I’M BA – ACK!!

Paraphrasing Here – because it is an “I” not a “They”. And wee Poo-Bum Piglet also known as Jude is not scary. But you Get the picture. Jude is Back.

He’s Ba-ack! Sung in a poltergeisty kind of way. Apparently the dogs at his new home wanted to eat him. So back he came.

To Boo who was so happy to see him.

Yesterday afternoon, instead of wiping the mud off the floors and walls in the Coop – Boo and I set Jude up in his very own cosy creep in the barn. He has a toasty warm bed ( I will take photos later today when the heat lamp can come off for a few hours). And he was happier than I have ever seen him. Chewing on straw and dancing in circles and listening to his housemates. He did hate those wooden floors. And he must’ve been sad in the quiet of the house when I was working outside. Now he can follow me about. He has pigs on one side and ducks on the other side, cows out the back and a nice warm box to sleep in with a heat lamp above him.

I will watch him carefully though. And buy him a coat. And teach him to wear it when he accompanies me around the farm.

Later if all goes well I will slowly work him in with Molly’s Six or maybe the pet pigs, I will see who he gets on with once they get to know him. It will take a few weeks and he has to stay nice and strong before blending him in with another herd. But if they accept him he will be warm and well fed all winter.

It is cold- not too cold yet but I wish I had begun this process a week ago. Life sends us challenges. He is way too boisterous and pushy to be an inside pig. He is not cuddly or gentle. He will do much better in the barn. As long as he has a full belly and stays warm he will be ok. I fed him an extra bottle at 3am and his body was warm and he was energetic – happy to see me and happy to burrow back into his sleeping bag when I left.

If all goes well and they still want him he can go to his urban garden in the spring.

Merciful heavens ! This pig.

As opposed to these pigs, right!

I actually feel better having him back.

I see a sun rise developing this morning which is nice. Sunrise is 6.30 am and sunset is 4.41pm. Last night I finished chores in the dark!

But that’s ok. Jude is home and this morning my back is not hurting as much and I think today will be a good day.

I hope you have a good day too.


46 Comments on “I’M BA – ACK!!

  1. Weird that the dogs were so aggressive. I don’t think pigs are indoor animals, they’re much happier outside. My pig who was a Christmas present last year lives in the stable. She absolutely adores the horses and they adore her and scratch her back with their teeth. I’ve never even seen the mares get annoyed when she gets between them and their foals. And she plays with the dogs like a dog. I’m sure Jude will be fine!

  2. I have to say I’m glad he’s back…I worried about him being without you and Boo. And if the dogs want to eat him now, won’t they do the same thing later?

  3. “Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey Jude”……. Dogs tried to eat him? Had to chuckle at that….. Yes, when he is bigger than the dogs – all will be better. Glad he is back and in the barn where a good pig should be.

  4. To hear that Piglet is back, happy and kickin’ up his little trotters in the barn is great news!

  5. Perhaps Jude will be the sire of many future plonkers – he’s definitely a survivor! No doubt Molly’s babies will teach him some manners.

  6. Pigs are such a loving, gentle, and bright species. So much personality there in each one of them, they really are individuals. Just imagining how anyone could look into their eyes and care for them and then turn around and kill them is painful, and for a needless food product like “bacon” no less. So much cruelty to such an innocent being, it’s chilling.

      • I just have a hard time imagining needlessly killing anyone, especially for food items we don’t need or for monetary gain. It pains me because I eat vegan pork like three days out of the week and I KNOW we don’t need the unhealthy and cruel product that is meat.
        It really does reflect what cognitive dissonance we have as a society that we can raise animals alongside our “pet” dogs and then kill them for an unhealthy product that we don’t need.

        I really do appreciate your time and willingness to listen, and I sincerely hope you do not think I perceive you as a bad person. I think we should all learn from one another in this life.

        • I do agree that talking to each other is by far the best answer. And I do appreciate your candor. Different cultures have different needs for sure. And a lot of our food choices come down to what we can afford and what we learned to eat as children. There is always room for change and new ideas. I have a good number of vegetarian and vegan readers and we all respect each other’s choices and are kind to each other in the Lounge. Which I think is great. Have a great day Amanda.

        • Ha! I go almost once a week to see turkey bacon with a pig on it saying, ‘eat more turkey’. Let’s hope that’s Jude. Boo Boo must be so happy his bud slash baby’s home! My cousin’s own a blue heeler themselves, and let me tell you, every time I visit them, I feel like Boo seeing Josie again.

          • Did you mean to respond to the post or to my comment? You responded to my comment

  7. One would think that the folks who took him would have thought about how their dogs would react but it seems fate has brought you piglet. Hopefully he can meet a Spider out in the barn who will befriend him…Welcome home Piglet!!!!!

  8. Goodness. I’m glad Jude came back if it didn’t work out.
    And it will be best for him to be out in the barn. It really does seem like Pigs really prefer the barn environment. I remember you describing Wai’s joy in it when you first took him out there. But I don’t imagine you enjoy trudging out into the cold to give him his bottle in the middle of the night. brrrrrr. You are good people, Celi.

  9. I missed Jude, too, so I’m glad he’s back home. From what you’ve said, he’s glad too — sometimes things work out, even if in a way we never could have expected.

  10. Jude took a piece of your heart and Boo’s too. Glad he brought them back. No matter what end he comes to, he will have a better life with you than anywhere else. Just means more work for you. He missed his mama and his nanny. 😉

  11. Hey!!! Boo and Poo are rubbing cheeks!!! Boo Boo is happy boy!! The landscape pictures are so pretty!! After I signed up again to the blog ~ they’re coming thru again!!
    Have a good day Miss Celi!!

  12. How did you hurt you back? I dont remember you mentioning that. Hey Jude! Welcome home. Boo will be his barn buddy for now.

  13. I’m glad, because he’s lovable…. I’m not so glad because it means more work and less sleep for Miss C. But if he’s becoming a Barn Pig then maybe it’s OK. Take care of that back, Miss C. You only have one.

  14. I’m so glad you were able to come up with a workable arrangement, and weren’t discouraged by his return!

  15. That last picture is gorgeous
    Better in the barn, Jude – it’ll be great ( and easier for C. we must take care of C. see?)
    Pig in a coat – now that’s on pix we are waiting for!

  16. It seemed you had a premonition the day he went that all might not be well at the new home. I’m glad he’s come back to be a “real” pig and not a house pig. Lovely to hear the cats are already becoming his friend, even if for a share of the heat lamp. He better watch out, though, turn his back and those cats will have taken the best spot.

  17. I’m so happy Jude is back. I was really sad to see him go. And I was sad for Boo. I’m probably too soft hearted to be a farmer. But he is a charming and cute little being. I love your description of how happy he was in the barn, and the pic of him reunited with Boo was wonderful. It seems likely that he’ll thrive.
    Hope you get the Airbnb place clean and ready. So glad that isn’t going so well. It is beautiful.
    Sorry to read your back has been hurting. Hoping it keeps improving.
    Thinking of all of you. Tell Boo I’m smiling for him!

  18. I was thinking someone besides Boo seemed happy to have Jude back…you sounded uplifted. I’m happy to see Jude back as well…I want to know the rest of his story. xx

  19. ‘Hey Jude, don’t make it bad Take a sad song and make it better’ …!
    Wow, the colours in that bottom shot are vivid.

  20. I am glad Jude is back, and I am delighted that he has taken to his barn like a pig to slop! If he can thrive out there, maybe that’s the solution. i would imagine Jude merchandise would sell like hotcakes and help to support him. If he stays.

  21. Wonderful news that Jude is ba-ack! He and Boo look so happy. Very glad that he is going to the barn, but I commiserate on the 3 am feeding! Beautiful photos as well.

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