Working flat out on this weeks assignment! I will be in tomorrow morning – just thought I would let you know. I am back and all is well!

And these two are keeping a close eye on me lest I escape again.

See you at dawn tomorrow!


PS Jude the piglet is FAT!

14 Comments on “HOME AGAIN

  1. Oh those dogs….. Love seeing them both. I bet they smell the California dog on you and wonder why it smells like that! Glad you home. Pics of Jude please. (aka Rolly)

  2. I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday, and glad you are back safe….the dogs look so funny…watching out for their pack leader in case you get your suitcase out again!..x

  3. WOW! I’m so glad you’re back safe and sound! Most anxious to read and see about your trip out this way! Always good to bathe in your own shower and sleep in your own bed, though, isn’t it?! Worried about your travels with all the snow, tornadoes, rain, floods, etc.. Take your hat off and stay awhile!
    Thanks for being here. John made it through OK?

  4. It sure looks like Ton is working hard to lay a guilt trip on you! Such a reproachful gaze.

  5. Look at those Boys!!! Mama ain’t goin’ nowhere again for a long time!! I’m sure you had a great time and glad you’re home safe! Now keep on your assignment and don’t worry about us!!!

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