Lulu is my oldest cat. She does not like to be picked up or held. She lives with Tane the crippled kunekune boar. In the day time I often see her sleeping close to him.

She is a sweet heart of a cat. But not mine. She is hers. This cat prefers pigs.

Above is Jude and then his new bed. When I went out to close up the barn last night I could not see him. He gets right in under all that hay- right inside his hut. Every day I put my arm in and loosen the straw so he can get right inside his bed.

Yesterday I covered Jude’s whole hut sides and all with deep straw for double insulation. There is an air hole at the back for ventilation. Like an igloo but with straw. His bed is deep straw surrounded by more deep straw.

He has the best bed.

Sunday shots:

Everything has tracks through it now. I trudge through deep snow to do the chores. But I don’t care. I still love the snow.

My schedule is clear today so I am going to fill my spare moments with study. We are studying the mechanics of reading English this week.

I hope you have some loveliness in your day.

Take care.


47 Comments on “LULU IN A TREE

  1. How well I remember the drifting snow. Watching for the big snow plow to go past. Getting our lane cleared. And snow days from school. Snow days always felt like a gift. Especially for the kids. That’s it for reminiscing this morning!

  2. Love the photo of the drifted snow- I grew upon the flat farm lands in the middle of Michigan- my equivalent of ocean waves! Now I live in hilly northern Michigan – lake effect that stays from December to April but love it in January and February! How lucky Tane is to be chosen by Lulu! I would just love to pinch Jude’s little cheeks – he is so cute!!!

  3. I’m in Southern Indiana at the Kentucky border and we had 4 inches of snow…wow you got a lot to be so close to me.

  4. Are Egoli and Marmalade cats still around? The 2nd of your Sunday shots is beautiful, but inconvenient for you I am sure. Look at Jude, can you still pick him up? Have a good one. Laura

    • Marmalade is a long time gone but her kittens are still here! And Egoli.
      I can pick Jude up but it is a good heft now. He does that thing kids do when they don’t want to be picked up. Throwing his head back and becoming a dead weight.

  5. That’s the kind of snows I remember as a kid growing up in Nebraska. Dad would pile the mounds high to clear our long driveway and areas surrounding the barns, garages and corn cribs. King on the mountain was our favorite game. Jude does have a cozy home… and I’m glad Tane has a friend to snuggle up with.

  6. Interesting how creatures will choose special friends among themselves. Tane is lucky to have such a sweetheart companion who is also beautiful to behold. And no doubt Lulu regards him as very special indeed.

  7. What beautiful heaps and drifts and mounds. If you have to work in the cold, you might as well have a snowy landscape to enjoy….

  8. The photo in the middle, smooth snow, still landscape, is particularly stunning.

    C: the best Grammar book is the red Azar book. i have Esl cert from month long, round the clock Seattle universuty course

  9. Yes I too want to know if you can still pick Jude up.
    love Lulu in the tree. Maybe she doesn’t like to get her paws wet. Happy for Tane he has a furry friend. And that
    wondrous wave of snow! Just beautiful.

  10. Lulu is one beautiful cat……lucky Tane to be her friend.
    Wow……beautiful snow!

  11. Your photos remind me of the days when we were youngsters. Neighborhood kids building their own snow forts filled with snowballs to throw at each other, dogs leaping in the air trying to snatch a flying missile, snow angels, hot chocolate, sledding, open fires……….., ahhh, yeh!

  12. All that snow!! We have nothing in SE Michigan. I love how the pigs make their beds. Sheila’s must be amazing, too. Enjoy your day of study.

  13. Lovely snow pics… surreal for me as our January summer rolls out, today’s temls hotter than yesterday but slightly coller than tomorrow’s forecast. 🌞
    Lulu is a beautiful cat, so sweet she has chosen Tane as her companion.

  14. Wow, deep snow! And Jude is huge! My pig too gets right underneath her straw, just her nose comes out when she wants to talk. She also has an old quilt and a hand me down dog coat with extended straps.

  15. Isn’t fascinating how animals communicate and the kinds of connections they form with one another? Like Lulu and Jude? Quite amazing!

  16. My goodness, that is A LOT of snow! So much snow! We don’t have anything. Yes, we have had a few dustings but nothing that is even worth shovelling. They are predicting snow on Saturday, hopefully, it won’t be too bad.

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