Sheila is not as chubby as she looks in this shot – she is long and slim and tall. But certainly slim. This is why she hates photographs – the camera makes her look fat!!

Today and tomorrow Anna and I will work quick-smart on getting all the barns clean and all the rubbish in bags and everything outside ready for me to hand over to John for Christmas.

I am going to interview her and her Mum for my latest ESL assignment. I have chosen Poland as a country I would like to teach in and Anna’s Mum is an American Pole. We are discussing cultural diversity.

So, once the chores are done, and the eggs delivered Anna ( who is 21) and her Mum ( via WhatsApp ) and I will get together and work on my homework. I have a list of questions. I am desperately trying to get this assignment finished early so I can spend the first few days with my family in California without having to study. So – OF COURSE – for no apparent reason my new (ish)laptop crashed three times in a row yesterday. No sign of life at all. To even reboot it I had to let it run out of power each time. ( Which took hours each time). Naturally I am now living in fear of it not coming back.

Once I got it going for the third time late last night it acted like nothing weird had just happened. I ran a diagnostic and the computer and my virus checker said nothing is wrong. Whatever!!!

It was not an expensive device but still this is beyond boring. Anna says I should come over to the ‘Apple side’. But those babies ARE expensive.

And let’s remember how I am with electrical things. Nothing lasts long around me. My fingers could zap an expensive model just as fast.

Lucky for me I am used to making my blog on my phone. So the computer or lack there of will not interrupt our conversation.

Have a good one


WEATHER: another beautiful day!

33 Comments on “SHEILA

  1. Poland !! I guess this is an assignment and you’re not seriously thinking of emigrating to Poland.
    Which begs the question, who do you envision your future students to be? Are there many people in your area who need to learn English.

    • I hope to volunteer/ work with immigrant communities here in Chicago. Though teaching conversational English in Poland as a sabbatical from farming is not without its lure. There are beautiful old farms in Poland. I have never been one to close doors on myself. We will see where this leads

      • for no apparent reason my new (ish)laptop crashed three times in a row yesterday. No sign of life at all. To even reboot it I had to let it run out of power each time. ( Which took hours each time). Naturally I am now living in fear of it not coming back.

        Cecilia shore you’re owning a smartphone.

        Do as any others do :

        accommodate to smartphone features instead of broken hardware.

      • Thanks for the clarification — I was wondering the same thing. I love old European farmhouses. If you do take a sabbatical on one you HAVE to bring the blog with you.

      • Sounds like a wonderful and very interesting plan. Is it a hard course ?
        Love your words and blog every day.

  2. Sheila does look svelte, elegant & quite handsome. A lovely porcine lady. Best wishes & good luck with your devices & studies. I hope you can enjoy your holidays without taking your work with you, & for John a smooth & peaceable Christmas at home on the Farmy.

  3. Might be a good idea to keep the warranty handy. Please tell Sheila she’s looking very svelte, almost lissome,even in the photo. Hope you have a wonderful trip for the holiday and bring some of that California sunshine back when you return. And wishing all who celebrate a happy Christmas. ~ Mame 🙃

  4. Good luck with your laptop! And I hope the interview went well. I love that shot of Sheila. She is beautiful!

    • Me too, I love my Apple. But, it’s almost 8 years old and I’m being very careful with it. It has slowed down a bit and has had its ups and downs, which I’ve managed to remedy. Apple computers are really are SO expensive though. I’m hoping mine will hang in there for many more years! (fingers crossed!)

      • My Apple is several years old and still going (fingers crossed). I have my daughter as computer consultant so that is a great help.
        Is it worth looking on EBAY for a good deal?

      • I know what you mean by the slow down. Computer code for systems and web sites gets more complicated all the time. The CPU struggles to keep up. When I buy, I go to the Apple store and get refurbished machines. Same warranty but some cheaper.

  5. Man, I am just as terrible with electronics. People say my problem is I expect them to last forever, but hey, I just want all the bang for my buck possible. I’m with you on the Apple thing. If I can find something that does what I need it to do, that’s all I care about.

  6. Love hearing about your ESL plans. And I’ve gone over to the Apple side twice. Once with a computer I didn’t care for, though it did last forever, and then I went back to a PC because the Apples were so expensive. But then, because there was a program I wanted that was only available on Apple, I went back. And I got a Macbook Air that was an older model by a year or two pretty inexpensively. It works great, and I truly love this one.

  7. Darling Sheila…. She used to be an ocean liner, but now she’s definitely a large racing yacht, extremely sleek lines.
    I’ve been an Apple girl since the very earliest days when they first came out, only using PCs under protest and with great reluctance at work. I find a Mac user-friendly, intuitive and three times faster to start up than the Husband’s laptop. I have a 2008 iMac which still works perfectly well even if I can no longer update the software because the hardware’s obsolete, and a teeny 11 inch MacBook Air which I love and which is as speedy and nimble as anyone could wish, and on which I do everything. It was expensive compared with a PC laptop, but the Husband has managed to destroy 2 PC lappies in the time I have owned it, so it’s beginning to look quite reasonably priced! Just sayin’….

    • I agree. I have used Apple products since the Apple IIGS came out, only using PCs at work for a few brief years. They have alwYs been long-lived beasts for us! I don’t know about your electrical thing, though, Celi, that could be a problem with anything I guess! Great photos of Sheila. Love seeing her pop in every once in awhile!

      • Also chiming in here; ) Besides, you’re already half-way there by currently using your phone for posting thus already know how the Apple-verse works and they really are more long-lived and dependable overall just a little more upfront (and much better for your photo editing too; ) Refurbs are definitely worth looking into!

  8. Sheila is beautiful whatever her figure. 🙂
    I wouldn’t go to Apple because all the small things that are different in that ecosystem would drive me wild. I like my short cuts – they are different in apple. I know where everything is in Windows – it’s in different places in Apple. That transitional learning would cause me to throw a laptop. Which I have on good authority is not optimal care for them.

  9. Yes Sheila looks quite slender. When I saw the title my stomach turned. Afraid of bad news knowing Sheila is not so young, though I have no idea what her lifespan might be.
    I’m hoping you get everything done so you can relax and enjoy your family.

  10. Sheila looks very trim! I hope you get all your chores done in double quick time, it’s nice to have help.

  11. You should talk to Eddie Winko who lives and farms in Poland and I believe teaches English there…in his spare time…that is, if he even has any of that now that he and his wife Gosia have a new addition to their family! 🙂 PS I have bought some of her goat’s milk soap and it is wonderful…shipped all the way from Poland! 🙂
    I love Sheila!

  12. I miss seeing Sheila- she is beautiful!! So hope you can get you computer problems ironed out so you can enjoy Christmas with your family!!

  13. I used Apple products professionally from the 1980s to 2009. I’ve also only had them at home. Yes, they cost more, but they’ve always just worked and worked for me. I have no patience, having reliable computers keeps me from throwing things.

  14. Heh! I just plug along on a 2nd-hand, refurbished Acer. When it goes down, it’s either a hacker, or the service provider….Hub’s is a Canon conglomerate. Ah well! On another note, have a wonderful Christmas holiday for those who celebrate the day – and a very healthy and pleasing 2019!

  15. I bought my 2007 iMac used in 2013 and it is still working fine. I have had to have the hard drive replaced a couple of times which went smoothly. All the files and photos were saved with no problem. I get this spinning wheel deal but I think that may be due to having to many tabs open at the same time. You know how research goes… I have checked for newer iMac’s and I can get a much newer one for the same as what I paid for this one. Around $500 or so for a Mac that is a few years old is pretty good! Check on Ebay. That’s where I bought mine and they have plenty to choose from…

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