Mud is the order of the day. Lots of mud. And puddles. Lots of puddles.

This is a wet winter so far.

Which is fine with the ducks.

I am looking forward to The shortest day so we can get to the other side and have more light. Even the ducks are laying less at the moment. Or at least laying less in the barn.

I think the grass is still growing – slowly – but still synthesizing. Which is great for the cows.

I am almost through my second week of study and I think I am doing ok with the time management. This was my biggest concern. I am scooping the poop a little less but other than that I don’t think the animals are any worse off for my 9-12 am study period.

The work is not hard – just a lot of it- my main challenge is ensuring I answer every part of the question in the written work. We are making lesson plans this week and I love that kind of bullet point, ordered work but I do tend to go off in my own direction forgetting that this is an exercise with definite parameters so the lecturer can mark it. Not so I can teach it. I need to write to her requirements – not mine.

This is a challenge for me. A good one too.

Good morning! I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Very mild. I had the bedroom windows open last night again. Not too cold at all.


  1. We have weather for ducks too. Tropical Cyclone Owen has just lost his oomph and we are spared the huge destruction but not the wind and rain. I have flocks of whistling ducks in the back yard each day, feasting on the worms and the new shoots of grass appearing almost before my eyes thanks to the rain. Not so bold as your Campbells, but pretty, and they make such a lovely sound.

      • Oh Marlene, I do wish I could see you happy dancing 🙂 We’ll still get some bad weather, and there’s still a chance it’ll reform once it hits the coast again, but for now, so far, so good.

    • Thank God! Watched the blessed horror reform in the Gulf and back up and every map I saw had Mackay right ‘there’ ! With us it has just been ‘computer off’ for hours over three days because of windless thunderstorms and a huge backlog of work . . . am too high to flood! Best wishes . . .

      • We’ve had a lucky escape… 68cm of rain in 24 hours near Ingham. We’re getting heavy rain, but so far, not too much wind. It’s projected to lie off Mackay on Tuesday, but isn’t expected to re-organise into a cyclone at this point. It may be a happy Christmas after all.

  2. I am a teacher, and I definitely remember one of the most frustrating parts of teacher education was making lessons that were right for the college instructor and not for the classroom they were nominally designed for. Don’t worry, I think most teachers-in-training feel this way. You’ve got this! I think you will be a great teacher. You can learn your subject material, classroom management, and organization, but the passion and compassion that it takes to teach has to be there naturally, and you are blessed with it in spades!

  3. Love the ducks posing on the trunk of the Chrysler! Would be a good calender pic

  4. Yes! I, too, am counting down the days until Winter Solstice when we start getting more light back every day! Very exciting the thought of more light! And being able to count on it happening! Super rainy and muddy down here too! But I am always happy for the rain to fill up the lakes here and give all growing things (including the veggies under the row covers) a long welcome drink! 🙂 Our summers are often very dry, so rain anytime of the year is a big bonus! 🙂

  5. As I write down the sunrise and sunset times each day, I noticed we are already moving in the other direction after 3 days on the sunset at the same time. Now it’s a minute later each night. Yay!! I love the ducks in the boot too. 😉 It’s interesting how doing this course of study shows you your own thought patterns and teaches you something more about yourself. What fun. I know you will do wonderful at it as you do with anything you tackle. Our winter is warmer and wet as well. An odd year.

  6. The rain seems nice, but I hope the warmer weather is not a cause for concern in the bigger picture.
    Your studies sound good so far!

  7. I read with amusement your comments about doing the lessons for your class. It is difficult to stay within the boundaries of the lessons and not go off in your own direction with your own plans. My wife chuckled how that’s what we teachers tend to do.

  8. Yay, we had 55mm rain last night – at last, after 2 dry weeks of temperatures close to 40 Dec C. Electric fence took direct lightening strike, so big mess to fix today. It appears we have a small band of 3 muscoteer ducks. Laura

  9. I don’t know how you managed to arrange those ducks in that boot for their photo shoot!🦆🦆🦆
    (Much easier to do here. )
    I’m wondering if you will be studying on your California trip or if you have a Christmas break.
    Yes creative teachers like you find sticking to the curriculum frustrating.

  10. Oh, Ceci! Your play on color tones – the dog in the doorway of the barn (Ton?) is exquisite! Took my breath away as I feasted my eyes! I say, it’s wonderful how dedicated you are to your studies! I only wish today’s youth had your enthusiasm and drive! Have fun with it!

  11. You’re doing very well with your TESL studies. Figuring out the correct as far as curriculum goes and what they want you to write but not necessarily right answer to assessment questions has been my challenge for two horticultural study years. Not always easy as the teachers who deliver the courses don’t write the assessments and vice versa. Aaargggh. Sigh.

  12. I can not remember when I last encountered mud, although there is plenty of dust around these parts.
    I have a tendency to tidiness and cleanliness; I suspect I would go mad trying to get all the mud off.

    • I spent literally minutes ( many
      Minutes) thinking about how on earth you are missing out on mud. I have outdoor clothes that I put on over my indoor clothes – they live ( rather stiffly ) in my mud- room. I would LOVE you to come visit one day . You could indulge in mud therapy!! I can’t bear the thought of you living without mud!

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