The Mama cows ( I call them 84 and 73) are happy in the West Barn and the calves ( left on this side) are escaping in all directions ( who knew they could jump barn doors) but otherwise things are fine. No-one got terribly noisy and by now the worst of the weaning is over.

Jude the Piglet is wearing me out. If I was keeping him he would already by living outside. I am just not an inside animal person. Even the cats live outside. Jude is still not eating out of his bowl but will eat apple or sweet potato if I hand feed him, so that is a start. I saw him follow along behind Boo yesterday – Boo had a drink out of his water bowl then Jude followed suit. So that is good.

He has milk four times a day now.

Today is Wednesday so he goes to his forever home in five days. I am going to sleep well then!

Mary cleaned out the feed shed for me the day before yesterday which has made a huge difference. Now that it is organized again I will order in more large bags of feed. Each bag is 1000 pounds and should last a while. I have found a new supplier who mixes whole feeds with local GMO free grains in his back shed. It smells really good and the trial bags have gone down very well.

Before I get going this morning I will email in an order with him.

It rained a lot in the night with thunder and lightening and is once again warm and mild. The grass will grow today.

I hope you have a lovely day.


14 Comments on “SUN LOW

  1. Shhh, don’t mention those multiple 1000lb bags of organic feed anywhere in Tima’s earshot 😊our sun is high, hot and harsh with the promise of thunderstorms over the next couple of days, can’t wait. Laura

  2. There’s a very good reason why pigs are generally not kept in the house! (Perhaps that should be *several* good reasons…) Jude is just going to get more and more rambunctious, isn’t he? Endearing as he is, it’s time for him to move on, and move out. We’ll miss his funny face…

    • several!
      The abandoned house we lived in in Oklahoma for a while had been claimed by a pig who would try to push his way in when we opened the door to leave. NASTY!

  3. Yep, all of our animals are outside animals! We call them ‘the porch animals’ as that’s where everyone, the two dogs and four cats, hang out. They can see us through the windows and we go in and out to them all day. It works out well that way!

  4. Do the numbers 73 and 84 mean something or did you just pull them out of a hat?

  5. GREAT to hear about the new feed supplier! And thanks for sharing your lovely weather with us yesterday. First time I’ve ever been able to pick up the pumpkin and actually carve it outside (in shirtsleeves!) Normally we’re forced to bring them inside a couple of days in advance!: )

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