Jude was collected yesterday. I decided to send Tima with him to his new home so he will have company until they get another pig or maybe even a couple of goats. Tima is if course only on loan but both pigs walked onto their trailer and waved goodbye without a backward glance.

As usual it was so busy and exciting getting them both loaded that I forgot to document his exit for you.

But here are a few shots of Jude in his new home.


I am a lot happier about this arrangement now that he has Tima with him.

Ann his new boss is so excited to finally get him into her property- the gardens are associated with U of I and a number of schools in the Champaign area so they are both going to be busy with visitors.

Here is Ann with her box of treats. She has known Jude since he was a newborn orphan you can see the delight in her face!

Tane is pretty delighted too. He is used to being bowled over by Tima and usually hides in his room to eat – yesterday afternoon he literally ran across the field to have his dinner.

It is cold again. Molly is still in one piece and back to her usual bouncy self. Yesterday I set up her baby monitor. One more very cold night and she has my permission to have her piglets.

I think she has a few more days to go.

I running out of battery fast so I will publish this and talk soon.



26f right now with a high of 41. Sone sun I hope!

37 Comments on “JUDE AND TIMA

  1. I think Tima would take charge and settle in just about anywhere she visited. She’s that kind of girl. I have seen it with my dogs many times where when a more dominant personality was gone, that one or the others would flourish. I have found it to be the same with people. We too have one more night of threatening, freezing temps. I think I’ve lost my fruit again this year – all of the blossoms or fruits froze last night and probably tonight too.

  2. Golly, do they know what they’re getting with their ‘loan-Tima’? But I’m glad she’s coming back, the Farmy would be much too quiet and well-behaved without her.

  3. Aaw, so long Jude, behave your self Tima! Holding thumbs Molly holds out for warmer weather. Laura

  4. I don’t know pigs but that udder looks pretty ready.
    I’m glad Jude has a friend in his new home. I was worried that he would be frightened. Although based on the treats they are getting, maybe not. 🙂
    I’m sure they will have a ball in the garden – getting it ready for good growth.

  5. So, our Jude is going to work on a farm tidying it up a bit, eh? And he’ll have lots of visitors? His cup o’ tea, it seems! Tima is there in the capacity as guidance counselor and helper? Oh, such a time they’ll have! I’ll miss them both! Ann will keep you up to date with Jude, even after Tima comes home to you? I see what you meant that ‘bad brings good’. Even though the trunk lid broke during one particularly bad winter storm and is completely gone, it seems to have worked out for the best! Easier to feed from and probably easier to fill…………….

  6. Sending Tima with Jude was a stroke of genius. Not only did it ease the transition for Jude, it was a godsend for poor Tane. I can’t get over the fact he RAN to eat.
    Gonna miss Jude big time, but it is clearly for the best.

  7. I am really going to miss Judebut hope he thrives. I bet your Fed Ex and UPS drivers will also! I haven’t identified with a pig this much since one named Charlotte

  8. When I read ‘Jude and Tima’ my mind was doing big leaps….oh no, gosh, is he mature enough’……you know, along those lines…has Jude white anted his mate? Glad there was a simple explanation and they’ve just gone on an adventure together. Good for Jude, he’ll be in his element and Tima might not want to come home.

  9. awww we are all going to miss Jude! You did such a wonderful thing for him as did the abattoir employee so many months ago!

  10. You’ve made me so happy by sending Tima along with Jude! He will settle in to his new home now, without missing everyone. So good.💕

  11. Yes, well – delightful, but will Tima want to be separated back a while down the track? So Jude has gone ‘posh’ associated with the U of I !! Can see him becoming a poster-boy during your coming summer . . . as long as we get some photos . . .

    • Oh, how I love making a fool of myself 🙂 ! Small litter for Molly – five to seven . . . any other guesses . . . ?

  12. Sounds like a perfect home for Jude. And he got to take a friend. I hope you can let yourself be proud for saving him.

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