Pictures don’t show the cold. This just looks like a sunny day right? But it is really cold. I don’t think the cold came too early as much as really too fast. With no autumn.

The shed is a hub at feed time. Mixing all the feeds up. The byproduct from the flour mill , the byproduct from the sunflower oil, the ground GMO Free corn from down the road. The sprouts grown in my shower, soaked grains and dirty eggs from the chickens.

I collected the corn today and I had a wee spillage so the birds helped me clean up.

Putting Jude in the foreground makes him look quite big.

But he is not. When I pick him up to move him about he stands on my arms like a great big bird. He is not a cuddly pig.

I am so mad because I got a question wrong in my short open book quiz yesterday. It was multi choice and the answer was all of the above but I thought I knew better and got it wrong. I could kick myself.

Note to self: the right answer in a test is often not what I think it should be but what the book says it should be. Slow down. Read the questions thoroughly. I am good at tests. I like them. Just don’t like getting anything wrong.

Today the last Airbnb guests arrive, my essay is due and our local town has its Christmas in the Street celebration.

So I am going to get to work early.

I hope you have a lovely day.


24 Comments on “SHOWING COLD

  1. Enjoy your Day Miss C, if you can believe it, I am heading off to a spa today to relax with the girls 🙂 Had to get a new bathing suit and such.. its a nature spa with lots of sauna’s, hot tubs, swimming pools and one of the few sea salt floating meditation pools in N.A. with wait for it, heated hammocks to enjoy the snow covered views.. lol

  2. Jude doesn’t seem to mind the cold.
    They turned the lights on here a couple of days ago – it’s so nice not to have the over commercial Christmas thing that starts at the end of October in big cities.

  3. Oh, I am loving the mental vision of Jude perched on your arm like a porky bird of prey 🙂 You could go pawking instead of hawking 😉 Sorry, sorry, unable to resist a pun when I fall over it.

  4. I’ve never tested well. I over-think things, presumably because I’m not secure enough to listen to my inner voice. Keep warm, c. xx

  5. Yep, if A, B and C all sound reasonable, then it is almost always D, all of the above! Sometimes it’s possible to write to the professor and explain your answer with backup from the facts in the book and get the points reinstated on the test! 🙂

  6. I never tested well. It’s an anxiety thing, a sort of panic that sets in where I can’t get my mind calm. Fortunately, I had a few teachers who sensed this and allowed me to come in early or late where I could sit quietly on my own to take tests.

    We did have autumn weather this year, but it arrived way too early. No real dog days of summer this year! The bitter cold of winter came much earlier than usual. I awoke to sleet this morning. Carrying Mr. T outside (he refuses to walk slick floors or steps to the front door) was dangerous. I fetched some salt so hopefully the front steps will be safe to get down soon. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Oh I thought the retreat was already closed for the season! I can’t quite get a picture of Jude standing on your arms. Not so cuddly anymore, I guess 🐖😥

  8. Are you going to take your guests to the Christmas in the Street celebration? Sounds very, very cold! That little Jude is always protected by Ton. I don’t test well either. But when it comes to the practical part of doing what we are tested for, I bet you excel.

  9. I love street festivals! Here, each school has a tree set up on ‘Talking Bear’ corner and the village puts up a large tree behind the school trees. The school kids decorate theirs, the firefighters and PGE decorate the big one. On the weekend after that is The Tree Lighting event. Caroling, free hot dogs, hamburgers, cookies, hot choc., hot cider, Santa arriving in a fire truck, and then he and Mrs. Claus talk with the kids. Is yours like that?

    Your test -I sure understand and commiserate! I hate missing answers, too! At heart, I’m a perfectionist and missing one really grates on me – rankles my very being! Hold on – you’ll do fine!

    Have a lovely day yourself, dear Ceci!

  10. When I started studying again two years ago the first exam lesson I had to re-learn was to read the entire paper first, and more recently when doing a short online course I re-learned how tricky multiple choice can be… a bit miffed when in hindsight I realised I had underestimated the complexity of the answers 😞

  11. That missed multiple choice answer was just a reminder. I always did extremely well on tests. Give me the book, let me read it, give me the test and let me move on. Don’t bother with the questions at the end of the chapter which are usually not worth the bother – i wouldn’t write them out, just the page and line number and which column if a two column text – don’t make me listen to lectures and take notes, it’s absolutely useless for me. I always did far more reading outside the textbooks, had questions that really bothered a lot of the teachers along the way because it wasn’t just the textbook that formed the questions and there were usually no anwers or I was told I shouldn’t be asking questions beyond the textbook. I really am an autodydact. I was reading between third and fourth grade levels in kindergarten and far far above 8th grade level by the time I got there. The kindergarten teacher got very angry at my mother for supposedly “teaching” me to read because I’d read the instruction in the workbook and done the whole thing within the first week of school, had my mother come in and was silly enough to tell her that “only teachers can teach children to read”. My mother told the teacher that was hogwash and that I’d basically taught myself, was read to a great deal by both parents and my maternal grandmother who lived with us and she saw it as a great advantage and wanted me moved to the first grade, which was refused. I had a miserable school career, mostly because I was years ahead of everyone else in class and in one case far ahead of the teacher. I still am learning things every day and it would be a wasted one if I didn’t.
    You’ll do fine, don’t be so hard on yourself, this is just the beginning of your course and I doubt you’ll make that mistake again.

    • “I still am learning things every day and it would be a wasted one if I didn’t.” Brava Aquila; this is exactly what my GranMa told me! Pity those who could ever think they know everything about anything (like that former reading “teacher” of yours; )

      • I always thought that was very arrogant of that teacher to say that to my mother. Learning something new each day was something both my parents and my grandmother did, it was the very good example they set.

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