It has been a long time since Saturday mornings were any different from other mornings but since moving back into the paid workforce Saturday mornings are developing their old charm.

When I was a working single mother of a mob of kids Saturday mornings were all about getting the house clean and reset for another week. We always worked as a team in those days – my kids were great cleaners.

Nowadays it is the barn that is being cleaned out and reset for the week and on Sundays the Airbnb is cleaned and reset but these kids are not much good at cleaning at all.

They are very nosy and very friendly these piglets. And their mother is eating out of my hand – literally – again. Though I am still nervous of getting into the pen with her.

My hand is healing super fast now that I have finished the antibiotics. The swelling is coming down now and the wound is drying up. Because that is the first time I have taken a course of antibiotics in over thirty years I expect my gut health to recover just as fast.

Not going to the hospital for the stitches and treatment was a conscious choice – there are some nasty super bugs residing in hospitals now, like big confinement houses for animals these new viruses and funguses spread easily, and legally your hospital does not have to warn you about an outbreak within their walls. So I was happy that my incident was minor enough that I could talk the local clinic into treating me.

Not to mention the cost of going near an emergency room out here in the States.

Anyway – all is well with my hand.

This morning I will focus on cleaning out the cow’s shed and their yards. My diary says April/May for calves so it is time to move my focus to the other side of the barn. I still think Tia might calve first – Del’s udder remains largely unchanged which is just like her!

The grass is growing!

I hope you get sun today. We will be cold but the sun will help.

Love celi

30 Comments on “SATURDAY MORNING

  1. My mother always said that child-power was an under-exploited national resource, but then she had seven of us, spread out nicely so by the time the youngest were born, the oldest were perfect baby-sitting age. Shame the piglets can’t be trained to grub the dirty straw out into the yard, leaving the clean stuff behind… Happy Saturday, Miss C, and I’m so glad to hear your system is recovering nicely from the attentions of both Miss Molly and the antibiotics. You probably have the healthiest gut of anyone I know!

  2. SO pleased to hear that your hand is well on the mend. Those little pigs never cease to entertain, thank you.

  3. The piglets are even more playful than a basket of kittens. Great IG video. Enjoy your weekend. Laura

  4. So true about the super bugs residing in hospitals now! And it seems that they just can’t get rid of them there! Quite frightening! I do indeed remember Saturday mornings when we four kids would have to divide and conquer the housework! Our own bedrooms and then share the vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of the rest of the house under that guidance of our mom. 🙂

  5. I am so glad that your hand is feeling better. I do have to comment about hospitals though- as a retired cardiac care RN . Those “superbugs” are everywhere- they don’t bother most healthy people. They are finding deadly bacteria in Greenland in the fresh earth from melting glaciers. Superbugs could just as easily have been in the Dr’s office. Superbugs really effect someone with compromised immune system. If everyone was like you and only took antibiotics when absolutely necessary we wouldn’t have this problem. I applaud most hospitals today since they do their very best to monitor the spread of any super bugs – most ICU’s where the very sick are in rooms that can be cleaned with special lights. I am very thankful for my good health and only go to the Dr. when I have to for my annual physical. I always wanted to comment about your taking such good care of Wai. You were told that hospitals never turned patients. Just the opposite is true- turning I’ll patients every 2 hours is the rule. Burn patients are placed in special beds that turn them so there is less pain. I always laugh whenever we have gone on a long trip with one of our dogs they always get up and turn themselves every 2-3 hours. I guess that is enough said just wanted to tell you that hospitals aren’t the enemy. Drug companies- different story!! I just wonder how you got your kids excited about cleaning house- that is something to be shared!! Baby piglets are so cute!

    • Thank you. This is a great comment. When I worked in geriatric care we turned our residents on a regular basis too. I heard of a hospital that was unable to eradicate one of the fungal bugs and literally took the walls and floor and ceiling out of the room. I know they are doing the very best they can. The problem with lack of information transparency is that much of this becomes a media circus. And often the rumors in the news cycle spread just as lethally as the virus. Thank you for chiming in with such good info. We all appreciate it.

  6. “… these kids are not much good at cleaning at all.”

    LOL. I guess it’s that lack of opposable thumbs. 🙂

  7. Good news about your hand healing so well, and if the pig let’s continue to be adorable.

  8. Oh my goodness my dictation software is just a palling. What I meant to say is “and the piglet continue to be adorable!”

  9. you are right about the hospitals. When my mom was in the last years of her life, her doctor would often say to me, lets treat her at home Hospitals are germ ridden. She could catch something there she can’t fight off.
    There’s a brain fungus raging about various hospitals now. Drug Resistant, Naturally.
    They try. But when all the sick people come…

  10. I thought of you today while I am visiting my relations. Their last chickens were annihilated by opossums; they are in the market for some new chickens. Who knew there were so many to choose from, and so many questions to ask!? There is a app for ‘picking up chicks’ as it were; I thought one just went to the local farmer and picked up a few.

  11. I remember Saturday house cleaning as a child, I grew up on a horse farm, and my Mother finally gave me the option of clean the barn or help in the house. I chose the barn. I loved cleaning barns, I didn’t like having to move all the furniture to vacuum every Saturday. Glad your hand is healing. Have a great weekend.

  12. Ah yes! Saturday cleaning – we lived in a 4-storey house, so it was no easy fete – even with four kids! We each did our own laundry, too and, as it happens, my bedroom was the attic, the washer was in the basement, and we hung the clothes on the line – either in the basement during foul weather, or in the backyard in good. And yes, we hung our dainties in between the sheets so the neighbors couldn’t see!

    So glad you’re feeling better, Miss C, and love the little ones. The sunlight shining behind the one’s ear is priceless and beautiful!

  13. So glad your hand is better: do take care ! Could not agree more with you about the danger of superbugs in the hospital system. Have a very good immune system but have succumbed every time I have had an operation: neatly ‘bought it’ permanently at the time of my mastectomy which was a doddle in comparison. Glad you have the knowledge about the importance of probiotics when taking antibiotics which cause such havoc to the body. Am aghast that you have to pay for Emergency care in hospital A&Es in the States – this is totally free for each and every person in Australia, insured or not, as is all medical care unless one insists on certain doctors, a private room and bypassing others on the list for non-essential operations. .Love your photos . . . . especially of the ducks who cannot jeep away from the water . . . 🙂 !

  14. Superbugs in hospitals are a fear here in Australia also. My Dad’s health issues were made much worse when he contracted one via a medical procedure in hospital when he was already very ill, then he had to be isolated and treated as infectious which didn’t help his mental wellbeing. There is some transparency, there was a board at the front of the hospital displaying information regarding its infection rates, which had it slightly above the mandated norm. Little comfort there…
    I have always loved Saturday mornings, they have their own simple character.

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