From a finger on the lens – snort – I really must get the camera out. Using the phone is so lazy.

This shot also has a smudged soft focus lens but I have to show it to you so you can see how tiny Freebee is. I have been in contact with Hendricks House where Jude is presently entertaining and Ann will take him. So once I have had the vet castrate him ( he must have been just too small on castrating day) I will drive him over to Ann’s gardens and bring Fat Tima back.

I think Tia will calve first though Del has finally begun to udder up.

They were with a bull for six weeks from about the Fourth of July so I really have no dates.

I still weed in the asparagus for half an hour once a day. It will be a never ending job for the early summer. The asparagus spears are just beginning to clear the surface. I hope we are picking soon.

Molly’s Eight. Now that it is warmer I am turning their heat lamp off in the daytime. Of course this means we can get those sweet sleeping shots.

And so another work week begins! Today after The Mill I will be flat out setting up the Airbnb for a special guest – one of the Fellowship. And then hopefully I have time to shift the chicks into their outside living quarters. They also have their light off now and are all feathered up and ready for some sunshine!

I hope you have a lovely day. Looks like we will have wind!


I hope you have a lovely day.

19 Comments on “SOFT FOCUS

  1. Was looking forward to getting to know Freebee, but l’m sure he’ll get a great home with Ann and hopefully a chum for
    Loved the sleeping piglets pic.

  2. Um, having trouble downloading the pics of Freebee. Cleared nearly 2000 emails out of my inbox this morning, my version of weeding the asparagus beds 😊 your reward will be much tastier than mine. Is today not a bank holiday there? Laura

  3. The pile of piglets reminds me of several pictures I have of my own human babies all piled and snuggled together in the bed in the morning. If we can set aside all our preconceived notions, I think that babies of all species (particularly of mammals) have a lot in common.

  4. Didn’t Jude have to grow up some before going there because of the dog chasing him?
    Also I see two broken links below the flower image.

    • Thank you yes. I will try to get to the links when I have time. I write and post as fast as I can in a small space of time I set aside before I start the day so sometimes things don’t quite work out for me . But better than nothing I guess.

  5. Your yellow tulip magnolia is gorgeous! Our beautiful purple one has dropped all of its petals and has leafed out. It is our harbinger of spring, and has been blooming for at least two weeks! One can’t help to smile at its beauty with every look!

  6. I just ordered some corn meals from the mill. We just moved two weeks ago yesterday – so I am ready to make some cornbread & polenta for my myself. Hubs will not eat corn meal items unless it is a fried hush puppy or corn dog with lots of sugar. He does not know what he is MISSING! 😉

    Those “uglies” sure are pretty…. BTW: Tima’s twin lives here in Texas. Her name is Polly and lives on a friends farm south of here.

  7. Of course more wind! But look at all the GREEN! Just have to add the pigs sleeping are so adorable! You know already that some photos did not load. Will wait to see Freebee.

  8. Lovely piglets, all fast asleep in positions that would send us to the chiropractor pronto. They’re looking beautifully sleek and healthy, another good batch from Molly. Love that brilliant blue sky behind the blossom; I hope you get to see a lot more of that.

  9. Oh, I’m so looking forward to photos of Jude – miss that little character! It will be good to see your Arabian princess, Fatima, return home. I know you wrote ‘Fat Tima’, but Fatima gives her such an aura of mystery – chuckle! 🙂 Also anxious to see your asparagus to pop. It always looks so healthy!

  10. What fat little piglets! Somehow, I suspect, that Tia will come back fatter than she left. I’m sure she tells everyone that she’s starving…

  11. I didn’t get to see the pictures of Freebee either.
    Envy one of the fellowship!

  12. I have asparagus coming in bulk every single day. I’ve tried to give some to the neighbors, but no takers so far. Forrest and I have been having it daily as we love it, but this is way more than two people can eat. I may just have him take it to his workplace, along with the eggs we sell there. Surely he can find a taker!

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