Still no sign of babies from Molly. Nine eggs from the ducks. Over twenty four eggs daily from the chickens. The weather is, at last, warming up a little. And oh the mud.

After a winter that would not stay down – the temperatures going up and down like a tired yo yo this is what the cow’s races are looking like.

In fact the cows on the West Side are reluctant to walk out to the fields. I think the little ones are afraid they will sink like stones and never be seen again.

Today after work and after I have delivered all the sold eggs I will work with John on diverting the cows through another field.

When these areas dry up we will drag them to flatten them out then sow them in a summer mix.

Also today we have to get the asparagus compost into those beds. Things are getting behind.

The chicks are growing well but the ducklings won’t be here until the first of May. There was a bad hatching or something so I went to the back of the line. And I sent my order in in January. Very annoying!

Work at the mill is great but it does mean I work later in the night on the farm and I have not even started milking yet. However a little farm still needs a little outside income so it’s farmer can keep traveling to her children. That seems to be the way of it.

And I do like the work. Learning fast and working fast. Order your flour and I will pack it for you myself!

Have a great day. Or if not great at least see the greatness of having this day.


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  1. Nine duck eggs. I have decided that this means Molly will have nine piglets. Or maybe ducklings. That would be fun!

    Working at the organic mill is a bit of an extension of working on the farmy. But I hadn’t even thought about how milking would impact it! I see the ladies coming into the milking parlor via your blog, but then I forget that there will be actual MILKING involved! I hope you can get the time thing sorted out. What would I do if only I had the time?!

    I hope the weather begins to make more sense. It really IS annoying!

  2. Oh your soil! Even though it is a muddy mess, it’s real soil! Black, beautiful, organic soil! A real rarity here in the Ozarks where we have to import, grow and nurse our soil in raised beds.

  3. I saw something on Landline the other day about a dairy farmer in NSW who’s set up a robotic milking parlour. His ‘ladies’ can just walk in whenever they feel the need and get washed and brushed and a dose of feed while the sensors line up the milking unit. When they’re done, a sort of revolving gate opens up and lets them out. Some of them like getting milked once, others come in three times a day – they all have different preferences. It’s not a set-up for the Farmy, of course, but I did like the fact that the cows basically helped themselves to the facilities when they felt like it 🙂

    • Hmmm interesting, a bit like those new driverless cars. The thought of which scared me a bit 🤔 Laura

        • Yep, I saw this too and was surprised but encouraged at the very ‘happy’ way they would line up every time they felt ‘it was ‘time’! Lordie, I would not have thought ‘they’ knew it was ! .And they so walked out happily when they knew they were rid of the ‘burden’ ! Impossible at the farmy but awfully interesting . . .

    • friends of ours in the Netherlands have relatives who have that system for their dairy cows….kinda amazing…. but still seems odd to me.

      • It makes me wonder how the system deals with cows with injuries, or mastitis… They didn’t show us that.

        • I believe the cows wear chips that convey their physical stats and sometimes even their behavior – eating/drinking more or less, laying down more or less, etc., and are recorded on a computer. This allows the farmers to catch any changes in health or behavior very early and do a more thorough check of the animal. It really is amazing to see the robotic systems, here in Wisconsin they’re not uncommon and apparently really contribute to the cows’ comfort.

  4. 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. So maybe tomorrow the 3rd? Have you tried to make bread with this flour yet?

  5. That is very muddy! the sort that sucks yer boots off 😂

  6. Molly, Molly, Molly! We are so anxious to see you new little babies! Glad it’s warming up for you, Farmerette C.!

  7. Cecila—I thought those bags looked familiar….I ordered some of the Wabash bread flour….delicious! Have a lovely less muddy day!

  8. Love reading about the mud. It will take a bit of time yet for us in Northern Illinois, but we know it is coming.

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