I know it is backwards but think about it.

I was listening to a radio broadcast. One of those vacuous ones where they interview people on the street. They were talking about the snow. This lady meant to say ” you take what you get”. But in her nervousness she said ” you get what you take”.

This sounded more true to me.

I don’t think we get what we deserve. I think we get what we accept, what we settle for and most times this is perfectly adequate. If we decide to take it on the chin – that is what we will get. It only gets better if we make it get better.

You get what you take.

The old codger used to say ” I’ll take it. I’ll pay for it. But I’ll take it.”

So, reach high!

No reason not to. I did not reach for anything yesterday. I just moaned and carried on and shivered and achieved nothing.

I made scones though with the Frederick flour from the mill- cheese and onion. I am still refining the recipe – working with these stone ground flours is fascinating me.

The sun is going to shine today so I am going to get moving early.


16 Comments on “YOU GET WHAT YOU TAKE

  1. I am keen to try stone ground flours. What do you think of them? Those scones look delicious. I can just imagine them with a thick topping of your butter.

  2. Oh Celia, you have no idea how much I need this today. I have been so stressed that I have slept about 6 hrs in the last 3 nights total. Then I read this post this morning! I think it isn’t just a coincidence. There is something at work in the universe. You do get what you take. Well said, all of it. I am book marking this post so I can easily find it.

  3. Your plants look wonderful and ready to go into the garden! Super cool! Today is the last frost day in our area. Or that’s what the agricultural books and farmers journals and such say. And I think (hope desperately!) that it’s true! We have all of our spring crops in the garden now, spinach, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, leeks, radishes, rutabagas, beets, sugar snap and snow peas and beans. We plan to plant our tomatoes and peppers (and sow other seeds into the garden) this week. They are in the greenhouse waiting, and have already hardened off. I simply cannot wait to eat a homegrown tomato!!! Good eating times are on the way!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. My mother always used to say “you make your own luck”, and it’s something I’ve always believed and made work for me. And I wish I could try those scones, which look amazing. Do you find baked goods made with stoneground flours are more filling and satisfying?

  5. I have never seen a scone I wanted to eat until now. That looks delicious!

  6. I have found the stone ground flours are more thirsty, but with only a little more water they are great. Those scones look amazing, yum. Laura

  7. We all have days where we feel like we aren’t reaching, the good days are where we appreciate the fruits of it and a little rest, and think -quietly, clearly, practically- about what we want and how we will get it.

  8. That’s so very true. I always say, you get what you expect. If you expect nothing, you get nothing. If you expect a lot, more likely you’ll get it. That could be quite the conversation but my kid is waiting for me to help move wood so I must get to work again too. I love taking a break here. Thanks.

  9. I get a lot here, Miss C .especially how totake hard things like like challenging weather, frustrated plans, sad departures, accidents, obstacles, and so on– but also how to take and then share the bounties, blessings, surprises, and little joys that nature offers, It is so refreshing here, whether it’s raining, growing, snowing, cooking, or draining, Good on you for keeping us posted.

  10. For some reason, my comment forgot to come to the party! I wanted to thank you for such a profound way of thinking, and it came just when I need to hear it most! Thank you, Miss C!

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