Though the wind made it feel cooler, yesterday we were above freezing and everyone had a lovely day.

This may sound inane and ordinary but on a farm it is always a relief when we encounter ordinary especially when it is above freezing!

Above freezing temperatures mean I can get the hoses out and fill all the waters. And get the tractor out and scoop the poop around the cows feeders.

Very satisfying days.

I am also shifting the large rain barrel close to an outside electrical outlet beside the house so I can fill this with water on warm days and put a submersible heater in it. This will give me a water reservoir for refilling my bucket on days when the faucet outside is frozen shut. Tramping in and out to fill buckets from the kitchen sink is getting ‘old’.

Though giving the pigs warm water does encourage them to drink more. there are always more than one way to look at a solution.

Manu the boar is doing OK and when I entered the barn yesterday it smelled like he had been breeding Molly. I will give her six weeks then take her to the vet for an ultrasound. To make sure he is still viable.

I hope his injury is not permanent- if it is we would have to make some hard decisions. I prefer to avoid those decisions for as long as I can. But my breeding animals are getting older. And this is a farm not a zoo.

(Now, I hope this paragraph does not scare up more hate comments. I am getting these kinds of comments more and more lately. I am being attacked for my farming practices – generally I just delete these hate comments but if it gets too much you and I might talk about the blog going private. This would feel like a weak move but maybe it would be easier on my beleaguered immigrants heart. Being told I am a murderer, to go back where I came from, that I will be hunted down and wiped out… these kinds of things. All from Americans. They are easy to trace. And the fear of being abused is disabling my ability to be honest. I know this is a capitulation, to take the blog private, but the public arena is changing. There is a pack mentality developing. There is an old saying ‘if you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.’ Do you see – do you understand?

We have to roll with the punches, they say. So, I will roll. If this continues I will do some research on how to disappear. They can have the stage. We all believe in free speech. I know that. It is in your constitution but I am getting tired of being on the arse end of it.)

Anyway – I will do some research into bringing you with me into a private kitchens garden. Sad aye. But maybe better?


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  1. Sorry you have to deal with the haters. Dont they realize it’s a farm and you have to make a profit. I think you’re doing a great job and I love your blog. Stay strong.

  2. You always have my support. Free speech is all well and good, but people should respect each other too – live and let live! I’m inclined to believe that there would be no farm animals if people stopped eating meat.

  3. I am happy to hear that the news on Manu is cautiously optimistic. I am so saddened and disgusted that you are getting the awful, nasty comments. There is no call and no excise for that sort of thing. Please know that you are always a bright spot in my day and that for every awful comment, there are so many, many more of us here that love you, your farm, and your blog.

  4. Miss C, I’m with you, whether you keep it public or go private. This blog is your space and you’re under no obligation to hold still for threats and abuse in your home space. We are all entitled to a point of view, and mine is that I admire your compassionate farming, that the Farmy is, duh, a farm, not a petting zoo, and that if someone doesn’t like what they see here, they can turn around, go away and not come back, but leave our Celi in peace. We are all guests here, and only the very stupidest and rudest people visit someone else’s place and abuse their hostess.

  5. Hate is such a strong presence in this society today and those who don’t play the game always seem to get the worst of it. Ignoring for a time is one thing, taking the high road by not giving in works…sometimes. The emotional toll is what haters strive for. We are with you all the way, in whatever decision keeps you sane and functioning and able to share your words as our friend.

  6. I didn’t think I could be astonished by anything online, but you receiving that kind of comment does astonish me. On the other hand, there are blogs I don’t read any longer because of the ranting that goes on, and I never, ever read the comments appended to online news articles because it’s worse than wading through cow poop. Much worse. The stupidity and nastiness have contributed to my refusal of social media, too, although there are other, more important reasons for me to stay away from those sites.

    I have two friends who took their blogs private for personal reasons. It’s worked all right for them, although I know there were some issues in the beginning, and they did lose some followers. I’d hate to see you do it, but on the other hand, ‘private’ is better than ‘permanently closed’!

  7. The internet creates a lot of “brave” people. How can anyone find fault with what you are doing. Stay strong!!

  8. WTF????? Hating on my buddy Miss c? What has this world/country turned into? Oh wait… I have a few ideas. This just ticks me off to no end. As long as you can delete (and possibly block, I dunno) these haters then that’s good but don’t go away; don’t let the bullies win. If you must/want to go private then do let me know. I’m so used to the morning farmie 🙂

  9. You do what makes you feel safe and calm. This blog is your space. There is no free speech right in your space. There is only speech you can tolerate. And if you are being abused in your own space – that is not acceptable.
    Is there a way to block or ban on wordpress? Still, that’s probably more work than a one time deal of making the place private? Or maybe not. I’ve not gone private, but it does seem like you would have look at each person who knocks on the door to come in. That seems annoying too.
    Sigh. I’m sorry you are being forced to deal with idiots.

  10. Blogland is changing and not necessarily for the better due to that increasing “troll” mentality. This is why I cannot ever have my own blog…I’m much too thin skinned to deal with such despicable creatures. I admire your tenaciously and compassionate care to all around you, be they human or farm animals. If your blog must go private…so be it. We who love you Miss C will still be on board.

  11. I look forward to your writing and photography everyday! For me, your calm and inspiring and welcome voice stands out from the deafening chorus around us. I hope for every one of them, there are ten (or more!) of us who appreciate and enjoy your blog.

  12. Yes, we have Freedom of Speech but there are limits and those limits should include hate speech and threats. If you do go private, I will follow you. You are the direct and daily contact I have with home. I can’t express how much I appreciate that.

  13. I’m always astounded at how hateful and cruel human beings can be in their remarks to someone who is working as hard and diligently as you are to care for your animals, maintain a farm, and keep us who are quietly cheering you on in the know. My grandparents taught me that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut”. That’s hard to do sometimes but it sure saves a lot of hurt feelings. I applaud you for all the work you do and hope you find a way to shut up the naysayers.

  14. I am sorry to hear about the horrible comments. They are not paying your tax, feed, utility etc bills … you can’t afford to keep non-productive animals as well as pay for the upkeep of the replacements. This is a farm BUSINESS not a hobby. Try to ignore the haters and if you can’t, do the best for you. Good luck.

  15. So many people are completely separated from the land and their food that they really have no grasp on reality. Industrial food producers don’t blog…

  16. It’s interesting to read this. My daughter so wants to move to New Zealand to get away from the negative energy that has come to the surface in the country lately. Of course, that’s not an option right now but she’s keeping it up front in her brain. The hostility has become palpable from the undereducated. I’m so sorry you are a target. Do what you need to do to protect yourself. You can always change back later if the energy shifts back to kindness. I’ll keep good thoughts for you. Are you leaving soon for your Christmas travels?

  17. I have seen a few of those rude comments recently on here. You are a lady farmer and your gentle stewardship of the animals is far above and beyond. A short life is still a good life as we say here. Wherever you lead, I will follow………. Hugs.

  18. Those hateful threatening comments you’re getting are appalling–especially when you show such deep respect for your animals. Do what you have to do to protect your spirit from attack. But bring us along when you leave. This is a very dark period in American history. One can only hope some great light will emerge from it. Your ESL work is inspirational. We can’t forget how many good people in this country are working hard and in a million different ways to change lives for the better. Keep to your path.

  19. I can understand why that would be upsetting to you. I enjoy your posts and understand the circle of farm life. I can also see you care about your animals, not just about getting them to the table.

    While they are entitled to free speech, you should be entitled to feel safe from harassment and threats. I wish people would learn to be open minded, that this is a way of life that is going back to our roots. It isn’t that difficult to understand that we can live alongside each other while not agreeing 100% with the way the other person lives. I hope I will continue seeing your posts, even if you decide to do them privately somehow.

  20. Haters really make me mad😠
    I love this blog because of your candid discourses and beautiful photographs. it would be such a pity that you may have to shut it down because of a few irrational, narrow minded individuals. But it does appear that more and more bloggers have comments moderation which would take up too much precious time in your busy working schedule. How sad. Laura

  21. I don’t comment often but I read your blog every single day, have been for years. Your blog and your farm is amazing, and getting your certificate to teach english is amazing as well. You are contributing. You are making the world better.

  22. I’m sorry people are responding to your posts that way. I so enjoy your photography and commentary every day.

  23. This world gets uglier everyday. I am embarrassed to be an American in this hate filled climate and I’m so sorry you are being harassed. Your blog is the first thing I read each day, and even when sad things happen or hard decisions are reached, I feel that kindness and love might somehow trump the hatred. You bring me hope. Thank you.

  24. Negativity has no place here … Private must be the way to go. Not sure what we’d all do if there was no farmy at all!
    Much love to you, try and ignore the haters until you reach a decision. The rest of us love you ❤

  25. Ditto to all the comments above! And also to Soph n’ Stuff above too! Makes me so, so sad to read this and know you have to deal with those sorts of negative comments. And I can’t even bring myself to think about the mentality of the people who make them! So depressing! The Fellowship of the Farmy is behind you, and we are a big, positive group! Do what is best for you. No one should have to deal with abusive, hate comments! xoxoxo

  26. I’m sorry you have to deal with these people.I don’t comment often but read you every day.The current climate in America and social media has enabled people to say things they would never dream of doing to someones face.I hope you continue with the blog.

  27. I too have seen some of the hate comments and they hurt! If they think what you do is murder they should go see a slaughter house. Your animals are truly loved and well taken care of. Even the ones that don’t get a name. We all should be as well loved. If you go private, please take me with you!

  28. I endorse all of the above. Certainly, the anonymity of the Internet makes people bold, true, but as my mother always said: “when people show you who they are, believe them”. Anonymous these folks may be, but if they are spouting hatred as opposed to politely disagreeing with the concept of raising animals for food however humanely it’s done, then you have to believe the face they show you. I’m apalled that we are – everywhere it seems – sliding back into base, gross, behaiviour towards our fellows. Do what you have to do to protect yourself.

  29. I am so sorry that you are on the receiving end of hate. If they are the same people, you can block them through your settings or have Akismet filter them to spam so that you never see them. If there are particular words that they have in common, like “murderer,” you can filter those comments through spam, too. You won’t ever see them.

    I occasionally get zoo-hate comments on my main blog, and it is ridiculous. Sometimes people will do things under the cloak of anonymity that they would never do in the light of day. You do good work, and you farm the right way. There is nothing scarier than a militant animal “rights” group.

  30. I am so sorry you are being harassed by ignorant people. There is no excuse for it, but anonymity makes some people brave and rude to the point of abuse. I see it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I do respect and support you as do many others no matter what you decide to do. You have carved a niche in your community that is valuable in many ways and that is to be celebrated, not decried. Hugs!

  31. To echo so many of the comments this morning, it is hard to believe that anybody would hate on you. And I’m here for the duration. If you need to take the blog private, that totally works for me. I just want to go along with you!

  32. Oh my god celi…what are people like!..can they just choose not to read your blog, instead of being so damn nasty. You do a wonderful job, and always think of your animals welfare, and if they need to go, then you know in your heart that it has to be done, and they have had the best care while being on your farm!!…they need to look back, and see about wai and piglet..stupid buffoons….aaah it makes me so angry when people stick their nose in just to be nasty to others in this world.
    I hope I can still follow you if you go private…all the best sue in the U.K x

  33. Cecilia, there are hateful people out there that will complain no matter what you do or say. I pity those whose life is so unhappy they have to focus on the negative rather than the wonderfully conscientious care your animals receive. I’d like to say ignore them, but I’m sure it’s hurtful. So when you encounter one of those posts, harden your heart, just say “poof, bye bye”, and CLICK, they’re gone. To wherever they deserve. Not your problem. Don’t let them influence what you write, but if going private is easier on you, then do it. Yes, people are entitled to an opinion, but they do not have to always express it when it’s pointless negativity. Hang in there.

  34. I get hate comments also, Celi. Sometimes they are downright funny. Sometimes scary. I always put them in spam. If you do go private let me know…I still wish to be a visitor to your farm.

  35. So sorry you must endure such hate speech…do what you must….be true to yourself…i do so enjoy your blog and photography…with you, always!

  36. Oh dear, I too am so very sorry to hear this. This blog has created such a great community that it’s a shame you are getting hate comments, but it doesn’t really surprise me. As so many have pointed out, the ground swell of people who feel that it is ok to hate in very public ways seems to be growing, and not just here in the US. I am saddened that you feel you may have to go private, but you certainly have my support in whatever decision you make. You should not have to deal with this ugliness day after day.

  37. I rarely comment, but I read your blog every time you post. Your farm and you as the farmer reminds me of my grandfather who loved his land and his animals fiercely, but he raised animals for his family to eat and to make a little money. If you are reminding me of my grandfather, you are in wonderful company because he was a good man. If you must go private and invisible, do what you must. It is very important to feel safe and to BE safe. Thank goodness this group of haters is small and in no way representative of the United States as a whole.

  38. Ignore the mentally unsound. I think you will find it’s just a tiny handful who terrorize or try to intimidate. They belong in a padded cell and this does not constitute free speech, it is attack. Don’t let a tiny minority of nut cases dictate to you when you are supported so soundly by a vast majority of silent but supportive and loving fans. Words are just empty arrows. Threats are empty arrows. There are always those who hate and try to negate anything positive, beautiful, or helpful. They sure don’t represent ME! Hey, friends of Celia, report in for your support. Show her we love her! Don’t be shy!

  39. From my first-hand experience I know you above all have been the kindest, most generous, and most responsible caregiver and caretaker of all your creatures—not to mention thoughtful observant and intuitive.
    Of course I say ditto to all of the above comments.

  40. I’m so sorry to hear that you are being trolled by mean spirited people. 😦

    You live on a farm, where do people think that they get their food from? I’m a vegetarian and I still enjoy reading about your farm and I’ve always found that you love your animals and you aim to do the very best for them. How sad that people can’t see that and appreciate your aims and objectives.

    I rarely comment anywhere online these days, but when I do I try to stick to the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” way of thinking. The internet seems to give some people the idea that they can say anything they like, no matter how hurtful or untrue (and how many of us really know the truth about another’s situation anyway?). It has become the modern-day version of the poison-pen letter – at everyone’s fingertips. Most popular sites seem to suffer from idiots at some stage – which is a real shame, when generally, the internet can be such a good, informative and supportive place.

  41. The first time I saw a misguided ‘hate’ blog, I was shocked and hurt! You don’t go into their ‘house’ and throw things at them! What I thought was those folks need to get out and see how the real world works! It’s easy to throw stuff when you don’t know what you’re talking about, but righteous indignity and slander? Doesn’t belong here! These people need to take a hard look at their own lives and attitudes! Please don’t go away all together, Ceci! Your kindness, cheerfulness, knowledge, wisdom, and playfulness are cherished and needed by the majority! Some people feel it is necessary to spoil the good things and take them down to their personal low level. Don’t let them! Our love and caring is with you and the farmy!

  42. I am so sorry that you have been under attack for your way of life. Your devoted readers are grateful every day for your thoughtful words and photos,
    I love your blog because it helps to keep me connected to real country life and how very hard farmers work, every day.
    I have read many U.K. farmers are having the same problem on Twitter .Too much hate everywhere!
    Please just know that your truly devoted readers will support any decision you make.

  43. Let me add another voice of support. I have become strangely dependent on knowing what’s going every day on your little patch of ground. Do what you have to do to get away from your detractors, but please don’t stop.

  44. Oh for crying out loud…Don’t these people eat anything? Don’t they wear or use leather? Don’t they have a life? Obviously not, they’re just sad trolls. Ignore them. But I know that’s easier said than done.’.

  45. My word! I am saddened and shocked that you get any hateful comments, your integrity and love for your animals shines out. If only there were more of you! You do what makes you feel safe and well. I would follow you on a private blog if that’s what it takes.

  46. I have been reading your blog for years now and have absolutely nothing but respect for you and all that you do. It’s always interesting how cruel and hateful people can be when they can hide behind the anonymity the internet provides. Most likely none of them would have the courage to voice their comments in public. Shame on them! Count me in as one of your loyal followers if you go private!

  47. Thoroughly agree with all the supportive comments here — I rarely comment but make sure to read your posts every time. And as a vegetarian for nigh on 40 years I have to say that the “meat means murder” slogan is lazy BS. Some people just don’t realize that the privilege of being able to feed yourself a non-meat diet is just that — a privilege, born of living in a particular place and time where there are alternatives. I love how you show us your world, Ceci, and anyone narrow-minded enough not to be able to learn from it is a poor excuse for a human being. IF you end up going private, please add me as a supportive follower! XO

  48. How awful re hate responses; i have nothing but love and admiration for you; your blog is a way to light my way; i bet the love from all the people in the world you know outweighs the hate; people who do this are merely projecting; still it ain’t easy! go girl

  49. So sorry the haters are out. One must be realistic about what farming entails. I learned this on my grandfathers farm at a vet early age. Just up the road in Elmwood

  50. I am so shocked. Reading your blog each day is always such an uplifting experience. Your words and photographsn
    are so compassionate and moving. Thank you SO much.

  51. As you know, you and the farmy start my days with a smile. Hate comments?! Because you’re from New Zealand??? What in the world?? As for slaughtering animals, you are humane in every respect. There is no arguing with zealots. all that being said, part of my Irish self wants you to let us at them and the less confrontational part of me understands and respects your wishes to have the loving, peaceful community you have built here to remain that way. Love to you super Celi!

  52. Since a lot of the hate is spread by mechanical trolls, try the “I’m not a Robot” box for comments or the one where we have to click on a symbol before leaving a comment. That being said, would you believe even Knitting Blogs are being hit by the Hate Trolls who accuse us of ‘torturing & killing innocent animals’ to make hats & sweaters . . . . Keep up the good work Kid, the morning isn’t the same without you & the pigs!!

  53. There is no question—never was—that the true Fellowship members here know and understand that we all have our own lives to live, thoughts and feelings and beliefs, but when it comes to interaction, it must always be filled with civility and honesty and respect. Those three don’t allow any room for hate- and fear-mongering. Would that we could all rise up with you on our shoulders and protect you from mindless trolls, but since no one can promise safety, let alone peace of mind, I would far rather that you do whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe. But like all of my compatriots writing similar things above, my admiration and care for you means I hope I will always be able to visit with you, even if it has to be in a more fenced-in community or, as is often the case in this linked-in yet separated-by-space world, sometimes in spirit only. Just know that we who respect and love you and our fellow Farmy followers want the best for you and will honor your choices.

  54. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could identify those trolls and post their names and locales for everyone to see? It seems the supposed anonymity makes these fools ‘brave’. I’m afraid the lack of decency and blatant rudeness gets worse by the day. Oh that every food producer treated their stock with the care and compassion that you do. I admire you greatly, it’s something I don’t think I could do – I would be drowning in animals that have outlived their purpose! That in itself would not be a good thing, I’m afraid it is my greatest weakness.

  55. Wow. I have been following your blog for years, and have never seen anything controversial going on. I can hardly believe that there is anyone more caring than you are with your animals. Look at the situation poor Jude came from. Why are those people not being attacked. These people who are saying these bad things to you are not healthy functioning members of society. I hope they don’t deflate you wonderful spirit. I for one, LOVE reading your blog and NEVER miss a day! It is how I start my day!

  56. I read, but seldom have time to comment. Lordy girl, take this thing private and be rid of the haters. People are so emboldened by the animaty of a computer screen. Really, they are just cowards. They can’t be content to be vegetarians/vegans, they have to threaten you as??? Good riddance!

  57. I’m a lurker but have followed you, your successes, highs and lows for some years – I love the farmy and get great delight, pleasure and support from it – and cry at the sad times – a positive place in the strange world of the internet. Ditto to all the lovely supportive comments above. But you must do whatever’s required to keep you safe and what’s doable and practical with the constraints on your time, especially with the extra time required from TEFL. If you go private, I hope I’ll be able to follow. No farmy or lounge of comments would leave a big hole!

  58. I moderate all my comments, kick anything ignorant out and report it as spam. There’s a work around for it – but yes – as a ‘public’ blog you’re open to all the jack asses out there that have nothing better to do with their time. Just remember – for every jerk who feels it their place to terrorize you – there are many more dozens and dozens of us that feel it our place to defend you and support you! 😊

  59. As Taylor Swift sings ‘haters gonna hate’. There is a louder and less tolerant element appearing about everything. So many seem to not understand there are a multitude of ways to live life. Living with integrity does not seem to get considered in many cases. People are frustrated, fear filled and unhappy and they just strike out, when considering the integrity with which they live their own lives could be much more fulfilling for them. I’m so sorry the ‘haters’ have decided to target you. We are with you.

  60. ‘if you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.’ might also be said for those who don’t like the fact that you’re a Farmer. A real, honest-to-goodness, growing plants AND ANIMALS to eat (what a concept:/). I just want to know why these people think that their opinion is more important than anyone else’s. Or why they think they have the right the treat others like shite.
    Do unto to others, is and has always been the golden rule.

  61. You’re one of my first go to every morning and I so look forward to hearing about you and the different characters you’ve made so real for us. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with vileness and hatred. Your blog is nothing but full of respect and love for the earth and it’s inhabitants.
    I’m down under, a little closer to your homeland. It’s hot and muggy here in Queensland, but all this will end when I return on Monday to Canada.
    In the meantime stay strong. I wish you lots of peace and well being dear friend.
    Diana from Canada

  62. I am sorry you are having to deal hateful remarks. The farm is your livelihood, and you alone must make the decisions as to how it is run.

  63. Miss C, I am sorry that you are having to deal with the hateful comments. It hurts my heart that our country has decided it is free speech to call names, make threats, and hate talk. I love your blog and am disappointed on the days you don’t post. As a fellow female farmer and not a zoo keeper, I understand the need to cull out animals that can no longer provide the food or service for which they are kept. I understand your reluctance to be honest, I have lost readers and have quit posting certain farm necessities to avoid similar comments and to retain readers. My animals are ethically kept, organically fed, free ranged, but when they are no longer producers, they must be culled, usually for meat. Keep up the good work, hold your head high, and know that most of us love you and what you do. If a reader doesn’t like what you write, they don’t have to read it.

  64. Coming on late on a stormy Down Under morning I have been absolutely shocked that you, you of all people, have been found and trolled by the mentally unstable on social media: the only way to describe such despicable people. I have read each and every comment above and feel strengthened for you as the result of what the ‘Lounge’ of friends and followers has had to say . . . naturally I add my voice in full support. I do not know how really badly this is affecting you mentally but I would feel like standing proud, not giving in and going private . . . I would guess this is the ‘work’ of a relatively small group of sick people who feel important if they can threaten and frighten people. If you are being told to ‘go back home’ more than farming practices may be involved as you believe most of the comments come from the United States.. Rather than going private (where the IT wise may crash in anyways!) can these people simply not be blocked as has been suggested and I would prefer the ‘I’m not a robot’ box also . . . otherwise can you bear just to delete for another while and hope the sickos get tired and find another target . . . .

  65. I echo everyone’s sentiments here C. And I too am astounded at some of the behavior I see on social media nowadays…It really seems to bring out the “trolls” as they can hide behind their anonymity! Do what you have to do to eliminate the comments, etc. of these morons but please don’t think this is just typical of most Americans. It is not! There are bad apples everywhere…unfortunately! 😦

  66. If you go private, the haters will have won. I know that your back is made of steel but your heart is tender. I don’t comment often, but read your words every day and you have a small army supporting you. We can never allow bullies to win, they will just get bolder and meaner. Spam them out…hold your head up and keep doing everything the way you are. The haters mean nothing and throw their verbal sticks and stones at anyone who don’t agree with their skewed views. Keep going, Miss C. If you do go private, though, please take me with you.

  67. I visit your blog frequently and am saddened people have written hateful messages to you. I would also wager few if any of them have actually read your blog for any length of time. Your compassion and care for all your animals including those destined for the table shines brightly. From searchING for the best and tastiest variety of food for them to eat to your going far out of your way to rescue some animals due to their sorry circumstances you daily make their well being one of your highest priorities. Be well and be of good heart, I will support your choices while raging against the hateful ignorant crowd.

  68. unless one is standing in the same environment they need to stand back and just admire all the hard work you do……honesty some people! t

  69. Lovely pictures. You have a good eye. I know other bloggers have dealt with vipers. There has to be a way to report and block these black holes that suck energy. Best of luck and forge ahead. We back you in your enterprise. Thank you for sharing.

  70. This blog is the high point of my day. The spot of sanity, goodness and, yes, love that radiates through my day. I would give a great deal to be able to spend the rest of my life with a farmy like yours, not that it’s possible physically, but it would be a joy. You have to do what you think and feel is right for you, I fully support your decision. It would be sad to see you go private, but I do understand. I’ve had the haters too on both my blogs and all my comments are moderated. I do not suffer fools or the stupid very well. If they chose not to eat meat, that is all they need to do. Coming to the Lounge and spewing their foul hate is not acceptable. You have shown for as long as I’ve followed you, that you are deeply compassionate about how your animals are treated, that they are given good food, comfortable conditions and a respectful end. There are enough huge operations that warehouse animals in conditions I find disturbing that the haters have some small point about the treatment the animals are given. Most of those do not have blogs, and if they do they do not highlight the way they operate. You are open, honest, and forthright about your farming practices. I would love to be able to purchase from you because I know how you treat your animals. You run a business, there are decisions and necessities in that process, raising animals for food is part of that. I know you know these things.
    I would definitely see about strengthening my spam filters, it certainly did make a difference with my comment lines. If someone was willing to moderate for you that is something you might consider, especially as you are involved with your studies. The lack of respect is rampant in our society and culture, sadly. Part if it stems from telling people that everying is “okay” as long as they feel good. Part of it is how children are educated here in schools and at home. It is the failures of being taught respect that spew their hatred for every little thing they have decided is “bad” without bothering to investigate the truth of the situation. There doesn’t seem to be any effective cure for these people.
    This is your blog, your Lounge of Comments, your call on how things go here. It doesn’t matter if you’re from New Zealand or here. You live here, in the heartland of America, and I’d bet there are more of us who want you here, want to read your words and see your images than there are foul little vermin that want to spew hatred.

  71. Your inclusion of the wonderful phrase “arse end of it” gave me a glimmer of a smile amongst my disappointment that your blog has been targetted… by trolls, haters, opportunists with a keyboard & internet access… who will accomplish nothing via their efforts. I don’t understand them but I get where you’re coming from, as I am very careful where and what I comment on social media or irl as I don’t want to deal with it. Happy to follow privately because I truly admire what you do as a farmer, blogger and human being. Take care ♡

  72. Please Please don’t dissapear… Your farm photos are my daily dose of LOVE for animals! Find a way by hook or crook to block the trolls….
    Don’t let them win the war!

  73. You should feel no guilt in taking your blog private. I’d do the same under your circumstances. I think of a personal (non-commercial) blog such as yours is being a life journal. One can choose to share the contents of that journal with everyone OR place the journal in a drawer and give those whom you wish a key. Good luck in your conversion and if allowed I’d certainly want a key.

  74. if you do go private, please take me with you … I only rarely comment but I do read your posts every day and appreciate the window into a world so very different from mine here in London (England)

  75. I am sorry that you have to deal with that. It is unnecessary and people that make such comments should put their energy into something more positive. They obviously don’t actually follow and read your blog. If they are so concerned about animals they have the ability to get off the computer and go volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue organization, work hard to make more money and donate to rescue organizations that are desperate for donations to cover vet costs and food. There are so many that need help. But it is easier for them to sit at a computer and waste valuable time spewing hate. Do what you must and we will follow. I don’t understand this ‘go home’ bit either. Unless you are a First Nations then we all would have to go home because we all came from somewhere else no matter if it was 200 years ago or 10 years ago.

  76. Don’t hesitate to go private. Give yourself some room to breathe. Take care, c, and happy Christmas to you.

    • I echo all of the above! I don’t comment often but I do read your posts every morning. I would think someone who posts a hate comment here must only skim by and see critters and then go on auto pilot with their ranting. You are so caring with your animals. And you have done so much to educate us about the hard decisions one has to make on a farm. It shouldn’t matter whether one is a vegetarian or not – to see how your farm works is a peek into what we should be aiming for in the coming centuries. Big mass farming likely won’t be sustainable and smaller home or community based operations might be necessary once again. The carbon footprint of some vegetarian diets is astounding. Living in a winter climate like I do up here in Canada and trying to live the 100 mile diet is an eye opener once the snow falls! I love starting my days by visiting the farmy. Your photography and your openess are appreciated by this little reader far to the north of you. You need to do what keeps you safe. You certainly would have a ton of us following into the private blogosphere if that is needed. Sending you gentle hugs.

  77. I get some miserable comments occasionally, one recently. I was both hurt and angry. I responded in a private message, but the woman was deranged. Perhaps you could report the miserable wretches? Going private seems like giving in, but I do understand why you would feel this way. I have felt like giving up my blog, but I have decided to just get on and do what I want.

  78. I can’t believe you’re getting hateful comments! One thing haters and pasture farmers can agree on is the horrible factory farming machine. I wish they would focus their energy on those assholes. We all love you and your blog! I support you keeping the blog public. People need to know how to properly run a farm. Keep strong, lady and always wear your lippy!

  79. I am so sorry you are experiencing hatred. I have had to deal with some of that too over the years, Like you, I delete the comments, but that doesn’t mean the hurt and upset doesn’t stay with me for a very long time, if not forever. I feel a lot of it comes from ignorance – people who do not wish to educate themselves nor feel open to consideration of anything other than their own thoughts. I have had to get over myself for having expectations of how people should treat each other and behave. I have never in my life seen such disrespect, violence and hatred in this country. I am no longer connected with any social media and I limit my time watching news. Weather is my favorite thing to follow on television.

    I think it’s important to remember that you educate so many of us, and you are teaching young people (who are open for the experience) how to live a self-sustaining life – even if it is in a small way. You are a wonderful steward of the land and your animal husbandry is of caring and responsibility. There is nothing wrong with going private… even in nature, wild things retreat to heal and lick their wounds. It is how they survive.

  80. Oh, I am absolutely DISGUSTED by your final thoughts. How dare strangers criticize you!
    Do what you have to do to protect yourself.
    {{Miss C}}

  81. I really enjoy your blog and would miss reading it very much. I seldom if ever take the time to put down my comments, but if you do go private I would love to be included in your group. I grew up on a working mixed farm in Southern Ontario, Canada and am blessed to live on a plot of land in the same general area. You are living the life that I wish I had the energy, and most of all dedication, to live. I do grow a garden most years, and we raise our own chickens and pork. But that is on a seasonal basis. I would dearly love to have a milk cow and a beast for beef, but don’t want to be saddled with chores year round when there is travel to be done! I am troubled by all of the unrest and negativity that you and your country is experiencing. Our leadership here in Ontario seems to be heading down the same path and it is worrisome. Sending you light and love. XO

  82. Oh my goodness. Is there no corner of the planet that is safe from people who can’t disagree civilly and express themselves with respect and an open mind to the fact that someone else’s life and choices might be different to theirs? We have become as radicalized and intolerant and close-minded as the very cultures we have fought so hard for so long to open up and to MODERATE. The internet, unfortunately creates silos and black and white thought processes. (With me or against me stuff). It doesn’t bode well for civilization, for reflecting…for LEARNING. I fear for my children. Is there anything we can all do as a community to protect THIS BLOG from that sort of response? Can we join hands around you? Can we stand up to these bullies? I am so sorry.

  83. Ci. You are right about how bogland has change – no for the better. There is so much anger and viciousness – for no reason. And organized hate attacks are the new form of bullying…justified by those righteous social warriors who know they are right, and you are not only incorrect but evil and must be punished. It’s been one reason I’ve been around less, too. (So are they winning by driving people into silence?)
    This place and this country used to be pretty much live and let live, agree to disagree but still be friends. Respect others (not just glorify and reel in your own worth and ideas) Manners and a get-along attitude, social customs were observed to avoid public disagreements and violence. (and women never hit – not that they couldn’t, but that women were smart than lowering themselves into base and animal behavior. Women were the hope of civilization and progress upward.. Seems like gloves are off now.
    I cannot believe you are getting attacked like this.
    Readers – if you don’t like what is said anyplace – turn it off and walk away or go visit what reinforces your beliefs. One size does not fit all. (Maybe go outside and get into the real world: travel with a backpack and on foot and see what life elsewhere is like. Talk with people face to face. Volunteer. Most important go out into nature far away from people and their noise)
    People used to be sensible, strong, and adult enough to do that. Or else you’re just what you call others: narrow-minded and a bully.
    Do what you need to do Ci. You are what the world needs more of. While hard to do after encountering such bullies, do not let them eat at your soul.

  84. miss C if you go private bring me with you please.. I am sorry to say that I TRULY understand, I also moderate my comments and the increase in threats including death threats in some vile ways because we raise livestock and we share our worlds in a public way have gotten far worse in the past while, the last year has seen more then other years combined. I am sorry to read this but know you are not alone in getting these messages. they are very hard to read, blocking and deleting does not get them back out of our heads after reading them.. Hugs from far.. FG

  85. Wow! What a shame that haters feel so empowered! Do whatever you have to do, but keep me on, please. I have been out of touch and didn’t know what was going on. We are with you!

  86. I don’t comment often, but if you go private, I would like to be invited. I love being taken along on your daily farm journey. I appreciate the truths you tell and am inspired by the work you do.

  87. Oh my God Celi, I am beyond disgusted to hear that these trolls are threatening you. Sometimes it feels as though the world has gone mad with all the hate. Trolls are particularly cowardly nasty humans who would probably never, ever dare to say to your face what they say to you behind the anonymous protection of their computer screen. You do whatever you need to do to feel safe and secure. This is your space. But if you do decide go private, please take me with you! Sending love and hugs!

  88. Your blog reminds me of the farm on which I grew up. There was mud, manure, gardens and selling of eggs, meat, and milk. I missed out on the pigs. I enjoy your photos and commentary and wish I lived close enough to visit and help out. Are the haters all vegan/vegetarians? If a meat eater, do they not know how that meat got on their plate?

  89. if this is the way to go with you if you go private, I’m forced to comment. I found you soon after you started to blog. I would miss you very much. I enjoy your words and pictures so much. I like to travel with you and see your comments on the places. It’s a pleasure to follow a faithful blogger. You are a great living book. Best wishes.

  90. A bit dispiriting, isn’t it, when a farmer has to justify herself to a stranger. For me, popping by from time to time to catch up with you and the farmy continues to be a treat, after all these years. Always something interesting to think about – or just plain cute (like young Jude) To look at. Count me in.

  91. I love your blog and hearing about your farm. Please don’t let a few haters get you down because you have more people that love you. I always look forward to your stories. God bless.

  92. My dearest dearest Celi. Dreadful things are happening. This is am evil, vicious, disgusting attitude Stupid stupid people think they have been given permission to act in vile, horrible ways. Your blog is the light of my life. It starts my morning in the most wonderful manner. I am so very, very proud of you and the wonderful life your have created on The Farmy. You must do whatever is right for you. Negativity is strong and it takes terrible bites out of you. Best to eliminate it from your good life. Much love, Auntie.

  93. Hatemail, including threats, to YOU?!?? I would not have thought anything like this possible. I agree with those who feel that these wretched haters cannot possibly have been reading your blog for any length of time. For if they had, they wouldn’t be capable of such uncalled-for negativity and aggression. It would be entirely understandable, I think, if you decided to go private. In fact, I would prefer this solution to imagining you going about your hard-working days with a heavy heart.
    I don’t know, I can’t stop shaking my head about the absurdity of it all. Thank you for letting us know. You of all people should not have to deal with such idiocy alone.

  94. People who disparage small farms just don’t understand where food comes from. They can’t see the profound devastation that goes into growing a 10,000 acre monoculture of soy that produces their vegan burgers or the damage done by millions of acres of corporately owned, gov’t subsidized corn. Such people, so blinded by their willful ignorance and fanatical self-righteousness, are the bane of true animal welfare. I can see why you would not want to face that down, real farms have enough to deal with without trying to defend against such malicious ignorance. Their voices may be loud and hurtful, but please remember that us quiet types who take the time to learn the truth can see the care and love you put into your farm and the welfare of all your animals.

  95. I’ve been dealing with a lot of family issues over the past few months and haven’t been able to read or comment as much as I would like, nor post on my own blog at all. But I am distressed to hear about these hate comments. Sadly it’s more proof that this country is really in crisis and that hate breeds hate. I hope the day will come soon when those who give permission to hate are put where they belong. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this and wouldn’t blame you a bit for going private.

  96. I haven’t commented on any of your posts for oh such a long time! But I read every day. So after I read the next post I thought how much I would miss reading about the farm and its progress. So I have popped back to this day to make sure I would be included, should the pack force you to become private.
    Honestly Celi (I hope you don’t mind me calling you that) I felt sick to my core to read that people have attacked you in that cowardly way. Physically sick.
    So I am sending a big kiwi hug your way.
    Thank you for your blog, thank you for being such an open and endearing person, and thank you for sharing it all with us.

  97. I am so sorry you have to endure such abuse. I know I don’t comment much at all but I read every word and love your explanations of how and why certain decisions are made. If you do take the blog private, please keep me. Thank you.

  98. Everyday reader here too. You do a wonderful job as a farmer in the land of Big Ag. As everyone else has said above, you also do a great job sharing the farmy with us all. You have my support as ever.

  99. Oh, Celi, I am sorry you cant have peace because of nasty people who are never happy unless and until they turn every good thing into misery for the good people. Part of why I love to read your blog is that the love and care you have for your animals and land is apparent. Please keep me on a list of subscribers if you take the blog private! Your blog brings a kind of realistic peace to this crazy world for me and I would be so sad, though I would understand, if you decided to protect yourself! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  100. Well, I just am not able to read all of the comments here but it appears it’s a ton of support and that does make me feel somewhat better. This concept of free speech is annoying me to no end. Along with any ‘freedom’ comes a responsibility, and in that of free speech comes the need for respect of others’ life choices. Bullying does not fit into respect, no matter how you look into it. Stay strong; your animals are well cared for and their lives are made to be as happy as possible.
    These blasted vegans need to be made aware that to change a culture happens slowly and with love and education on how to make the changes, never with bullying tactics that just serve to turn people off. To be clear, I am not a vegan and chances are very slim I ever will be, but I do see advantages with the concept. I could go on and on, I have a lot to say, but life is too short. I love your blog and hope you never give it up. Now, cross your fingers that this posts, cuz my last four posts haven’t. ~ Mame 🙃♥️

  101. bloody ridiculous! – the way people roam the internet in packs, condemning others 😦 – I’m very sorry that anyone has been awful to you. I do not understand why people do not get on with their own lives, rather than insisting on telling others how they should run theirs. I adore your blog and your photography, so if you do go anywhere please take me with you ((hug.))

  102. Dear Miss C. This blog is more than your record of Farmy Life. It is a living room that you have constructed and then opened the door to all and sundry.

    Anyone who came into my living room and started swinging (physically or verbally) would soon find themselves on my driveway with a firmly closed door behind them.

    Whether you choose to escort the trolls to the driveway or block them from getting on the property, I would like to have permission to visit you. I’ll never live on a Farmy (although I started life on one) so to have access to yours is very close to my heart.

    Thanks for opening your living room!
    Chris S in Canada

  103. So sorry that you have to put up with these trolls. Too bad people can’t just “live, and let live”. You have SO MUCH to offer and share. I can see why you might prefer to go private though. I, too, read your blog first thing everyday. You always brighten my day for me (and since I live in Michigan, my days need brightening a lot)!

  104. I will never understand people Celi …ever! I have never seen these comments which is just As well. I’m so sorry that this is happening to you … I too will follow you my friend

  105. This is a very very late comment but I must have missed this post before. I totally agree with everyone commenting above and cannot understand why anyone would target you and your lovely blog. Animals living the good life and treated with respect. I have followed your blog for years now although I dont often comment. I support all you do. Keep warm and safe, coming from a very hot, hot, hot northern new south wales, Aust. 42C on the verandah at present and the geriatric goldens are sleeping the afternoon away under the air con. Joy

  106. I read every blog post. I’m dreadfully behind right now but never delete the emails announcing a new post until I’ve read it. I’m making it a point to read at least one every day until I’m caught up again. This is why I’ve just seen this post. I’m sorry what you’ve been through. Your blog grounds my days. You should certainly not have to endure abuse just to stay public. If you opt to go private, I’d be honored to be included.

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