Yesterday morning breezed in at -5F, (-21C I think- I need to check). Damn cold. All the animals including Piglet deep in his straw house did very well. And today we go up to 38F apparently with RAIN.

Everyone has extra straw.

So today I have to be careful that all the new straw for these cold days does not get wet in the rain coming. And with the wind turned to the South – I will have to close the big doors this afternoon to keep the barn dry. That will be interesting for the ducks.

These next two images are from the day before yesterday. It will be interesting to see how much of this snow can melt in this odd 24 hours of warmth and rain.

Above is the moon.

There is not a lot of rain in the forecast – my hope is that it passes us by.

The little warmth – this little reprieve, will be nice for the animals and the birds – especially the ducks.


Off to work


51 Comments on “I HATE SQUEAKY SNOW

  1. I love the shots from above in the barn! So cool to see the separate living spaces of the animals! One big, happy household, oops, I mean barnhold! 🙂

  2. Once again awe are a day behind you weather-wise; tomorrow is our January thaw day, with freezing rainin the forecast. So stay home today cuz being on the road when it’s icy is deadly… literally. The squeak will stop with the milder weather, right? Hope you can keep dry. ~ Mame 🙃

  3. That view from above is like Noah’ s ark,, except that I’m pretty sure Noah wouldn’t have allowed all that fraternising. The moon shot really is staggeringly beautiful, such brightness above the pristine snow.

  4. Squeaky snow? I hate nails on a blackboard and squeaky balloons. Ouch, much too cold for me. Thanks for picture of moon the eclipse would have been about 8 am here and the sun was already going about her business soon after 5.30am so no go here. Hope your higher temps are your thaw, but too early if I remember correctly. Laura

  5. Especially thoughtful shots today. And varied. Not mention arresting. Yeah the one we see each of the creatures’ s alloyed cozy space. And Jude. Can never get enough of him. I don’t mind squeaky snow. Or crunchy snow.

  6. Fancy whipped cream looking snow! Stay warm, dry and cozy if possible!

  7. Help, Celi! How do you get tar off a pig? Mine managed to upturn a tub and roll in it. Straw is now sticking to her head and the only suggestion I had from my husband is that we should add some feathers!

  8. I LOVE the overhead shot of the barn. It gives a sense of the map of the barn and also everyone’s little home space.
    I hope your warmth doesn’t bring the dreaded muddy slush. Maybe that’s only a problem in the city, but it’s the worst feature of winter as far as I’m concerned. Wet, cold and dirty. Splashing up on everyone and everything whenever a wheel of any nature touches it. Refusing to go away, just re-freezing into uneven death traps of ice. I hate slush.

  9. I’m waiting for your class and practical to end so you can draw a map of the Farmy. Make sure to include a North arrow.

  10. The moon photo is just gorgeous. All the barn beds look very cozy and warm so happy birds and animals.
    Do you have those ice grips to put onto shoes and boots? I hate to think of you sliding all the way to the barn.

  11. We just got back from Mexico where we spent the weekend for a wedding! To say the cold was a shock was an understatement! Also, they had said that temperatures were warming up! Too bad they lied. It’s been terribly cold and grey. Hope your hay stays dry.

  12. Wow, those are some ferocious (but beautiful; ) drifts… Just wondering if you guys had ever considered putting up some snow fencing on that lane way?

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