Last night the moon and the deep white snow joined in to create a glow that seemed to come from the Earth herself. I wish you could have seen it. It appeared to lift from under the snow like deep shuttered light from below. And after a day of screaming wind the calm of it was almost hypnotic.

Yesterday was so bad that The Six spent the whole day inside their quarters messing around with stuff.

I threw buckets of seeds into the deep straw so they could pass the day hunting for them. Their bedding is so deep now that I am fairly sure they could climb the gate if they put their mind to it.

Even the cold blowing snow did not deter the ducks from playing in their water. They sit on their feet a lot but I swear I have seen them surf across the dunes on their slick bellies like penguins when they are in a hurry to see what is in my bucket.

If this were a painting I would call this ‘the common birds’.

Mrs Pania and Mr Flowers spent the day up in the loft. They have no love of snow.

This much snow.

The wind was so fierce that it kept shifting the dunes – in the absence of ski goggles I wore my sunglasses to keep the snow from scratching into my eyes so between my reduced sight and the whirling snow I fell into a dune at one point. With so many clothes on I am like a cross between a T Rex and a blimp. I floundered about on my hands and knees in the dune for a few seconds trying to get leverage in the pillow like snow bank, slightly panicked but laughing at myself, before I got myself upright again.

I was sure that snow had not been there when I passed through five minutes before.

After days of low cloud and wretched conditions there is talk of sun today. Cold I think.

We will see.


“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

― Mary Oliver


  1. It’s so interesting that you call the snowdrifts ‘dunes.’ I’ve never heard that before. Of course it makes sense as far as the shape is concerned, but I’m wondering now if the practice is more widespread. I’ve heard there are sand dunes around, for example, Lake Michigan, so perhaps it’s a term that’s more common in the upper midwest. When I was growing up, blowing and drifting snow was common — and often deep — so snow drifts it was: verb and noun both.

  2. That’s a lot of snow.
    I think the glow on the moon was from the earth – there will be a full eclipse tonight – it will be a super blood wolf moon. It should glow red as the earth blocks the sun. They say it will be visible from the Americas, Europe and North Africa.

    • I wish we would be able to see it, but we are lost in blowing snow and sleet today, and I don’t think the skies will be clear enough here in Maine! I totally sympathize with your falling into a snow dune… that Happens to me at least once a winter. I always hope the goats appreciate the show!

    • Thanks for the reminder Mad!!! Celi, we should be able to see it, and not even have to stay up until midnight! 🙂 Looks like the full eclipse with be 10:41 CST tonight! And there won’t be another full eclipse until 2021!

  3. I wish I had been able to stay up to watch the moon, I think it was a blood moon and it became eclipsed at midnight. I was asleep long before that. I would have only looked out my window because it was freezing yesterday at -35C. We had a lot of snow over night too it looks so clean and fluffy now. I love the photo of the little birds all lined up on the gate. There is something very peaceful about it.

  4. We enjoyed a quite nice day in Iowa. The sky cleared. Light was all around, bright, and above brilliant blue. In the evening, the Moon rose to continue the light show. We had tickets to a concert that was great fun and uplifting by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Sort of ironic.

  5. Your photos are beautiful. I love the idea of you floundering and laughing than righting yourself.

  6. Early this morning on our local NPR station, I heard Krista Tippett’s 2015 interview with the poet Mary Oliver, who died the other day. There is are 2 podcasts of it, edited & unedited, that you can download at We have a dusting of snow & blowing gusts of howling wind at our elevation here in Asheville. Deeper snow in the higher mtns. Poor common birds (+ cardinals, towhees & doves) huddled along the bottom of our banquet wall, as we have no barn for them to shelter in.

  7. Here’s the calendar picture of the month!!!! “The Common Birds”– I love this foto shot with the birds on the gate and right with Ducks!!!
    Yes – we had some wicked 35 plus MPH winds here in Central Illinois!! Really drifted in around here. Stay warm Celi and all the Farm animals too. No wind today but a beautiful bright sun!!

  8. Wow, that snow is beautiful but I am not envious of -18C temperature that goes with it. I start layering up at 10C. Sand dunes drift too. Build us a snowman- as if you have the time. Do not like the sound of you disappearing into a snowy sinkhole. Hope the sun comes out to warm you up soon. Laura

  9. 5 degrees in North West Michigan now but beautiful sun! You were right about the sky last night Miss C- the glow on the snow was other worldly- very quick last call dog walk last night since dog wasn’t impressed- just wanted to get back to her bed by the fire! And up here by Lake Michigan we do have snow covered sand dunes!

  10. See you’re going to get that idiotic bump into +° on Tuesday as well? They’re talking about possibility of rain/snow here, but with this howling storm having filled up (packed!) the eaves-troughing that could really spell trouble…

  11. Your little birds on the barn gate look like the ones feasting in our front yard this a.m. I wouldn’t let the kitties (Flower and Ashley) out until the little guys had had their fill and moved on. My pets don’t like me much at the moment – kept them from their entertainment and games! We’ve had bright moonlight reflecting off the grass (chuckle) these past two nights. Maybe tonight will hold true, and we’ll be able to see the event at ‘awful o’clock’ in the morning. Loved the photo of the six and the w3et little ducks, though they seem to be having the time of their lives. Th mental vision of them sliding across the dunes penguin-style is hilarious!

  12. perhaps you will see the eclipse tonight? For you it begins at 9:30 and ends about two hours later . Your photo of the ducks and little birds
    on the fence is amazing….my husband wants to make a painting from that image! Have a lovely day!

      • he uses oil paints….I showed him your photo and he immediately said “Now that would be a beautiful painting….” it’ll be awhile- but I send you a photo when he is done!

        • My mother used to paint in oils. I love how an oil painting takes weeks and months to be created. Mum used a pallet knife to paint with so it took even longer to dry between marks.

  13. I’m sorry to be enjoying the image of you rolling in a snowdrift so much, but the description was perfect. And perhaps it was a little bit of fun, assuming the layers of clothing didn’t let any snow in…? I hope you have a clear and cloudless night to enjoy your blood moon.

  14. Love the common birds and ducks skating on their bellies. Very smart to make a working game of finding the seeds in the hay. Keeps the pigs out of trouble, for awhile. We have clouds, rain and fog so not sure we will see the eclipse but I looked at the almost full moon last night and thought it beautiful. I’ll hope for the best tonight. I too have fallen in a snow drift and it frightened me for a moment to not be able to get myself out of it without quite the struggle. Then you laugh at yourself. Glad that’s no longer an issue for me. But you are a wee bit of a thing and the snow could have you for a snack and not even burp. Take care out there.

  15. perhaps tonight you will see the eclipse…it should pass over you around 8:30-1130pm

  16. Great pictures and the ‘common birds’ is lovely It would be nice to have springs or anti gravity boots when we get in a fix. I’m glad you were able to extricate yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  17. First we had flurries, then horizontal snow from the east for hours and hours, eventually it started wafting from the west and now we’re stuck on the hill with about 12 inches give or take a bit. No going anywhere for awhile.

      • Oh yes, ice. All it took was a few cars trying to go up and down, then it thawed a little since it’s south exposure then froze again with the new foot or more of snow on top. Who would’ve thought it was possible to be snowbound in this kind of urban area just because the dead end alley on this hill is not plowed or salted.

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