This morning I spoke at an organic grain conference. It went well and I had a good time. Putting the 160 into organic crops has certainly opened the door to hew opportunities.

The ice was heavy yesterday.

And the light low.

However today the temperatures are way up above freezing again. Close to 50 actually. So once I get home I am sure there will have been lots of melting.

I am between talks so I thought I would quickly send you these cold photographs before I go back in.

See you tomorrow.


18 Comments on “AWAY AWAY

  1. Woke up to see the ice left on the sidewalk at the back of the house, where I didn’t have the energy to clear it off on Tues, all gone. Clearing the snow yesterday helped with the thaw. At the front, where I had cleared down to the concrete on Tues it was dry. Such a relief before the week of COLD ahead.

  2. Golly, Jude is thriving & growing as large as Boo. Your organic grain audience should see his photos & hear his incredible story. Proof positive for your organic feed mixtures. There is such an elemental beauty in your ice in low light scenery. But I know you must be really looking forward to a different season in the Southern Hemisphere.

  3. wow…and BRRRRRR You could fool me saying it’s “warmer” Looks frigid beyond belief! Cheers!

  4. How exciting!
    I love the picture of the duck patrol and that piglet is huge!
    They say it will be 15º C in London this Sunday – we shall see…

  5. Jude is almost bigger than Boo!! Love the picture of the Ducks on a march!!!

  6. Am so thrilled to hear about your talk . . . . about widening your perimeters of ability, interest and knowledge and being able to share your practical nouse . . . looking forwards to future happenings off the farmy ! And the duck ‘troupe” performing on IG yesterday was so much delicious fun 🙂 !!!

  7. Your first photo gives a whole new meaning to “Make Way for Ducklings”!

  8. You are so good at those talks. I wanted to farm again after listening to you. I’m sure you will inspire many others today. Safe travels home.

  9. The light is gorgeous in these photos. So cool that you were invited to speak. I hope preparations for your trip home to New Zealand go well.

  10. Beautiful weather for stunning pics… Our weather is ever so gently tipping towards Autumn [a sign of the times… the G.O. is woodcutting before his shoulder op next week] so NZ should be pleasant and the farmy weather on the improve.

  11. I just realized the ducks make me smile. They are such funny little creatures, hard not to smile looking at them parading along.

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