Well, the porch and everything else is all in a state of rather messy half-done-ed-ness but by lunch today I think we should be all ship shape. The farm that is. My packing is another issue altogether.

Packing for holidays does not leave much room in the bag for clothes!

Not that I care!

Sheila again for you. I swear she took a step back from the bowl and posed for this shot before going back to her dinner.

So I am going to spend the first hour of my work day – the dark hour – organizing my things for the trip on Friday. Truthfully I own very few clothes, and most of them are farm clothes, my town clothes sit in a little pile by themselves. So getting ready for a trip is not difficult!

Then I will creep up on my laptop and hope it turns on again. My assignment is ready to write. If that damn thing gives me an hour I will be good. I can do the quiz and everything else from my phone. Then be done on this weeks homework before I leave for California on Friday morning early. This is the plan.

Hope you have a lovely day.


LOOK! SUN AGAIN!!- it says partly cloudy but the weather forecaster is a gloomy glass-half- empty kind of person. She meant to write Partly Sunny!!

24 Comments on “RATHER MESSY

  1. Lovely images this am! Hope the computer works – and what I noticed – your phone needs charging on the weather image. 🙂 Us geeks….

  2. Smears on the window at piglet nose height… I wonder who that could have been? From piglet at the point of death to Proper Little Horror, that young thing has come a long way, thanks to you. And now it’s time for you to stuff the posh boots and your knives in a bag and swing out the door. Hope your final arrangements fall neatly into place. Travel in safety, come home in health.

  3. So excited about your holiday trip!!! How wonderful to be with kids and grandkids!!! No doubt they are super fired up you’ll be with them!!! xo

  4. Oh Sheila, you are such a delight! ❤
    So exciting to be jetting off for a family visit! Hope you have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas holiday x

  5. “Porch Piglet” with TonTon on watch. And in matching colors.
    Not so easy to photo Sheila alone.

  6. Have a wonderful time with your family celi, you deserve it!…little piglet pooh bum is growing fast, with your love and care. It did make me giggle to see the smear marks on your windows (looks like my car windows from my little dog😂). Sue x

  7. May you enjoy your trip and family time… may the weather cooperate at home and in your travels, and may things go easy for John. This is a season to believe in miracles, right? 😀

  8. It is so nice to see Shelia smiling and little Jude messing up the window. Have a wonderful time this holiday and enjoy your family. Safe travels.

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