And still snowing.

More on this subject tomorrow!

Not too much snow so far – maybe two and a half inches closing in on three.

My guests and I are going out to the barn to do some scooping!

See you tomorrow.


30 Comments on “YUP

  1. Well, we usually get your weather a day or two after it hits you, so time to batten down the hatches here, I guess. Hope you got all your precautions completed in order to keep the barn clear of the stuff. My beautiful daughter hits her fiftieth birthday tomorrow and I know it’s hitting her hard but, my goodness, it’s making me feel perfectly ancient! Have a great day. ~ Mame 🙃

    • Haha, when I turned 40 (eons ago) my family had a surprise party (at my house!). I am 8 yrs younger than my sister and 9 yrs younger than my brother and I recall telling my mom I couldn’t believe I was 40 and her snappy reply was ‘how the hell do you think I feel?”.

  2. We have about 6” so far. Started snowing last night, and it is still going!!! How magic is the view with the snow, if only it wasn’t so dangerous for the travelers!

  3. Perhaps you could do a Farmy Snow Day Announcement video, accompanied by choral contributions from the dogs, chooks, ducks, cows and pigs…?

  4. Isn’t this you first snow for this winter? I don’t remember any snow so far just lots of rain!

  5. Very pretty, and nearly missed this post. I love the snowy vistas, but of course I am sweltering 32 C unrelenting sunshine. Laura

  6. Your titles never cease to amuse me. I love it that YUP came to your head before SNOW.

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