I have named Piglet.

I was working with him yesterday – feeding him his potato and cereal- and he was spitting food everywhere and his name suddenly came to me. Jude.

He has been a hopeless case right from the beginning but Saint Jude does not give up. Even though I was only a Catholic as a child I still like the idea of Saints.

So Jude it is.

His new guardian Ann likes the name too.

With a name he seems more of the world- more grounded. I feel like I have finally caught the string that hung below his bobbing balloon and his wee self has come down to rest.

Though if course like all the little pigs on the property he answers to ” Piggy – piggy! Piggy – piggy!”

Three times last night he came down to the bedroom yacking for more food. Each feed request spaced about three hours apart too. Then back to bed he went. I cut up my old clown suit using the legs to make sleeping bags. Warm tubes. He creeps down the fabric tunnel until his nose pops out the other side. I fold the end over his tail and he sleeps snug as a bug in a rug.

I think he has turned a corner.

Though last time I said that he descended back into gastric hell. So I won’t say it out loud! He is still messy but his attitude is better and he is eating like crazy as long as it is in a bottle. He still has no interest in food off the ground.

I have no photos from yesterday but it was a cloudy overcast intensely quiet day. Not much wind, no big machines, grey, ordinary, silent.

Molly’s eight are over their bout with runny bottoms. That only lasted twenty four hours. So I think soon we will all be healthy. Jude will catch up.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Rain coming this morning.

26 Comments on “JUDE

  1. And now when you call him, you can sing out, “Hey, Jude!” It’s rather appropriate from that perspective, too. You took a sad pig, and made him better.

  2. I love that name. Love it. It’s perfect! “And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain /
    Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders…”

  3. It’s an excellent name for him 🙂 The patron saint of hopeless cases and lost causes… St Jude is getting a lot help from St Cecilia these days 🙂

  4. why would Jude want to eat off the floor, he isn’t a pig after all😉😊 Hey Jude is one of those comforting songs from the 60’s. Laura

  5. That’s funny, I had a photographic studio in the crypt of St. Jude’s church near Gloucester Road about 100 years ago.
    Jude is definitely going to have a big personality!

  6. could not open JUDE…but I expect it was good..Jude is a good name Lots of love Miss C..hope you are getting some relaxation

  7. I am Judith, Judy & Jude so I am delighted with Jude’s name. When I lived in the old mountain cabin, I was told the people who built it had had a famous pet pig named Judy. I have taken in stray animals all my life, child of parents who did all their lives. I’m not a Catholic but have admired St. Francis since I first heard about him. A neighbor from Costa Rica also befriended all living creatures & her favorite saint was St. Martin de Porres of Peru. She gave me a card of his gilt haloed image with a broom (he kept the floors clean in the Dominican order where he was lay member!), a pitcher of milk & a bowl he’d filled for a mouse, a cat, a dove & a dog. He too cared for all the animals. So I am feeling quite connected with a certain farmy today. My then husband had not ever had an animal before he met me, but he liberated a cat from a cage in a medical lab & gave it to me as a gift when we were “sparking” back in the day. That was the first of his cat & dog rescues over our years. (And he always called me Jude.) Dear little Jude the Piglet was very blessed to be rescued by his very own Saint Cecilia.

  8. Would Molly accept Jude? He could have a warm little hut in the barn with her where the other piglets grew uo?

    • Molly has been weaned from her babies who were way too big to take in this tiny animal – he would die fast in there. He is ok where he is and is going to a good home soon

  9. Heavens help us if we have a singing piggy! What a beautiful name for Piglet – much more dignified than ‘Poo-bum” but just as descriptive for the time.:-) Hey, Jude…….! Have a wonderful day, ALL of you on the farmy!

  10. I grew up Catholic in Boston, and in highschool, i prayed to St. Jude because I thought I was a lost case, and years later at 52, I had a St. Jude plastic aortic valve placed in my heart, as I had born with defective valve; and i noticed The Great Wheel Turns!

  11. Getting over the bout with runny bottoms has me smiling so big…those words and your way with words makes my day !

  12. Good name for the piglet. He will not be embarassed as an adult with a name like “Piglet” when he is a big boar. And, yes, St. Jude has been helping out while St. Cecelia has been singing lullabies to keep the little one feeling safe.

  13. When my Pa still lived in Montara, both he and his wife worked in jobs where there was quite a bit of turnover. My Pa worked for the Navy, so people were transferred away as regularly as the moved in. His wife worked in a tourism sort of job, where people also transferred to other touristy destinations rather regularly. Consequently, they brought home a few cats from families who had moved away. Some came with embarrassingly silly names. When I would go to their home on weekends, I sometimes had to call the outside cats in at night. Fortunately, none of the silly names were too embarrassing for me to yell out into the neighborhood. Two cats who went to homes in San Francisco were named ‘Herpes’ and ‘Fartsy’.

  14. Celi, what a good choice!! It’s great that you named the little poo bum! Hey… wait a second… Isn’t “Hey Jude” a song from the Beatles? And a companion of mine’s brother’s name is Jude! So many coincidences…

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