At last!! Time moves slowly in an Illinois March and this March was extra slow.

Yesterday the old stock trailer was shifted to its final resting place. The new location did not bother the ducks, with minimal redirection they just marched in to be locked in for the night. Their new house arrives on Tuesday afternoon. And with the ground frozen cold again I wanted to get some of the heavy stuff moved out of the way of the delivery truck before it warms up and the ground goes soggy again.

It is so quiet and calm without Jude and Tima.

Hopefully this will give you the link to Jude’s very own Instagram page. This way you can follow his journey in close up.

If not ( and you are on Instagram) look up Jude the rescue pig – on Instagram .

We are delivering an hog this morning so I will sign off now and make sure my driver is ready.

No piglets yet this morning. Thankfully . It is cold.

Love celi

16 Comments on “APRIL FIRST

  1. Will you put the new ducklings in the trailer when they and the safe house arrive? Laura

    • Hey Laura! Just popping in to say hi to you and letting you know I’ve popped back up in the blogging world too. meadowmice.blog Celi, I got to see Jude at his new digs on Instagram. What great fortune for that little guy!

  2. Was there an unspoken “peaceful” to add to that sentence about Jude and Tima? I love both of them, but I do have an inkling of how noisy, boisterous and disruptive the pair of them are, and not only to you… Never mind, bring on the latest batch of baby porkers. I hope Molly has a smooth and rapid delivery, preferably not in the middle of the night amidst the freezing cold and sloppy mud.

  3. We had quite a snowy day yesterday and at times the flakes were huge. Yes, the snow did stay and hopefully, today’s brilliant sunshine will do away with it once and for all.

  4. Hi, Ceci and all! I’m not sure how to sign up for Instagram. Any helpful hints?

  5. double thanks for Jude’s link! And enjoy your peaceful time!

  6. Huh 🙂 ! When I still subscribed to Facebook years ago, I did have quite a few dogs as friends, brut this surely is the first time I have a pig friend on Instagram !! Could not resist !!!

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