work in the slightest you will as yet again disentangle yourself from the difficult and undoable . . .

  22. I tell my patients when we feel overwhelmed this happens because we are trying to think of everything at once, and our brains tend to short circuit like a blown fuse in response. When feeling so, get it all out onto paper – the brain stops nagging you knowing what it wants you to remember is somewhere. Now, look at the list and start to do them one at a time, in order of priority not in order of desire. Best to get the annoying ones done first to get them over quickly. Nibble away and it’s all accomplished.

  23. Yes, always begin with good, black coffee! I’ve heard that word “strays” all of my life. Someone has to take them in!! 🙂

  24. ‘Tis the season, eh? I felt like summer was so busy — lots of big projects — and then autumn descended, and suddenly I was REALLY racing to get things done. Now I’m foolishly thinking winter will be calmer. It has to be, right?

    Congrats to Piglet on finding a new home!

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