I do look forward to posting every day again but I am over half way through my course so not long now. Another month I think.

Soon I will have to start scheduling the practical component. I look forward to that immensely too.

Earth meets Sky.

LuLu again. Looking beautiful.

I have been cleaning out the pig sty. The Six love it when I am working in with them.

No one really minds the snow – they just prefer not to be in it.

Except the ducks. They are out in the snow all day especially as it has been calm and just above freezing yesterday. They really are doing well in the cold. They even tuck down for an afternoon nap in the lee of the snow drifts.

Of course Boo and Jude are totally unencumbered by the snow. They follow me everywhere. Happy as larks.

I hope you have a good time today.


PS – In just over a month I am off to New Zealand for my winter holiday – God willing, as Mum used to say.

WEATHER: more snow on the way.

22 Comments on “EARTH MEETS SKY

  1. Jude is growing nicely! “Making a pig of himself” is a happy thing for him! Aw BOO! What a nut.

  2. Brr, that top picture does look bleak, suddenly grateful for the bright sun and heat. Those ducks are a surprise to me. Love Tima and Wai tucked in like more sensible people. Laura

  3. When I’m feeling like everything is a slog and a burden, I need to remember the Boo and Jude mentality. Embrace the current situation as an opportunity for enjoyment. Ie – Roll in the snow.

  4. LuLu is a striking picture. Foggy here ahead of a chilling front this weekend, so will have to protect a couple of tropical plants in pots shortly. Molly Malamute envies Boo in the snow.
    Stay warm and rest when you can.

  5. Big snow coming I hear. I would be remiss if I didn’t note that Mary Oliver died yesterday. She above all would have adored The Farmy and all the creatures great and small. We have lost a major voice for this old earth of ours.

  6. Those ducks…. loving water in all its forms. Stay warm and dry, Miss C, and take care in the snow. We don’t want a slip and fall to scupper your holiday plans.

  7. Loving your photos! The snuggly pigs is really cute and LuLu looks very regal.

  8. I am so fascinated by your ducks. I think it’s amazing that they’re happy to cuddle up in the snow. And be out in it all day. I love that picture of Jude and Boo. Exciting to think that the year has gone so fast that it’s time for another trip to New Zealand! You must be looking forward to it.

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