FreeBee the Midget has been to the vet for his health check and to attend to the wee problem of still having his testicles. And on Friday my guest and I will load him into the truck to deliver him to Hendricks House where Jude and Tima are.

Here he is looking totally miserable waiting for the vet. My wallet is above him in his little carry cage giving you an indication of how very small he is. Even his legs are short. He is almost three months old!

The perfect size for a pet in a big garden.

Molly and her babies. We are in a spell of lovely cool days – perfect for the animals.

I am a bit concerned about Del.

All yesterday afternoon she was terribly quiet and not grazing. Just standing – not chewing her cud or anything. When walking she was very slow as though she had gone into a dreamworld. I checked her a few times in the night and she was sleeping in her usual curled up position. I suspect that her calf is moving into place though she is not full of milk yet. This slow behavior is totally out of character for her.

Her first due date is in a week. So realistically anything could happen at any time but there a number of signs that calving is imminent and she has none of them.

I will go and check her again now then get ready for the day.

This afternoon we will extend the Thistle Eaters yard. I hope my plan works. I will document the steps for you this afternoon. It is all about sliding hog panels in and out moving panels ( they are 18 foot long) in increments and not losing piglets – oh I cannot really describe it – I will show you.

It is going to be a perfect morning. I must get put there.


12 Comments on “FREEBEE

  1. Freebee is tiny, will Jude being so much bigger be kind to him? Wonderful IG video of Mr Flowers, great to see how the engine room works supporting the front room display 😊 holding thumbs that Del will perk up. Laura

  2. Freebee is a strange little piggy, with that broad hairy forehead. He looks nice and solid and glossy though, so perhaps that’s the shape and look nature decided was right for him. I hope Del reverts to her normal self soon, so you can stop worrying so much. Have a good day, Miss C, I hope the weather gods continue to smile on you.

  3. I’m glad freebee is going to a happy home. I hope Del is OK. Molly was funky just before birth too. Maybe it’s just uncomfortable to be so full of baby. And they are ready for the squatters to be out rather than in.

  4. Good luck little Freebee. Have a good life in your new home. If Jude is anything to go by you sure will!

  5. From what you said, I’m imagining “leap-frogging” to describe what you’re going to do with the pig’s fencing panels? About Del… Is it possible whilst whilst bucking and spinning the other day, she was having some sort of a seizure?

  6. I hope Del is okay. She is my favorite for some reason. I have always thought her to be so lovely.

  7. Hello, the Farmy! I must have missed something along the line. Where did Free Bee come from? His name suggests he was given to you, but this is the first time I’ve heard about that tiny little critter. What a cutie! Please, tell me more!

  8. P.S. As for FreeBee at the vets, maybe you just have a REALLY BIG wallet!

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