If this winter were a sock …I would throw it away.

It does not keep me warm.

It no longer brings me joy.

Yesterday was horrible – blowing ice and snow and ice filled branches at gale force. The deep rain then deep frozen sheets laid huge under my boots.

The temperatures hurling themselves about – no cohesion or seasonal logic.

It is the wind. We have had, and still have today, wind at spring force with low winter cold.

It is a tasteless, medieval, misery of a winter.

Even my jacket has quit and has gone to the barn to sleep with Piglet.



  1. I usually like a bit of winter but this is too much and I can imagine that it is 10 times worse for you. Hang in there. Spring is around the corner.

  2. Hang in there …. 10 days to blue skies and warm beach sand. Be gone nasty cold sock that doesn’t warm you. Laura

  3. I keep hoping winter will move on. The wind has been an issue for us for almost a year now. I have never in my life seen such winds. They talk of fire danger most every day here since last spring.

  4. We got another 14 inches of snow overnight and its windy but this morning the temps are up, its only -10 which seems down right warm at the moment.. Grateful for snow shoes on days like this till we can get certain area’s cleared. Its been a tough winter that’s for sure.

  5. North Island is going to be warm, even hot in the next week. South Island is staying cooler but not cold. Don’t come to the Land of Oz. We’re having temperatures in the mid-40s Celsius/110F. Boo is wondering when you’re going to turn up the dial for Sun…

  6. But, if you throw the “sock’ away, your feet will be cold and wet. When folks complain to me about the cold and the snow and the wind and…well, you know. I tell them, this is Michigan. It’s winter. Get a life. Of course, I would never say that to you, but “they” know me and expect me to say stuff like that. You’re going to be fine. Spring really is right around the corner.

  7. Love the picture of Boo. I’m like you; I’m fed up with winter (though ours in Kansas isn’t quite as bad as yours). Saw a cute Aunty Acid cartoon the other day. She was looking for the delete button for winter. It has warmed up some for a few days and talk about MUD.

  8. Yes, the winds. They are making a difference this winter. Like spring winds but definitely not spring temps. Boo looks like I feel lately! Reading your comment about how you pack – that is how I pack! Only my packing never includes cooking utensils. It is marvelous that yours may.

  9. Dearest Boo! Always so exuberant—hard to see him down in the dumps.
    We have a letter box in our front door that moans all night long —courtesy of the wind. I stuff it with a hand towel then cover it with a big towel held against the door with masking tape. Not effective. Industrial strength ear plugs up next.

  10. And whose little pitty-patt paws are laying behind Boo and piglet? The little paws look very comfortable and warm! Regarding winter, besides a few raspberries, my mom always said when we were pushing for something, “OH, JUST HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS!”. Be as happy as possible, Ceci ! This, too, shall pass —until next year!

  11. This winter is unpleasant for us, too. We had 2 inches of rain yesterday, and I had to have an intern bail water from the reservoir in our rearing area so that we didn’t have turtles floating away. The temperatures have been 70 degrees on day, then below freezing a few days later. But, you know, climate change isn’t real.

    I worry about the impact of a warming climate on native reptiles and amphibians. If they don’t hibernate for long enough, they do not produce gametes and will not breed. And snakes are dying from Snake Fungal Disease because they are not hibernating at cold enough temperatures to kill the fungus.

  12. Dearest Boo—so exuberant always. Tough to see him down in the dumps.
    Our front door has a mail slot that moans all night long—courtesy of the wind in certain strengths. So I stuff it with a hand towel then cover it with a bath towel taped to the door with masking tape. Didn’t work last night and was much worse the night before last. Next up the heavy artillery—industrial strength ear plugs.

  13. Look towards New Zealand …. spring or summer there right? Boo looks like he is done with winter too.

  14. I live in Wisconsin so i feel your pain. Hopefully round 3 wont be that bad and things will get better after that.

  15. We have had fierce winds all summer this year. Very unpleasant, and coupled with the extreme heat, absolutely desiccating.

  16. Boo needs a blankie tucked around his back. Don’t come to Oz, too stinkin’ hot here! And floods and fire!

  17. That’s a perfect metaphor, an old sock. Another almost foot of snow yesterday and yep, more wind today blowing said snow into the drive that I had cleared out so nicely. Underneath all that snow everything is under an ice sheet so I’m not entirely sure what’s worse. Our winter arrived late but got here howling!

  18. The only thing that makes winter bearable is the fact that it is not forever. Eventually it thaws and you can dig in the soil and world will get green. And if you are superstitious, the groundhog says Spring is coming early… I wish I believed in that. That arctic vortex has convinced me that it’s gonna be a malingerer. But Maybe. Might as well believe in an early spring as not, belief won’t change the matter.
    🙂 Maybe it will arrive right after you get back from summer in New Zealand.

  19. Celi, you make me feel ashamed to have complained at all about this winter. Glad you are going home to be warm for a bit. Have a wonderful time!

  20. Sadly, this is exactly what Philosopher Mouse and I have just been discussing. Mother Nature is… (confused? In a tiff(!) being ripped limb from limb:/) Gods help logic and intelligence overcome ignorance and greed

  21. If only we could KonMari our weather we would say it does not give us joy and chuck it out… Our Aussie summer has been like a badly made cheap polyester dress that has come apart at the seams… it looked nice at the shop 😎

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