It would not be hard to make a movie called orange this week. What with all the maples turning and the pumpkins.

I weaned the Angus mothers ( 84 and 73) from their calves on Monday and on Wednesday I opened their big door so they could see out and introduce themselves to the two black steers who live on the West Side, and yesterday I opened the gate so they could all eat together.

Because they were blended slowly they got along fine.

Today I will turn them out into the West Side fields. I like the cows to be calm when they go into a new field surrounded in electric fence. Too much push and shove can push and shove through a wire.

I think they will be alright.

I awoke this morning to find Jude asleep with Boo on the sheepskin rug beside my bed. Jude cuddled into Boo’s haunches.

Very sweet.

Last night I put an extra gate across the barn opening to try and keep the ducks in the barn – my egg count is dropping and I think they must be laying elsewhere. And these eggs are worth 50 cents each. This is just my first idea though. I may need to close the doors altogether to keep my search area smaller. I found an egg in the boot of the cows hay car yesterday!

I hope you have a lovely day




25 Comments on “ORANGE

  1. That tree just glows, like a small sun on a grey day. Keeping the barn door closed on the ducks sounds like a plan; they’re such erratic mothers, they’ll just plonk their eggs down any old where – far worse than chickens.

    • Actually they use their nests every morning. Right from the beginning. They have created three beautiful nests. It is just those last few that seem to lay later in the morning . 15 this morning – which is not a huge jump – 2 more than yesterday – so it is also possible the dreary days have an influence. Shorter too. All 15 in the nests. Often they kick straw over the top of the nests to hide them.

      • You have yours beautifully trained. Ours always used to find the most unlikely places: a nice patch of cold, wet mud, in the depth of a bramble patch, and sometimes teetering on the brink of the pond. Egg hunting was always an adventure.

  2. That maple is beautiful. Are 84 & 73 formally named Leiah and Luna when they were John cows? Laura

  3. How on earth are you going to find those eggs? I guess you’ll have to do some spying…

  4. It’s not uncommon to lock ducks and chicken in at night. If you live in London it’s a must – there are probably more foxes in the city (no kidding) than in the countryside.

  5. What a beautiful tree! But OMG, what kind of a spider is that? Is that what one calls a daddy long legs…or mommy long legs is probably more like it! Sweet lil Jude! 🙂

  6. I’ve heard of romance in cars, but laying in the boot? That’s one for the record books. (Good luck in managing the urges and drives of ducks!)

  7. That’s some spider! And of course that’s some pig!
    Heartbreaking what’s coming.

  8. Your photos are so wonderful today! That is one enormous spider… and am wondering of that’s true, that it’s almost as big as a fist, or whether the camera zoomed in on it. And your cows in the barn… is it just me or is that really looking like a super inviting space? Of course, the tree is lovely, as is Jude. I’m feeling anticipatory sadness for Boo at Jude’s upcoming removal. Boo is special. Hope you’ve had a lovely day…. chilled and drizzle-y here, and looking for some sunshine. ~ Mame 🙂

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