As you and I browse through these sunny bucolic farmyard photos from yesterday snow clouds are gathering to the east today. They are forecasting a few inches coming in tonight, but we will see. Snow is moody and prone to changing its mind.

However before my meeting this morning I will take the tractor and clear the mess of old straw and corn stalks against the Six pigs door so I can close it – just in case. It is East facing that door.

I think we may have a wee bit of sun to begin the day.

There – that is the East facing door ( below) and Jude is on the other side of that wall. So I will dig this door out so I can close it or this area will fill with snow.

I hope you all have a great day.

Remember – I am not complaining just documenting – the weather is the weather. It is do wet this winter I am sure we will get our share of snow.


19 Comments on “SNOW COMING

  1. I love the sunny days this time of year. We are supposed to get snow Sat evening into Sunday. Looking forward to the snow, time to do inside activities!

  2. Miss Timatanga Moana is beautifully lit by an internal glow of something. Surely not virtue, she’s the naughties pig in creation. Perhaps it’s breakfast….

    • I love it Ms Cheney!!!! that’s a good one!! made me laugh!!
      Love these pictures this morning Celi!! The chickens are happy campers out by the cows!! And Queen Timi posing in the warm sunshine ~ she says I’m ready for my calendar front page shot ~ I’m in my perfect pose ~~ my ears are up, my snoot is just right ~ so shoot!! I’ll stand here for a while!! And good ole little Piggy Jude!! He says he wants to go in with Ton and Boo n Ms Celi tonite!! Love all of these animals!!

    • Years ago we had a local tv forecaster, a friendly chatty fellow, like a neighbor, who ended by wishing us a happy day, “weather or not.” When he retired he became a clown for children’s parties. I’m thinking about him now as a quiet snow descends upon our city.

  3. Love the last shot of piggy ears !! So cheerful, saying ‘Not to worry you little heads! All is fine!

  4. Sunny bucolic farmyard photos are a nice way to start my day… and even when snow comes, through your eyes it will be beautiful to me… from my vantage point of southern hemisphere summer.

  5. Do the chickens and the ducks ever mingle or are they physically separated so they can’t even if they could

    • Good question John. Short answer is that they are not friends. But other than a few fights early on they shuffle along like bad tempered neighbors. They are all totally free range / the chickens scatter and the ducks hold themselves together apart and as a flock. They are not housed together at night. If I feed the ducks and the chickens run across then the ducks will quit the field in disgust and leave the chickens to the feed. Interesting really.

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