Once more into the breach. Yesterday and the day before were bad days for Piglet. He went down with another bout of pretty bad scours. I had begun to introduce different foods and a little cows milk. The goats milk is terribly expensive. However that experiment failed and after another mad dash to the local Walmart we are back on goats milk and oat cereal. He is still scouring but after a miserable forty-eight hours he is back drinking his bottle with enthusiasm so I am feeling more optimistic.

Because his time on mother’s milk was so short he will always have a fragile digestive system.

At three this morning ( after I had stayed up ’til midnight feeding him every hour) he suddenly appeared at the end of the bed shouting loudly at the dogs to let him through. Dripping diarrhea as he ran. My floors are taking a beating with constant washing. But I saw this as the best sign so far.

The four are looking really good. I think they will go up for sale soon.

Between feeds – I finally got Molly’s enclosure finished and shifted her across. I was having trouble last evening getting the solar panel for the electric fence to work bu realized yesterday morning that it charges when the sun is shining but no longer holds it’s charge. I will source a new battery and get John to put it in.

Pigs do not roam in the night so it should be ok if the fence is dead during the dark hours. It powered up just fine when the sun came out.

Once Molly was out in her field and the Eight started showing signs of recovering from their nutritionally induced scours ( losing mothers milk) and I got about eight loads of washing done, and every floor scrubbed clean again, I began to feel more in control.

Though I am still writing that list.

I also lost touch with my big water bottle. I certainly got dehydrated and I go down in a heap when I am dehydrated. With the cooler weather I just forgot. I found my water bottle at the bottom of a fence post and by yesterday I was back to a gallon a day. It is amazing how hydration is critical to general mental health as well as physical health.

Already my fingers and heels and lips were chapped and cracking. Water is the thing.

Today I will get the Coop ready for guests coming tonight and more guests on Saturday night. Just when I thought it would slow down.!

I think we have another sunny day today.

Let’s look.

Love celi

Oh no! Cloudy with rain coming. Not so good for my guests or my fence. But good for our cover crops.

26 Comments on “SCOURS

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the water. I have the same problem as we transition into cooler weather. I just forget to keep drinking, and it’s so important.

  2. Oh poor you and poor Piglet..just when you dont need extra burden that happens….blast…l thought things were progressing nicely but its a very delicate balance. Is it not possible to gradually decrease the goats milk and add low fat cows milk sort of …do you know what l mean ? That was his tiny stomach might have time to adjust to change rather than one foul swoop. Even thought he dribbled poo on your floor at least he knew he needed help and knew where to go..??bless him! When my next pension is paid l will try to send you some pennies..or even pounds… I just realised l did not comment on yesterdays post..l remember it said that John was not so keen on your waifs and strays…my Neville is the same..he says 6 dogs and 3. Cats is enough..and l suppose he might be l also feed three others in the area…thats not the same as taking them tge one outside the thats 10 dogs to feed on one pension…l shall never be rich. Keep smiling Miss C ..its good for chapped lips! Lots of love from BG

  3. Sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes…l think its the text thing that does it

  4. I thought the 4 had already gone? Were they the uglies? Sorry Piglet sick again, do you dilute the goats milk at all? I hope you have turn around again soon. Laura

  5. Poor Piglet – he needs a nappy!
    I love the idea of the electric fence that only works in the day – it’s a bit like a Catch 22 agreement, where Molly agrees not to escape at night.

  6. My heart goes out to the poor wee piglet. When does he go to the urban garden? That will be a huge wrench for him — but you need the break. Ha! I am exhausted just thinking about your list of chores each day. Cold and clear here today too, but I think a little warmer than you — weather man says high of 5c. Have a great day! — Mame. 🙃

  7. You are so correct about staying hydrated, no matter the temperature! I had a niece visiting this past week and after observing me, she reminded me I still wasn’t drinking enough. I have got to do better….

  8. It makes your heart drop when you get a scare like that. I’m glad he is responding. Do you have helpers at this time of year? It sounds like it would be necessary, especially when you add the air B&B work in there. Keep paddling.

  9. Oh, this farming life… Its rewards are huge, but it sure does take it out of you. I’m glad you’ve retrieved your bottle. Nothing fells you faster than dehydration, a hard lesson I’ve learned in our very hot climate.

  10. Heh heh! I guess now we know why it’s called the ‘scours’! You’re forever scouring the floors, Piglet, and the blankies! Get healthy, all of you!

  11. So much to see in all your pictures, I had to go back and look twice to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Love Piglet shouting at the dogs, so fearless, so knowing.

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