So, the chicks have arrived but not the ducklings. Both were due Friday so hopefully the ducklings come today. The chicks are Black Australorps.

I know I said I would buy Leghorns again but I was very firmly but kindly told that my market prefers brown eggs. And I did not want those Rhode Island Reds again – these Aussie chicks are much nicer.

And already friendlier. They follow my hand around like they would follow a mothers head. Is that food? Is that food?

Sheila resumed her walks yesterday. She never got a walk on Molly’s sick days and so she was more than ready to get out and about.

Molly is still slow but 90% better today.

Thanks Gods.

I really like this image so I will show it to you again.

I hope you have a good day.


PS I hope Molly does not choose Saturday or Sunday for piglets. Though I don’t think she is that close you never know with Molly. Looks like we are in for some real cold again over the weekend.

36 Comments on “CHICKS!!!

  1. I love ‘Lorps, I had a flock of them. They have those lovely dark intelligent looking eyes, beautiful black satin plumage, fluffy undies, black fishnet stockings and really stately posture. I miss having chooks…

      • We go away a fair bit, plus we’re moving to a smaller block of land, plus there are neighbouring dogs, plus a very large black kite population. I’d have to build them a permanent run with overhead cover and 30cms of buried fencing, and arrange for someone to look after them while we were away. It’s doable, but not high on the moving house agenda!

  2. It’s funny how brown eggs are preferred … they’re not more nutritious or anything. I think it’s just the perception of them being ‘better’ somehow. 🙂

  3. Super cool! Our babies are Black Australorps too! About a week old now and doing great in the brooder! 🙂

  4. The chicks are adorable! Thanks for the pictures. I hope everybody gets through the cold weekend OK and that the piglets come when the weather is warming back up.

  5. Cute chicks. Somehow the belief was started that white eggs are laid by battery hens and brown eggs are from organic free range hens. I read an article about this somewhere. I have been watching your temps and you are still very cold. Time for spring to boot winter out and warm up properly. Laura

  6. I purchased 5 Australorp chicks last July. Unfortunately I had a pesky raccoon who got one about a month ago. I have double re-enforced their coop. They started laying eggs around Christmas time. I am a bit prejudiced, but I think they are the calmest, most vocal chickens I have raised. I now have a 5 month old Great Pyrennes pup nearby, and hopefully this will help with the critter problem.

  7. C. those darling little chicks look as though they have a coat of fine soft fur, instead of tiny feathers! Soo dang cute!

  8. They’re darling! Love their black eyes and lustrous black fur.

  9. awesome chicks! Never have seen ones with black eyes and fuzz! Cheers and hugs!

  10. Sheila is a big girl, but she is proportionately so. She looks to be in perfect weight! And look at those legs! If I were a construction worker in the 1940s, I would whistle.

    • I was also going to compliment you and Sheila on her fit, trim profile. She looks like an endurance pig, one that could go on half marathons with you.

  11. Well of course I’m a fan of Aussie chicks 😉 Our neighbour chose Isa Browns -which are sweet chickens but they are quite wild girls and wander the village during their out time without regard for anyone’s private space… we share their eggs as reconciliation- for our shared flock but in time to come they be replaced with Australorps whch I remember from my grandparent’s farm, and which will not have quite as much free range and I hope will be tamer.

  12. Oh, I’m so anxious for ours to get here! So trusting when they are little, and their antics are hilarious! What’s Sheila been doing – indoor exercises? She’s in great shape! Sunny (last note or two ago, I was documented as “anonymous” – ain’t that a kick in the pants!

  13. Well, reading this I got completely side-tracked this morning – looking at what kind of chicks I want to get this spring. One can spend a LOT of time perusing different breeds and where to purchase them from.

  14. I love the Black Australorps! I have several of my own and they are very friendly, hardy, and great layers of mocha colored eggs – enjoy!

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