When I am doing chores Jude comes out of his house and follows us about the farm. He is the sweetest little pig and is my constant companion. He and the dogs.

At the end of his adventure he comes with me to the house – scampering up the steps – he waits on the porch while I collect his warm vegetable meal then off to the barn for his own feed. He is learning his first ( and most important) pig command – “go to bed”.

Meaning – go to the barn.

Today I will transport Molly to the other side. Yesterday with John’s help we carted one of the metal hog houses and set it up on the sheltered sunny Southern side of one of the bins over there – Manu will camp in there for a few weeks while Molly sets up housekeeping in the barn.

The farm is so much quieter with Molly and Poppy separated. Much nicer.

I hope you American readers had a lovely thanksgiving yesterday. We all gathered at John’s mothers house and had a wonderful meal then back to work for me. There is much to be thankful for.

I am hoping that today we get a delivery of three corn stalk round bales. I have not used these as bedding before so it will be interesting. As long as my little tractor can lift them!

I am getting behind on my Poopy Scooping – so I will continue with that today after Molly’s shift. It is heavy work keeping the barn clean – those ducks don’t help!

Have a lovely day.


19 Comments on “AT THE KITCHEN DOOR

  1. We have a long litany of cute pictures through that kitchen door. No thanksgiving here just a week of black Friday mayhem. Laura

  2. It sounds like the retirement is official and you have a second pair of hands to get heavy things done. That’s a plus. Jude is a sweet little thing. They can learn better than some children when you tell them to go to bed. 😉 Have a lovely day as well.

  3. Yes! Those ducks are definitely messy!!! Ours free range in the day, but often, instead of free ranging, they sit on the steps to the house and poop! They ignore the dogs who bark madly to try to get them off, and won’t move until the broom I wield to remove them actually touches them. Hmmmm, yes, they are pretty much fearless and quite into ‘doing their own thing!” ;(

    • Oh no! Pooping on the front steps is very naughty. Luckily mine will never come that close to the house. They would never let me close enough to touch them with a broom either!

      • Yes, the khaki campbells are more wild. These muscovies we have are HUGE! Twice as big as the khakis and way, way more tame! They would probably fly up on the porch and sleep with the dogs if we would let them!!!

  4. He Jude is so sweet I wish he would stay the size he is forever. I’m love Kate’s description of his ballerina trotters. Apt!

  5. Hey Jude!! You have the best abode place in the world!!! And you have lovey Ms Celi and Nanny Boy Boo ~ you’re so happy I see you happily tip toeing all the time!!! Celi ~~ be very careful lifting one of those big bales ~~ don’t know the size of your tractor ~~ just don’t want that bale tipping you over. And keep the animals away from you while moving it!! Have a good day!! Been thinking about John retiring ~~ bet he is kinda lost!!!

  6. Pigs are so faithful!
    Black Friday has spread all over the world – there have been signs in shops in Calella this week, advertising sales, but after a day of painting and plastering, we went out on the town at 7 (shops close at about 8) and most of the stores were empty, in spite of sale notices. Of course, it rained this evening for half an hour and here, people don’t go out if it rains! Fortunately the busiest local bar was full, regardless, so we’ve had a good evening.

  7. *smile* Oh I do remember when Sheila and Charlotte followed you around the way Jude does now – actually from the very first post I came upon . . . and you still had fewer than a thousand who had found you . . . way, way back . . . . . .

  8. Not only is Thanksgiving the raddest of the holidays, but it is even better because it has not been completely ruined by crazy commercialism yet. I know that Christmas and Easter and such are more important the pagan holidays, but they are so offensively cluttered with all the ‘junk’ of the holidays. I really wish society would invent its own new holidays for that sort of junk, and restore Christmas, Easter and the rest to the holidays they were intended to be. Anyway, Thanksgiving ROX for now!

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