This morning as I write there are no mooing calves. I am not sure whether to be relieved or grateful or worried that they have all run off.

Typical me. When I gave nothing to worry about I cast about looking for something to worry about.

Look at these little fat pigs. Molly set these babies up beautifully with her good milk.

Jude appears to be sleeping quietly this morning too. Not sure why he is sleeping in.

Do you see Mr Flower’s tail growing back in?

Here are Boo and Jude asleep on my feet last night.

I will be happy to see Jude the Piglet go on to his new life but Boo will not understand. Poor BooBoo.

I hope you have a good day.

Love c

16 Comments on “MOO FREE

  1. I don’t know – Boo maybe relieved too. Being a nanny can be exhausting. 🙂

  2. Nannies always hate it when their children grow up and move on. Boo’s life is one endless search for some small, helpless creature to fuss over, poor lamb. I’m glad he’s had a piggy again. We’re all in countdown for Jude’s departure. I hope you’ll be able to treat us all to a last photo: ‘Exit Master Jude, stage left, in triumphal procession with bearer and dog trailing…’

  3. Piglet will forever think he’s a puppy. Boo will definitely be lost without his charge. I hope everyone’s well and just getting ready for the clocks to turn back this weekend. I’ve been awake since 2:30 a.m. ;( It will be a long, long day. Keeping my fingers crossed for piglet still.

  4. So good to see Mr. Flowers again! Will it be months before he is fully plumed again? xo

  5. Such a beautiful day, I bet everyone at the farmie was so happy. It’s been off and on rainy here so I look forward to getting your lovely weather. Poor Boo, he will miss Jude the piglet so.

  6. I’m sure Boo will find someone else in the not too distant future…
    You’ve got an old fashioned farm yard now, with the duck pond in the middle.

  7. I’m sad for Boo and sad for Jude too. I hope he has an animal friend where he goes.

  8. I love the wide shots of your farmyard, with all the fowl going about their business, gives a different perspective on your everyday life somehow.

  9. 80% chance or rain! Oh, I can hardly wait for it to start here. I do not know why I like it so much. I must work out in it. Perhaps it is because I am Californian. By the time we get tired of it, it finishes for the year, and we must wait many months for it to resume.

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