Firstly, thank you so much for your incredible outpouring of support yesterday. It means so much to me to hear such care from so many of you.

For the moment I will stay public and if I do take the blog private I will come back to yesterday’s comments and send a note to each one of you. Thank you all.

And now to the normal chat of the day!

Jude the little rescue piglet is being a bit naughty- I have to be careful that his behavior now will be appropriate for a two hundred pound pig when he is grown so jumping on people and biting at dangling hands, etc has to stop. I think that most of the problem is lack of parental piggie company.

So I have created a little door that allows him to visit Tima and Tane and Wai but still return to his warm light whenever he chooses. I spent a good part of yesterday blocking holes from the field to the outside world to ensure he is safe while still allowing the ducks to come and go. It is taking a bit of sorting out. We don’t want Tima getting out either. But the more time Jude spends with the other pigs, who will discipline him, the better.

He is spoilt!

I go away to California for a Christmas in a week so I need to have it sorted by then.

Tane’s back problem was very bad yesterday and I was in tears with the realization that he might not last the winter. He is so crippled. Not eating properly and he seemed unable to swallow. Then in the afternoon he chased me around the field, running on all four hooves like a trotter and ate a huge dinner. So, I don’t know.

I have got another batch of his pain medicine from the vet and we have nice mild temperatures ahead as far as I can see so that will help. His back problem comes and goes. Poor chap.

The three Grouchy pigs have a bed full of rags that they burrow under and Wai came out with this on his back yesterday.

He is so overweight but only ever eats a small ration – my theory is that his burns went so deep that they have compromised his system. Some areas of his body have no fat at all but his jowls ( that were not as badly burned) seem to collect all the fatty deposits.

However he is happy and quick on his feet and such a friendly fellow with visitors and looks almost festive in his little girls dress up coat.

Manu continues to improve which is good but time will tell if his penis is permanently damaged.

When I let the dogs out earlier it was still raining so this mornings chores will be pretty messy.

I hope you have a good day and once again – thank you for yesterday.




  1. hopefully Jude’s time with the others will teach him a little more decorum. So glad the blog is staying public- this site brings a little light in every day. Stay strong.

  2. What a great pic of the farmy’s two miracle piggies chatting to each other. Yay, your countdown to Xmas with your family has begun, Hope the days fly by whilst you get all your preparations done. Laura

  3. I hope today feels a little brighter and lighter. I was behind in my reading so I only read yesterday’s post this morning. Then I was ranting and left my comment!

  4. Wai must think he still needs to be protected from the sun. Lol. I just read yesterday’s blog. I am so sorry and, honestly, shocked. Their only intent is to disrupt with no intention of “following” you or learn, or contribute. Just disrupt. Whatever you decide, I am with you. Your blog is so rich with “life”. Hugs to you.

  5. Wai looks like he is Royalty out for a stroll! Glad you are trying to get Jude in with the adult piggies, he definitely needs to learn his manners. Oh my, he still looks so small, framed against the chickens like that. Good luck on getting ready for your trip to California!

  6. You know exactly what is going on with Jude. I had the same issue with the deer clobbering me with hooves in play or for attention. In the wild, the mother clubs them back and doesn’t put up with that kind of silliness or bad habit. You will have to get in sync with your inner mother pig and help him understand it’s not cool to jump and nip!!

    You know I love Tane. It breaks my heart to know he has this kind of pain. Just as I was feeling a bit sad about Tane, you had that hilarious photo of Wai with a girly coat on. Thank you for making my morning coffee such a delight.

  7. I meant to comment yesterday and then didn’t get back to it! I love your blog, read it every day and think your work is so important. IMO, some folks do not understand farming, and the difference between livestock and pets. I think you do a fantastic job! and do as you see fit with the blog, no need to let the negativity weigh on you. I love the red coat on Wai! so funny.

  8. We faithful readers love you Celi & your beautifully written blog & all the colorful & endearing characters of the Farmy. Today’s words & pictures express the reasons why. Bah humbug to all bullies & trolls & dirty rats. Up with contented creatures in gay apparel.

  9. Never know if my comments go through on your blog site but if you go private please include me – you and your farm menagerie are part of my family. I agree with you on the way the US is going right now and have so much sympathy for all our immigrants.I talk about your farm to my friends as if you were my neighbor!

  10. Poor ole Wai, I’m thinking that he will always be a bit ‘portly’ shall we say. Seems as though he has come a long way assimilating to the farmy and the other animals, and visitors too. He is a real cutie, especially when he dresses up! 🙂

  11. I’m sorry I didn’t get back yesterday to lend my support also. I had planned to say that you are so kind and thoughtful in your treatment of your animals. I think about this often. I like your clear headed descriptions of your thinking and decision making process. And your humane treatment of your animals is very inspiring. I find it so tragic that those who choose hatred and anger are coming after you. I am sorry you have to read their comments and I’m glad you delete them.
    I hope Jude responds well to some piggy manners training from his elders. I feel so grateful that Wai has such a caring and insightful owner. That red coat is wonderful!im hoping for Manu!

  12. That has to be the most stylish pig ever! I send your blog on to our 90 year old mom every so often and this one is heading to her today. She doesn’t subscribe as she doesn’t want to be over run by emails! So instead I send her ones she will certainly enjoy. I love getting up in the morning to have breakfast with you Celi! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to share your life and photos with all of us. Merry Christmas to you from Alberta.

  13. Hi celi, just wanted to say I love your blog, and all of your animals are so photogenic…glad to hear you are staying and not letting them bullying trolls affect you and your farm!..happy holidays x

  14. It seems like old animals have radical ups and downs. One moment you are sure this is the end and the next moment they are acting like a playful kid. But those playful moments – are such an extra joy to me. I hope Tane has lots more playful moments in him. And that the down moments aren’t too impossible to bear. He’s such a trooper.

  15. I’m happy to see Jude searching out his tribe and being schooled by them. Good plans you have. Your mind must always be working overtime. I come here as soon as I open my computer, even if it’s late in the day. You are the first blog I read and it always feeds my soul. My friend, Sabine and I met for a walk and coffee yesterday, (she was at the conference with me) and we discussed what is happening to you. She is a vegetarian (I am not) and she agrees that no one should say awful things to you. We each get to choose how we are in the world. They are choosing pure meanness. I so enjoy visiting you each day. Giant hugs from Portland.

  16. I can’t imagine Tima putting up with any nonsense from Jude. Poor Tane! I’m glad to hear he was feeling better yesterday.

  17. Oh, lovely Wai in his Santa-style bat cape. He’s the most unlikely superhero, but what a gift of a photo!
    I’m so glad your mental tone sounds more cheerful today; I think it’s good for us all to tell you how we feel about you, the Farmy and the work you do here from time to time. Love your work, Miss C, and the loony brigade can just go choke on their vegan sausages and narrow self-righteousness.

  18. Orphans have to be taught manners, otherwise they can become pests later on, even dangerous. We always try to foster orphan foals for that reason. But I’m sure you’ll sort Jude out. Always lots to do before Christmas!

  19. I’m glad that you’re feeling a bit better about the blog and not letting the ‘haters’ win.

    The daily update is good for my soul … whenever I miss my parents, I can picture my dad having a little farm like this (but with a couple of horses and the strength to take care of them) in heaven. Growing veggies and fruits, making a crock of home made rakija with the overripe and fallen fruit and then bringing out a bottle to share with visitors. My mom’s job was taking care of the chickens though my dad would collect the eggs in the morning. Usually he’d spent too long petting and talking to the chickens so my mom would have to give him a shout to come in for breakfast. And she was the one who ‘prepared’ the chickens for roasting etc.

  20. I appreciate your blog and appreciate how you take care of your animals and your land. Having worked on many small hog farms and cattle ranches back in the day I have to say that your farm excels in the care and treatment of your farm animals!! I work at a job where everyone is complaining about everything and your blog gives me a great sense of grounding every day!!

  21. I have been one of your tag along readers for several years….I look forward to your posts…thank you for your wonderful contributions…. Janis

  22. I intended to comment yesterday and didn’t get to. Remember the people who talk about animal abuse etc. have most likely never had a pet and if they do they tend to be badly behaved and also they do not know anything about farming. They think it is all sweetness and light and not the hard work that it is and of the tough decisions that have to be made. Don’t let them get to you. You do a good job.

  23. Sweet Tane. It is so hard to watch our animals suffer. I’m glad he rebounded. We have an old grumpy cat who takes a turn for the worse and rebounds again. He now has kitty stairs so he can get on and off the bed more easily. Wai is looking very festive! He needs a hat, preferably in the same animal print..ha

  24. I needed to sit on my comments yesterday, as the ability for people to spout off their ugliness and disrespect on the internet (social media) has me disgruntled on a daily basis. I really can not fathom why there is a need for people to be mean. What happened to common curtesy and live and let live ? What happened to mind your own business ? Ok , you get how I feel. I will not go on and on…. I find your choice to live on a sustainable farm an inspiration. I admire your courage and perseverance. I say cheers to you, please stay…..

  25. Tane’s situation is heart-breaking. One minute he seems crippled for life, then the next minute he’s up and running across a field and eating up a storm. Baffling! Absolutely baffling!
    WaiWai has to be the most dramatic turn-around ever. Who would have believed after all he’s been through he is actually friendly to people and happily enjoys a head scratch. He has so much to teach us about forgiveness.
    And that little exuberant Jude. I think he was whispering to Wai, “Don’t you just love her?” And WaiWai answered, “With all my heart! She’s the best thing since sliced bread.”
    Then Jude said, “I’m going to try to be really really good from now on! You teach me how.”
    “I will.”

  26. Good mornin’ back atcha! Loved the photo of Jude and Wai! Seems Jude is now asking the right species ‘are you my momma?” Now we just need to get him to ask the right gender! Hee Hee! Let’s see, Christmastime you come out to California to see your family here, right? Don’t get stranded this time! If you need to be carried somewhere, give a holler and I’ll come pick you up and deliver you to where you need to be. Have a marvelous time packing! AND a huge thanks for hanging in there with the blog! It means the world to us all! How are the studies coming?

  27. I agree with JMCHENEY also…. and I always want to read this email first. I didn’t know adult pigs disciplined their ‘kids’….. Do you think they could teach my nephew and nieces how to do that with their rambunctious (and sometimes destructful) kids???

  28. That is such a funny picture of Wai with the pink coat!

    I find it reprehensible that people were verbally abusing you and threatening you. I wouldn’t have expected that. But, be sure that if you take your blog private, all your loyal followers will go with you! xoxo

  29. There may be something deep in Wai’s piggy psyche that says holding on to the weight is like armour to protect him. This happens with humans and maybe it is in the nature for animals who have had great trauma as well. He looks so dear in that little girly coat!

  30. Hi Celi…….I have read your blog for quite a few years now, back when you used to post “the morning view” each day :)….I rarely comment but so enjoy following your farm life. I grew up on a farm in central Illinois many years ago. Just want to ask that you please include me if you decide to go private. Thank you.

  31. Time passes. It’s a good thing that you are thinking ahead to when Jude isn’t a cute little baby. I wish more parents of fur and human babies shared that insight. I know it’s tough to plan for a friend(animal) passing but they rely on us. I know you will know when it is time. It is never easy. Do you and John ever travel together, or does one person have to stay back? It will be nice for you to get away. Meanwhile, work like heck to make it happen. All the best.

  32. I hope Tane keeps managing, I know how uncomfortable it can be to not have your body behave itself. Wai looks so adorable in that coat. I think Uncle Wai, and Uncle Tane and Aunty Tima will get Jude straightened out about jumping and nipping, not acceptable in a piglet and even less acceptable in a large pig. I had to teach one of my dogs that he mustn’t do that and we both were much happier once he understood. I’m not at all surprised by the support for you in the Lounge of Comments. We all love you, the Farmy and all the inhabitants.

  33. Wai all dressed up sure put a huge smile on this grandma’s face! It’s been over 55 years since Daddy sold our farm and we moved out west, he worked on road construction & never farmed again. We moved a lot and I was drawn to every stray animal everywhere we moved. Your farm pictures and comments always bring back sweet childhood memories.

  34. Dear Celia, I have never commented, but felt I needed to after reading about what you’re experiencing. I have read your blog for years. Your gentle, compassionate, wise, funny, caring voice would be sorely missed, so please add my name to the list, should your heart need to make this beautiful life story go private. Much love to you. xxxooo

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