I think if anxiety was a medical condition I would be on bed- rest. Del is still not eating, still not chewing her cud, and is slow and fragile. Of course yesterday was the vets day off and so he is coming after surgery today. At 1.30. She is drinking water and eating tiny slurps of grain. She inspects every offer but only nibbles. I have not been seen chewing her cud since the day before yesterday. She is slowly filling with milk and looks thin and drained which means baby has gone down into position. But she is so weak. And her udder is far from full but udders are not a very reliable indication of much.

I checked them both at 11 and 3 in the night and all was quiet. Tia is huge with calf and has a full udder. So she has not long to go either.

Tia is of course robust and grazing well.

So that is why I am anxious. Aunty Del this time. This ultra calm slowness is not like her at all.

Three of Molly’s eight keep escaping – the same ones every time. The naughties.

FreeBee has recovered from his vet visit!

Talk soon


20 Comments on “ANXIETY

  1. Oh dear. I am too-often anxious (though it seems to be coming under control), since menopause hit. A physiological anxiety that wakes me up at night and which I can talk myself out of because I know that it is a silly wordless, faceless, irrational anxiety tethered to nothing by hormones or lack thereof.. But this is different. I am sorry…I will be “anxious” too until I read what the vet has had to say by tomorrow morning when next you blog. Poor dear cow. And poor you. I hope it is something that can be dealt with. Strength and courage, dear friend. Thinking of you from over here, under a French sky positively dumping buckets.

    • I have suffered with anxiety and depression since hitting menopause and would definitely say it was a medical condition, I took six months to get over the worst bout. Nature and photography are getting me through now and now my blog which helps me on a daily basis by sharing my experiences and joys

  2. I am sending hope for some good news or ideas to come from the vet. I hope everything will turn out well for dear Auntie Del & your anxieties will for her will be eased.

  3. Oh C, what a worry. You’re not one to fret needlessly, your instincts are strong and correct. I hope very much the vet is able to find something that can be fixed. Does she need a big shot of Vitamin B complex, is she low on some mineral, has she eaten something bad that’s passing too slowly through her system? You’ve already thought of this stuff, I imagine, and I hope the vet has some new ideas. Fingers crossed.

  4. Those piglets do look a bit naughty! LIke they have been caught when you snapped that photo.

    I hope everything is okay with Del. Drinking water is good. They say when animals are sick they stop eating which helps in the healing process. Hopefully they are right.

  5. Hoping for the best news about Del. Will be thinking of you and her today.

  6. Fretting about Aunty Del here with you. Hope the vet sorts her out this afternoon. Laura

  7. I’m keeping good thoughts for all of you but especially you. Anxiety can be costly to the body and the rest of them need you in top shape. Hoping for the best.

  8. I hope all is well with Auntie Del. So nerve-wracking when they can’t tell us what is wrong. I’m glad she has you, who knows her so well.

  9. I’m gripping this iPhone with both hands so tight my carpal tunnel kicked in. Very worried too. Hope hope hope vet has some help and fast.

  10. Sending positive thoughts for good outcome for Del and her calf. What a worry. I hope the vet can help. I’m sure everyone is holding their breath and fingers crossed

  11. I hope things go well for Del. My girl Saffron was like that last year before her babies were born, very close to her due date. I thought it was toxemia and treated her for it, turned out to be a weird mastitis. Fingers crossed! Freebie is a definite cutie!

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