Today we will wean the Angus calves from their cow mothers. Though weaning is not about taking the calves away it is about taking the mothers away. The babies are always left in the familiar family surroundings. The mothers do the moving. So the two Angus Mamas will be loaded into the trailer and taken to the West side. They will hang out there for a couple of months then be taken to the bull for Christmas breeding. If all goes well they will have fall calves next year.

Aunty Del and Tia will look after their calves for a while.

There will be a bit of noise!

Speaking of noise. One more week of this noisy fellow.

I will miss him but having a pig in the house is pretty intense. He makes John and Ton anxious – they both growl and complain. Boo and I just let him puddle about – though like all pigs he is seldom quiet. He is very good at running up and down the steps to the glasshouse where his toilet is but yesterday he jumped up onto the couch which was a bit much.

I hope you have a good day.


22 Comments on “WEANING SOME MORE

  1. Piglet is just like a mischievous puppy. I know the noise when the farmer across from us separates the calves from the mothers, it is heartbreaking.

  2. What is that white little hut in the first image called? I need a snow home for my goose, for when it snows. And I will miss the images of piglet…I am glad he is well enough to move on though. I now want a pig. haha

  3. Jude believes he is a people😁 how are our two pregnant ladies doing? Hope you get some sun to dry you off a little. Laura

  4. I forgot all about the calves! I’ve been thinking so much about Piglet and the ducks. He is awfully cute!! Hope he has a happy life.

  5. This reminds me of the fellow who used to own the orchard. One year he separated a calf from its mother, and the mama broke through the fence on a property on the other side of town, and traversed into town, following the call back to the orchard where the calf was. I guess she caused quite a ruckus with traffic, the police and the fire department. She knew where she was going!! And so in the end, all was well and she was let back in with her baby… for a while anyway.

    Jude is cute, but cute doesn’t last long when they become little devils! Ha ha! I’ve often noted the same raising orphaned wildlife. Everyone needs their space and room to grow and move onto what they were born to live.

  6. Is there a creature on the Farmy that doesn’t lift up its voice to say something at some stage? They all make noises, but the poor bereft calves and their mamas have some of the loudest voices… Perhaps it’s only Ton who maintains a dignified silence 🙂

  7. At least the Angus cow mothers have each other and no doubt they’ve done it all before. They get a romantic holiday at Christmas too!

  8. I’m interested in how you can breed cows in the winter?
    Mares won’t come into heat till the spring unless you artificially ‘light’ them. Aren’t cows pasture-bred? And then aren’t the calves at risk in your nasty winters?

  9. A pig on the couch, that’s something I’d like to see. I can hear the cows across the river crying for their babies. I suspect too that they’re not big calves like yours, who’ve had a lovely time growing up at mama’s side, it’s a big herd and i think the babies are taken quite young! It’s heartbreaking to hear them.

  10. I like the way you define weaning … as the MOTHERS being moved away from the calves. Cause for them, this is not a new things so they can adapt to the change of location more easily. The noise is going to be hard but it has to be done. In nature, the mothers deny the young calves the teat too.

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