The weather is nuts! I am meant to be waitressing for Jake this afternoon at a private event but they are forecasting one to three inches of snow. Now I know that may not happen but really!!

This was yesterday – pigs sleeping in the sun and then last night I had to lock in Molly and the babies again because of rain and freezing winds and now snow?

This blog is really a farm journal and often a good gossip about the animals over a cup of coffee – usually we – the fellowship – are sharing really good information with each other, exchanging our short or long lifetimes worth of really useful experiences but this morning I am going to have a moan about the bloody weather! SNOW?

Should I risk it and drive all the way to the restaurant? Surely it will not SNOW! In mid April! In the mid West? Right on the cusp of the last frost date.

I tell you one thing – I am THIS close to fencing the hay fields. I don’t think this is going to be a good summer for bringing in hay! I am thinking I might graze them for a few months longer and buy some hay. That’s what I am thinking.

Apparently I do a lot of thinking.

At least snow is not cold.

Maybe I will take the truck. But that truck is such a gas guzzler. Ah well. Bloody weather.


43 Comments on “SNOW

  1. Well, next Sunday is Easter, and I remember one Iowa spring, around 1960, when we went to church on Easter Sunday in snow deep enough to be up to the bottom of the blossoms on the already-blooming tulips. So, there’s that. What you describe sounds rather normal to me, sad to say, but I hope you don’t get any snow!

  2. Oh it can definitely happen! I just received a Facebook memory from last year on this date where I was consoling my Minnesota family on their snowstorm with temps in the 20s, while here around DC it was in the 70s!

  3. Up here in the north woods spring doesn’t really come until May- daffodils pop up and I cover their little heads at night. I feel sorry for the robins that arrive in March pecking through the snow in the warmer ground right by the house- but I’m sorry I am not feeding those alive mealy worms!!

  4. Yikes! I’m with you! I thought Spring had sprung!!! We will dip down tonight into the 30s, but not quite to freezing. We are so hoping that we can keep the fruit on our trees this year! The last few years a late frost froze the the buds and tiny fruit right off the branches. 😦 So we are hoping, crossing fingers and touching wood that they all make it this year. Then we’ll have peaches, plums and pears to put up!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 But I’m not ‘counting my chickens before they hatch’ as they say, only desperately hoping we don’t get one last frost!!!

    • We used to bring in the helicopters into the orchards to swirl the frozen air back Up and away from the trees. You could Turn your sprinkler on under the trees- it disrupts the layer of frozen air. Or create some kind of smudge pot under your favorite trees. The smoke from an old fashioned smudge pot will do the same thing. The cold air drops low so your objective is to mix up the layers of air and keep
      The frost from settling into your trees!

        • Too funny! The dancing around the trees with flaming torches sounds pretty exciting, but only it the weather is warm! 🙂 We tried the sprinklers one year and the flowers got wet and froze, so no fruit! 😦 Then tried creating heat with burn barrels under the trees, but that didn’t create enough heat to keep the flowers and buds from freezing, so no fruit that year either! 😦 We need to make and try the smudge pots and if they aren’t too expensive. Right now we are just desperately hoping we don’t get a freeze!!!!

  5. When I was about 13 we had snow in mid-May in the south of England…. Never say never. And I think you should only venture out in the truck if you know you can make it safely home if that snow does arrive.

  6. The tribulations of an outdoor life. So much depends on the weather, but the weather can certainly not be controlled, seldom be reliably predicted, and only moaned about! In Normandy it is related to the tides, so very unpredictable, and even Greece is becoming more so…

  7. And here we are the opposite in Central Alberta! We have all our snow gone at the beginning of April and really that is unheard of! Our rivers are all open too. So weird for us. Still lots of snow in the mountains up high but Canmore has no snow. We almost always have snow for the May long weekend and that is still six weeks away. I don’t see how some people are ignoring climate change and saying it is not real!

  8. It’s cold here too. No snow but very cold winds that are driving me mad! As an old saying goes. Don’t cast a clout till May is out. 😀

  9. I would be moaning about snow, too. I am so ready for Spring, and it is HERE. Every time it rains, more green pops up. The youngest is having trouble spying on the neighbors now because the leaves are in the way. He will have to find a new hobby for a few months.

    It won’t snow because I am sending you warm thoughts.

  10. You know I get your weather two days before you do. It was quick and slushy snow, and gone in a day. I’ll do a dance to appease the weather God’s on your behalf.

  11. I know!! We are having snow/rain/ice pellets right now and it is supposed to continue all night. By body needs sunlight and green.

  12. There you are in USA with snow predictions, and here in NZ we are having a cold snap with temperatures nearly to zero overnight. So odd to think that on two sides of the world we are both so cold! Our temperatures here have dropped so fast, only a couple of weeks ago it was getting up to mid-thirties during the day. At least we get fine cloudless days when it’s this cold, straight from the south, the clouds all stop off at the central plateau and we are left with beautiful sunshine but snow-freeze temperatures!

  13. You go right ahead and moan away, I’ll join you. We just got rid of the 3″ from last week and now it’s been snowing here since about 2pm. This is totally nuts!

  14. I have been wondering if the Southern Hemisphere is following the pattern of the Northern as we, like you last year, have had a short “Indian Summer” and the weather has cooled off fast in the approach to winter, which I think will be a cold one… but no snow at least for us here on the coast.

  15. I remember driving to my art college interview, many years ago in April and it snowed.
    You can come and work for us (though it’s a bit far) – we are looking for a good waitress .

  16. I live about three hours from you and it snowed here too. I’m so over it. At least it melts right away. It looks like we are in for a rainy week.

  17. A friend told me about his weekend trip to Dallas, where they had a wild storm with fierce winds, flooding rain, and hail (some the size of a baseball!) More than 100 planes were damaged and put out of commission. Meanwhile we were in the Coachella valley., not for the festival, just visiting friends. We loved seeing snow on the mountains and desert flowers waving in the breeze.–a benefit of previous heavy rainfalls. Remember the forecaster who gave it up to become a clown for children’s parties, his sign-off, “Weather or not . . .”

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