And still snowing.

More on this subject tomorrow!

Not too much snow so far – maybe two and a half inches closing in on three.

My guests and I are going out to the barn to do some scooping!

See you tomorrow.


30 Comments on “YUP

  1. Well, we usually get your weather a day or two after it hits you, so time to batten down the hatches here, I guess. Hope you got all your precautions completed in order to keep the barn clear of the stuff. My beautiful daughter hits her fiftieth birthday tomorrow and I know itโ€™s hitting her hard but, my goodness, itโ€™s making me feel perfectly ancient! Have a great day. ~ Mame ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    • Haha, when I turned 40 (eons ago) my family had a surprise party (at my house!). I am 8 yrs younger than my sister and 9 yrs younger than my brother and I recall telling my mom I couldn’t believe I was 40 and her snappy reply was ‘how the hell do you think I feel?”.

  2. We have about 6โ€ so far. Started snowing last night, and it is still going!!! How magic is the view with the snow, if only it wasnโ€™t so dangerous for the travelers!

  3. Perhaps you could do a Farmy Snow Day Announcement video, accompanied by choral contributions from the dogs, chooks, ducks, cows and pigs…?

  4. Isn’t this you first snow for this winter? I don’t remember any snow so far just lots of rain!

  5. Very pretty, and nearly missed this post. I love the snowy vistas, but of course I am sweltering 32 C unrelenting sunshine. Laura

  6. Your titles never cease to amuse me. I love it that YUP came to your head before SNOW.

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