That Molly the big sow is in the neighbors barn eating his cow feed ( which by the way is disgusting stuff having 10 percent of meat byproduct in it).

Anyway, I am in California – I call John who luckily I was in the house not having started chores yet. He has gone over and a gate was open.

Manu was still in the barn waiting to be fed.

So, the man across the road has locked her in one of his pens and gone to work so I told John to let her settle for a minute then hook up the trailer and go and get her. Hopefully she will follow him on.

If it was me I would walk her home but that might not work for John.

So stand by and I will let you know when all is well!

Something always happens when I am away – let’s hope this is it, as it is an easy fix!

Nothing like a simple problem.

Anyway above are a few shots from my exact location. Today I take the children to buy presents for their mum. We have made a list of all the things she likes and we have discussed budgets and today out we go for the shopping. Kids love to GIVE gifts just as much as they love to GET them. Dad will be our chauffeur.

I will let you know when John sends me the ‘episode over’ all clear sign.

Oh and here is a lovely story. Long time readers and members of The Fellowship ( they wish to remain anonymous – We will call them Mr and Mrs P.) met me at the airport just before I took off for California and gave me this!

Mr P was upgrading and this MacBook Pro is still in grand working order so they have gifted it forward to me! I met them on the street outside departures. With the men in yellow jackets waving everyone through and shouting to move along we did a speedy unorthodox spy drop. Mr P was at the wheel as they roared up to the curb. Mrs P leapt out of the car into the pre Christmas bedlam, neatly slid the laptop into my waiting attaché case as she reached to hug me – handed me the chords as she said a quick few words. Clandestine waves and kisses as she jumped back into the waiting car and they sped off. I melted back into the crowd as they disappeared and after a few dodgy turns to throw off any tails, before you knew it they were home having a cup of tea and toast satisfied with a successful mission. And I was on a plane to California. Wonderful!

Many, many thanks to Mrs and Mr P! From all of us.

I have powered the laptop up, got her on line and she works like a dream, this is a lovely machine. It feels so solid and dependable.

What a wonderful Christmas present!

And we are in good shape again.

I will let you know when Molly is back home. Have a lovely day.



    • I hope she just walks through the strange barn and onto the trailer . I told him to lead her in with sprouts. She will have a belly ache from all that nasty cattle feed.

          • What is it with those fellas? Louder is better? I recall returning from a dog walk to find my John shouting at Percy who was in the chicken coop eating there feed – at least it was good organic stuff. Did he really think Percy was going to say ‘oh, all right, I get that you want me out of here, I’ll just leave all this yummy stuff’. I had a quiet word with Percy and guided him out the door.

  1. Warms my heart that your tribe took care of you! Such a warm gift to give! Blessings on them.,

  2. What a naughty Molly! I hope all goes well and John is able to get her back home without too much trouble. What a lovely generous couple Mr and Mrs P are. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. 🎄

  3. Such a lovely, generous thing to do; blessings on them indeed! Enjoy getting to know your wonderful Christmas gift, Celi: ) And animal protein in the cattle feed? How truly revolting! Do people never learn that bad things happen from feeding a carnivore’s diet to ruminants? (Mad Cow Disease wasn’t that long ago:/)

  4. It wouldn’t surprise if Good Golly Miss Molly is already regretting her unorthodox snack… Celi, what a wonderful tribe you have around you, and a MacBook! It will give years of solid, responsive and prompt service. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy mine, and that you don’t miss all your PC apps and programs too much. Love the cloak and dagger delivery process, too!

  5. Goodness, it didn’t take long for something to go awry, did it??? I have faith that Our John will get Molly back to her proper place, if not posthaste, then eventually. And soooo exciting about the gift!!! It will make all things computer related so very much easier!!! 🙂

  6. Oops, who left a gate open? Great that the farmy fellowship comes through once again 😃 have fun with your family. Laura

  7. Please do let us know about Molly! Funny Lady. I’m glad Manu waited at home. Can’t wait to hear how things turn out!
    And the laptop!!!!! I say THANK YOU to the P’s as well!!! I was trying to work out how to fundraise a laptop for you. The Ps are So generous and just what you needed. Hope you have fun with the grands! Merry Christmas. What lovely citrus.

  8. Oh. I’m so glad you have a laptop again. I was worried about how it would effect your school work. Isn’t it odd how integral computers have become to our lives. Enjoy your Christmas.

  9. Oh I’m so relieved all is well—everyone back where she oughter be. Funny suggestion that Manu might have left and then come home! It’s too bad camera house could not have somehow secretly captured John and Molly in their dramatic debut.
    Oh and glad you’re able to continue your coursework even if no one got off for vacation. Bummer!

  10. Gods bless the P’s & you & John & Molly & Manu, & all of us, everyone! & All’s well that ends well, all around.

  11. Well, well, well! Mr and Mrs P Claus, I would say. What a LOVELY gift! Looks just like the one I’m reading your blog on. Naughty Molly. Beautiful lemons. Have a lovely gift shopping outing. x

  12. Love the thought of you taking the grandbabies on a Christmas shopping expedition….HOW FUN!!! I’m so happy for you and yours, Miss C! Oh, and if Manu had been out with Molly, then came home first and left her with all the blame and shame, that is NOT a manly thing for Manu to do! Enjoy your new ‘toy’ Ceci, and thank you Mr.& Mrs. P for your generosity. Makes my heart feel good to know there is still love and caring out there! Have a wonderful visit!

  13. A grateful thank you to Mr. and Mrs P. for the generous gift and unique delivery.
    Molly is sure a naughty girl. I’m glad your John got her back where she belongs and I hope she didn’t give him any trouble. Those lemons look so festive on the table and the loaded trees. I’m not sure what I’d do with so many lemons at once. Enjoy your shopping with the grandbabies, it’s always an experience to shop with children. I hopw your holidays are gloirous.

  14. Molly has a curious nature … gate open so she went wandering and found food. I’m sure she’ll be happy to be back home. Congratulations on the new Macbook and many many thanks to the Mr. and Mrs. Ps … hope Santa’s put them on the EXTRA nice Xmas list. Have fun shopping and Merry Xmas to you and yours as well.

  15. Perhaps she went looking for you! Ooh though, bet she has a tummy ache for a bit. Heaped blessings on the Ps, what a wonderful gift. Merry Christmas to all.

  16. What a wonderful gift. We are so grateful to Mr and Mrs P. I use a MacBook Pro and it is a wonderful computer. I hope Molly comes home with no trouble to John. x

  17. Mazel tov on the wonderful gift! Mr and Mrs P are the hero’s of the day! And also on the return of Molly to the fold. My my, she has been a busy girl. Glad John was able to get the job done. Enjoy the holiday and especially those grand babies!

  18. Lovely snapshot of your trip, both photographic and word pictures. So happy that you have a new laptop, and lemons to take home. And wonderful that the grandkids have you to take them on a festive shopping trip.

  19. Kids ALWAYS misbehave when mom is out of town.

    I agree that kids love to give as much as they enjoy GETTING. Good on you for giving them the opportunity to exercise the generosity muscle!

  20. Molly figured if you were having a vacation, she should have one too, You know how it is when you eat foreign foods. Bless Mr. & Mrs P!!!! The world really is full of good people. That looks very similar to my son’s old neighborhood in Santa Clarita, CA. That’s a lot of lemons there. Glad you get to bring them home with you. Merry Christmas to all.

  21. Thank you, Mr and Mrs P ! A very wonderful gift, and so necessary for you and us too. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas for you and your family, and also for all of the Fellowship! ~ Mame 🌲

  22. God bless the P’s. You will love your Mac Book Pro. When I visit California my suitcase comes home packed with lemons and sour dough bread! Have a blessed holiday and God Bless you and the grands for your fun shopping spree!

  23. That’s wonderful about the Mac gift! We buy Forrest’s computers from his employer when they upgrade (they sell the computers to employee’s dirt cheap!) and we gift them to folks who need a computer. His last one went to a blogger friend in British Columbia Canada.

    If I was a naughty pig, I’d plan my escape while the boss lady was gone too. Ha ha! Molly is no different than any of us… we all sometimes eat food that isn’t good for us. Plus, it’s always fun to do a little exploring. 🙂

  24. Enjoy your wonderful new Mac. A lovely, kind and generous gift so that you can stay in touch with your family and blog family. Have a joyous, happy Christmas!

  25. Someone really overplanted the citrus! ‘Meyer’ lemon was our most popular cultivar of all citrus we grew in the 1990s, but it was also one of my lesser favorites. It is an odd hybrid between a lemon and an orange, which is why is has such a rich flavor and aroma.

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