After almost two inches of rain, and no evaporation, no rain soaking into the frozen ground, we have slowly descended back into the bad cold. See this? All ice. Not polished like a skating rink but just as slidey. Like throwing buckets of water onto a frozen pond.

So I have attached my old crampons to my cold weather boots ( the flowers are not my fault that is all they had in my size) for the foreseeable future.

I did not get to wear these last year – at all. The winter was much milder last year.

Tia with her topknot is such a friendly cow but Del is still giving me the arse. She is healthy and happy but not friendly any more. She does not want scratches anymore.

Ah well. She is a cow and I should not pretend she is a person.

See the line of old straw across the icy lane? That is the beginning of my Mississippi Bridge. I hauled out damp bedding from the cow shed, (weirdly the moisture level in the air was very high) and laid it on the ice as it was freezing back down. Enough for me to step over safely though.

By the time I got to work on the other side the rain had all frozen solid. So the straw just skittered off like a hockey puck. And we have wind coming. But I got quite a few of the worst high traffic frozen puddles covered in wet straw. Under gates and doorways – I am hoping a little straw sticks around to give me some traction.

The wind in the forecast looks a bit scary.

Have a good one.



45 Comments on “THE ICEMAN

  1. I feel for you! That’s exactly what our situation is going to be by tomorrow night, I am afraid. We are getting your 2” of rain today. My ice grippers are like yours, but they don’t always help much on a sea of ice. Ah well, I love your bedding passage over the ice, that is a great idea!

    • Morning! I also have my Swedish boots with spikes but I cannot wear them on my wooden porch! So these will suffice. But if it gets really bad I will wear the spikes and just take them off on the steps before crossing the porch. Better safe than sorry .

  2. I suppose the damp straw is from condensation. Those ducks seem to be happy no matter what!
    I don’t envy you with that ice rink.

  3. We are a few hours west and a bit north of you. We got just a bit of rain, maybe 1/16 of an inch–just enough to make the top of the snow crusty–and then the rest came as more snow. Looking at your pictures, I am quite greatful that our temperature dropped back down or we would have the same sheets of ice everywhere. And with the bitter cold we now have, ugh!
    Stay safe!

  4. I think I would find it hard to think of Aunty Del as a (just) a cow, though I know you have written more than once that you do try to think like a cow. I suppose they might like anyone else get fed up or hold cow grudges or just mooove on…..(sorry).

  5. Your weather is horrid! We have snow here at the moment, but drizzle today, but thankfully it’s not freezing yet, it will tonight though, but no where near as bad as you! Keep safe on that ice.

  6. Lots of snow today then bitter cold with wind coming tonight-but no ice like you. Stay safe – those crampons help but you can still fall.

  7. I would tel you what our weather is expected to do today, but that is getting old. I still never experience severe weather.

  8. That is a fearsome looking ice driveway you have. I like the flower boots and hope they keep you upright.

  9. I see nothing wrong with floral boots; you are a Lady Farmer 🙂 Your comment about the spiked boots made me think about how eventing horses have shoes into which you can screw studs, to give them traction in the mud. I bet they’d work on the ice too. Stay safely upright, Miss C, and the same to all your creatures.

  10. Oh my. That wind is going to make it awful bitter cold.
    Plus the bumpy ice.
    You have all my sympathy. I hope everyone stays upright.

  11. I like your cheerful floral boots. I am surprised the ducks didn’t claim your straw bridge. Take care. Laura

  12. For a second I thought maybe what you need are ski poles but then I realized you are working and need your hands at all times!

  13. It became very muddy here with the thawing of the 8″ snow. Then, it all froze up and rained. Like with you, it couldn’t soak in. Driving the tractor and walking in frozen ruts can be a little rough. But, we’ll get through it as always.

    • Yes! You are right – we will get through! the good thing about weather is that it will Always change. Keeps us on our toes . Of course when it gets really cold my tractor won’t even start.

  14. Ice – best in a beverage and not under foot!!!! I’ll keep my Texas winter thank you very much. 🙂 Be careful out there.

  15. I had to take my Mom to the doctor a couple of years ago after a bad ice storm Her neighbor told me about putting down bath
    towels in a row to get her to the car. Put one down stand on it, put another down in front of the first one and stand on it and then
    pick up the first towel and keep making a line till you get to where you want to go. It sure worked for us that day!!

    • Clever. I like simple solutions. Thank you! (But I wonder how it will work on Celi’s “slidey” lane. Great photo of that lane, by the way. Nice to look at from inside, I mean.)

  16. On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, we are having fierce winds this summer, desiccating anything that the high heat doesn’t. We have had 13 days straight of temps 42C or higher. But you don’t have to shovel sunshine, at least. Take care on that ice, Celi. Those are impressive boots!!

      • Miss C – in case Ardys does not have a chance to get back : she is Alice Springs of course, but Adelaide was past 46C yesterday and Melbourne will be 44C I believe and both are south and coastal . . . and I am way past 40C in the middle of the day just south and inland of Sydney . . . in my case without air.con . . . no choices, I am afraid . . .

      • We are in Alice Springs. We had days on end of 44-46C but back down now to 38-40, more normal, but with loads of hot, dry winds.

  17. I too like the floral boots. Mine are serviceable black, all the farm supplies shop had. I don’t like your ice. The only ice here is in cubes to cool my white wine spritzers. Take care ♡

  18. We’ve got the ice too and the hill is impossible to drive on – up or down. Everyone who lives on this hill has learned that once it gets icy to park on the street and not try the hill. Even walking in the alley is very dangerous, the front sidewalk is a little better, the water that used to run down it finally was stopped – it was determined to be a leaky catch basin which evidently was repaired, no one misses the glacier in front. Do be careful walking on all that ice, even with the crampons or spikes.

  19. We had some cold days this week but today is 60 degrees. That ice looks very dangerous. We hope all the little ones are doing well. We think Del one day will be looking for scratches from you again. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day and be careful.

  20. Oh my, that ice is nasty! The older I get, the more I fear falls, I love my Swedish Ice Bug boots. I think the same system that gave you the rain gave us snow, about 10″ here all told and now the frigid temps are coming – looking at over night lows in the -20’s and highs barely breaking zero this weekend. Not looking forward to it and really wish someone would invent heated shovel handles!

  21. Cecilia,

    I’m visiting from Kathe Worley’s ‘It’s a Snap’ blog per her recommendation. If I remember correctly, she said you live in Kansas. I have an aunt that lives out that way. I also have a good penpal (although we don’t write so much anymore) who lives in your state (assuming I got it right). Anyhow, where ever you are I tip my hat to you. Farm life is a hard life and it doesn’t stop just because the weather is horrible. I enjoyed reading this post, looking at the pictures and following your dialogue, learning a bit on how you maneuver slippery conditions. Ice is such horrible, horrible stuff. We don’t get much snow in my neck of the woods of the Tennessee Valley (we live in Knoxville) but it’s not uncommon for us to get black ice. In past years, I’ve gotten strained in two ice storms but since those days I’m safely at home to only worry about my kids or husband who has to travel in it. Who I kidding automobiles and people don’t travel on sheets of ice well. Anywho, it was great to meet you. Here’s to looking forward to the return of spring!

    • Hullo Cathy and welcome. My farm is in Central Illinois. And we are drifting down into the real cold now. It is incredibly bad luck that the weather popped up into warm rain for 24 hours then the temps immediately dropped ensuring maximum ice. Lovely to meet you! C

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