Wai Wai has become the bed-maker extraordinaire. In amongst the straw in the sunroom of the barn are a collection of blankets and old jackets for added warmth. Each afternoon Wai digs through and collects these items and drags them to his corner. Somehow he manages to arrange everything so that he can burrow under the big pink blanket and sleep. Clever pig.

His bed is always the biggest and the highest. But like every ruler of every rich kingdom he has to defend it from rabble like Tima who is the laziest pig in the world – in fact she is more cuckoo than pig when it comes to beds. So when Tima and Tane stumble in late to bed, Wai will lie in his bed almost totally covered in his carefully arranged blankets and straw and proceed to growl like a particularly large bad tempered hay mound to warn off any looters.

It really is kind of amusing.

This is why Wai starts his bedmaking early in the evening. So he can guard his bed by sleeping in it. He is a bit like Sheila in this respect. Sheila spends a lot of her afternoon bedmaking too.

Ducks need no beds and will nap anywhere there is something to gather about. They gave me a fright yesterday morning by shifting their egg-laying premises to another part of the barn. Dropping a few eggs along the way like Hansel’s breadcrumbs so the nests were not too hard to find. I hope they keep their mobile egg factory inside the barn though!

At least ten eggs are always in two nests ( carefully covered in loose straw) the rest scattered about. I can collect anything from fifteen to eighteen eggs each morning. All laid before dawn. Ducks are so convenient.

When I came in from work yesterday evening to begin work on dinner Jude popped out of his house and began to behave like a real piglet. Climbing into all the low shelves and playing with bowls and pots ( eventually going to sleep in the wooly hat basket – which was full of dog toys that do not belong in the wooly hat basket).

I was feeling more and more optimistic for him as yesterday wore through the night.

This morning he was found playing with a discarded pillow beside the bed waiting for me to get up. He is improving. Thanks Gods.

More Airbnb guests coming today ( the last for a few weeks I think I need to check my diary) so I had better get to work. Beds and bread to make. As well as everything else.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Warmer, maybe even some more rain.



39 Comments on “WAI WAI’s BED

  1. Jude looks so sweet and well camouflaged on his pile, maybe Wai will appreciate more body warmth as winter gets colder. Those ducks proved to be a good investment 😊 Laura

  2. Wai is such a sweet pig and Jude too, of course!
    I love the way the ducks have camouflaged themselves for a nap. I would guess that laying eggs in two nests allows the ducks to take it in turns hatching them.

      • I think they often lay where they hang out. My parents’ ducks were in an enclosure, so I’m not entirely sure, but some got laid in their night time house and others outside. Wild ducks seem to do OK regardless and often have broods of 6 or 7 ducklings. I wouldn’t class ducks as anywhere near as domesticated as chicken. Maybe they lay in different spots to be safer from predators. Perhaps a fake egg or two would keep them laying in the same place.

  3. Seems the Piggies (large and small) are all preparing for winter! Have the ducks adopted Old Mother Dodge as their surrogate or is that still your job? Fun Pix! Have fun with your guests!

  4. I never ever thought of pigs as having their own personality…..before “‘The Farmy”” ( many years ago now) a pig was ..well , a pig….either going to end up as bacon, or chops or a joint…..but of course the Farmy pigs have change that perspective. I actually wish I was vegetarian… Sheila of course was always first favourite…With Tima and Tane coming next…until the episode of Wai…With Wai’s poor condition and his chances of recovery he soon became a firm favourite and now we have Jude. ( I still think of him as Poo Piglet) But are n’t they all the most beautiful wonderful entertaining bunch of pigs that you ever did meet ? I just love them all to bits ! But looking at the basket of doggy toys …where the heck is Jude? Lots of love to all the humans and animals , some with hooves, some with trotters, some with feathers…and some with fur…I LOVE U ALL

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

  5. Jude is just another dog toy until you see that little pink lining to his ear, right at the top…. I’m glad he has a little longer with you, to keep a careful and knowledgeable eye on his state of health. That Wai Wai and his bed – he’s giving the Duchess Sheila a run for her money in the construction business. But faced with the marauding Tima reeling in after a night on the tiles, I think I’d growl and stand my ground too!

  6. Don’t you wish Sheila and WaiWai would come make YOUR bed for you? I sure do. I hate making beds, especially changing sheets.

  7. I was so delighted with your description of pig bed making! What characters… and really, we farm folks know that the early bird gets the worm. So getting your bed ready early makes for the best sleeping spot, and growling protects your interest in it. Clever pigs!

    Your ducks are doing the same that I have seen ducks on water do here on the slough and old river channel. They often congregate in weeds or places tree limbs dip down into the water. Finding good camouflage is instinct for all living things – wild or domestic!

  8. Up from the ashes, literally, you nurtured little roses, Wai Wai and Jude. You are a hero to these vulnerable ones, thinking of them before yourself. That’s what hero’s do, doing the right thing at the right time, whether or not they realize the impact their action will have. Among many things, you’ve brought a lot of joy to others through these special piggys.

  9. Way to go, Wai! Keep the lazy interlopers out :*) I hope little Jude keeps progressing. He is adorable. I know you will miss him, but it will also be one less animal underfoot! Are you getting more sleep?

  10. I can identify with Wai Wai today. Nothing like burrowing into bed for a nap in the early afternoon. At least I don’t have competition as Dexter and Comet both have their own. But unlike him, resting briefly and having to get up. To read blogs, write, and prepare for a evening with friends.

  11. With all that scar tissue, it’s not surprising he’d feel the cold more than the rest, so his bed-making expertise makes total sense to me: )
    Totally LOVE the header photo with all the wonderful barn board texture but (please, please pardon the rudeness of it:/ I also couldn’t help but notice the dry-rot’s started in WeiWei’s post… ):
    And, how convenient to have eggs laid by a particular time!: )

  12. I think bed making must be a thing with pot bellys, Roosevelt lived in the house and the laundry room was his domain. He had piles of rags that used to be blankets – he especially enjoyed ripping them up – and he’d spend hours shifting them this way and that. He also gave me that begrudging grunt when I covered him at night. This is the first year Percy is rearranging his straw, he always just burrowed into the pile.
    My son in law grew up on a farm and they had ducks. He said his mother had to mount a search every day to find the eggs.

  13. I HAVE DEFINITELY MISSED SOMETHING HERE..it must have been on the day I could not open your post…WHAT is happening to Jude?

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