Molly spent the whole day laying about . The mill where I am working is close by so at lunchtime I ducked home and gave her a big dose of Tums. Thank you so much for that offer Heather! It worked! I am sitting in the truck delivering these two big black cows so my writing will be shaky.

By evening she was up and eating small amounts of food.

Molly’s temperature had dropped to six degrees below normal so I had covered her with all the barn blankets and jackets and turned on the heating mat that is attached to the wall .

When she roused I let her into the front yard for a walk where I could watch her – not watching her well enough! She tried to go up the ducks ramp. As it broke she leapt in and ate their food too.

Not a bad result.

I believe she literally caught a chill and could not warm back up. She might also have had a belly ache – she was doing a lot of stretching out – let’s hope one of those babies is not in a bad position. But somehow those Tums turned the tide.

We are approaching our destination ( it is nice to have a driver now). So I will sign off.

When we get back I will do chores then a few more hours at the mill. Then back to get the turkey house ready. Chicks coming on Friday!


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  1. I find that all our farm friends have become family so I was very worried for Molly. I’m relieved that she is up and eating and even stealing food. Silly Molly.

  2. Are pigs like horses, unable to vomit? I was thinking Molly might be colicky. Great she has improved. Yay, first spring babies coming. Laura

  3. Well, the duck house raid is certainly and encouraging sign. Surely, pigs who feel crappy don’t get into mischief. 🙂

  4. Oh, that is great news! It’s nice when they bounce back and are up to their old naughty tricks! Will you choose replacement gilts this time, or is Molly good to produce for several more years? I worked briefly in a pig operation, not nearly as nice as yours, but I can’t remember how long they kept the sows.

    • I will keep Molly and Poppy for as long as they farrow without trouble. I am not sure that I will start again. Manu is too big to service the smaller girls. In fact I have had an offer to buy back Manu whenever I am ready – he has genetics that are hard to find nowadays – but no – I don’t think I want to start over with a new family. We will keep going another few years though. The animals themselves will let me know when it is time for them to quit.

  5. I’m so glad the Tums worked!!!! 🙂 Its so funny how sometimes, the small things work best!

    • I so grateful for your tip! The moment you said I i was reminded that I fed tums to an old sheep one year. Ground up and squirted down her throat

      • I’m very happy to have had the right idea at the right time. There’s nothing more frightening than a pig that won’t eat!

  6. YAY for Molly! She comes by her name honestly – the ‘Unsinkable Molly Brown’ or ‘Good Golly, Miss Molly!’. And who was that gorgeous cow creature in the last show? Beautiful! And it sounds like you are having a wonderful time at the Mill! Happy days!

  7. I found myself curious about your mama pig. I’m glad she’s feeling better. Hand feeding all of those piglets would be a ton of work and no sleep for you.

  8. How in the world do you know how much to dose a pig with Tums? Doubt THAT’S on the label directions. But what a great suggestion and miraculous solution!
    Is John the driver?

  9. When I look at that photo of Molly looking as dead as possible, I have say farming is not for the faint-of-heart.

  10. Glad Molly overcoming her ills! Also glad to see the baby chick delivery on Instagram . . . good reason to read up on the breed on Google . . . .methinks you will be very happy . . .

  11. I love Molly’s crinkly little smile and the wise cow eyes. To be surrounded by such animals…I think I would love that. But it would cause me pain too. Seeing them suffer would be very hard. How’s the Mill work going? I think I missed something along the way…not sure what you are doing there. Whatever it is, I hope it gives satisfaction. x

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