Always fragile, Jude the rescue piglets health has taken another loop downwards but he is warm, drinking his cereal and milk, barking at Tima through her gate and harassing Ton.

He is so much more active in the barn – even with it so cold. He ignores the food and water placed on a heating by his house but leaps up from under his heat lamp every time I come near or I find him rooting in barn corners far from his bedroom.

He needs rest and quiet now. The cats are curled up close to his circle of heat light and Ton watched him all day, a stick in his mouth, on the alert in case the little piglet ran amuck amongst the hay bales.

As usual he moves way too fast for any decent photos.

Yesterday was a grey, sunless, sallow kind of day. A little wind, low cold thick cloud and no hope. The kind of day that you just work through. Head down.

My next guests arrive sometime today. I will feed Jude then finish in the Coop (two more beds to make and bread dough to turn out for it’s second rise, floors to finish) before starting chores.

I wish I had more time to visit you at your blogs. I keep thinking things will settle down soon. No such luck yet.

Have a good day.


22 Comments on “PODGY JUDE

  1. Hope Jude will settle down — such a big world to explore – he looks happy to see Nanny Boo! He and Ton have quite the color match! Glad the Coop is producing an income, even though it means more work for you.

  2. Maybe his play-date with the piglet-eating dogs was a bit too stressful, poor little oinker. At least for Boo and Ton he’s a Farmy person rather than a potential pork chop.

  3. New surroundings has his system in a whirl again… Talking to Tima I am sure helps him. I’m sure she is thinking Oh Great another boar to boss around! Men! First Tane, then that pot belly Wai and now this little wee Jude! What is Ms C thinking! My trotters are full with just TANE!

  4. Thought I was imagining things when I first started reading today, Celi; but it sounds like he’s loving his new digs so here’s hoping loads of company are just what the doctor ordered to get him back on his feet permanently.

  5. I thought he left for his forever home. Must have misread your news.

  6. I just read yesterday’s message. I had a hard day yesterday and couldn’t read anything until this morning. Oh I’m so happy for Jude that he is home but sorry his health is so fragile. This makes it so tough for you having to work and worry with and about him. The barn sounds like a great place for him. I sure hope he adjusts physically fast. He’s already adjusted emotionally! I’m going to look up “barrow “ right now.

  7. yup ~ I think Piggy Jude better stay with Boo and TonTon ~ safe on Celi’s farm!! And especially so he Boo can babysit and they can curl up together!! He loves the Boo!!

  8. Boo must be thinking, ‘Oh, Jude has gone into another world. Will he ever survive on his own?? I miss the little guy already! *sobs*’ Nanny Boo misses the little guy, doesn’t he?

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