Tia is half Holstein, the most common dairy cow on Earth, and Half Angus the favorite beef cow of America. Like my favorite sparrows she is terribly common. But the nicest heifer on the property. And wide! But you and I know that size has nothing to do with it when discussing pregnancy in cows. On this shot she is all out to the left side but this is due to her craning her neck around to see what I am doing back there.

If we were looking for a calf we would be looking for a bulge low on her right side. ‘b’ for baby – and actually Tia does look bulgy in all the right places.

The Six looked like they were getting bored with the weather so I threw them a box to play with.There are no staples – they played with it for ages and now it is in little pieces that will become bedding and eventually compost.

Tracks through the snow.

More snow on the way this weekend – I can find varying reports on how much snow but they all say it will blow then get really cold. Windy snow is a different matter. I will have to shut barn doors and you know how I hate to shut the animals in.

But we will see. The weekend is days away yet. Frankly next week looks worse.

Take care


44 Comments on “TIA

  1. Oh brrrrr, you’re getting colder and colder. Actually pretty standard for January, but still chills my bones. Mid January already and we’ve gotten off pretty lucky so far, so a couple of nasty weeks and can’t really complain. Piggies look like fun animals to have around. And Tia having her own babies! Seems like only yesterday she was one herself. I hope she is expecting, the farm needs milk. lol. Have a great day. ~ Mame 🙃

  2. Just love the entertainment of the box for the plonkers! I read that somewhere in Europe I think, , that toys are encouraged for pigs to keep them healthy and mentally happy!

  3. Hey – should have used the box and pigs photos for 12/26….. 😉 The snow looks beautiful but you can keep it up there. I can enjoy it from afar. Tia is a beautiful cow that I would love to just brush a few hours…. I need some relaxing brush an animal time… January work causes brain strain when in finance and payroll.

  4. Nasty temps from Sunday and I didn’t even convert to Celcius. I do hope Tia stays sweet and is willing to share her milk with you. I am now curious what arrived in that box ofcourse, (laugh). Laura

  5. I am glad you’ve snow, so pretty. Love the cardboard box.
    I always am moved by your kindness when you talk about not liking to shut the barn door.

  6. The pigs are just like human children…give them an empty box and watch the fun happen! Colder here as well, but no snow-thank goodness. The temps in my apartment in the morning have been gradually dipping lower over the last week with today being the lowest yet- 59 degrees- (my heaters stay off at night).

  7. An Amazon box, the gift that keeps on giving…. Those are beautiful, sturdy piglets with a nice layer of fat and will be quite happy in the cold. But yes, if it’s blowing a closed door is what’s needed.

  8. We have a couple Quarter horses in our mix — they are the common sparrows of breeds here in the Western US. But, they are the sweetest, most level-headed horses we have. I’ve fallen in love with them.

  9. Those piggy bums are cute as can be! We are waiting for snow to move into Maine on Friday, and then again on Sunday. The temps are plummeting here again as well. Brr.

  10. Wondering if you have due dates for Tia and Auntie Del.
    And love the plonkers at play. So glad they’ve got enough meat on them to withstand this weather—and Jude has enough too

  11. Many of the mammals here at the zoo get boxes as enrichment. They have a lot of fun knocking them around. We will hide food inside them sometimes, or scent them with perfumes or spices or herbs to get them to explore even more. Active, mentally alert animals are so much healthier.

    • That is so funny! Here is me thinking I was original!! Of course I immediately had an image of a big turtle ‘knocking around’ a box – all in slow motion!

  12. How about our WSaiWai….is he going to be warm enough through all of the snow and blow? Highways around here have been closed due to snow and mudslides from the abundant rain. More to come later this week – thunder, wind gusts up to 100 mph in the mountains, more snow, more rain. Hang on, Gertie! Batten down the hatches, and snuggle in! Be safe and warm.

  13. I like the sound of snow …we’re expecting 40 ( 104) today and higher into the weekend. Ice blocks in everyone’s water, including the wildlife, and regular spraying with the hose for the chooks.

  14. Those sparrows! Common but beautiful. And friendly, they love whisking away the crumbs around the cafes in town… politely, unlike seagulls. On the bare twigs they look like feathered ornaments.

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