Aunty Del has pneumonia. She is not good. The vet has done as much as he can. Now we wait.

He could not tell for sure if the calf is still alive. Usually with such a high temperature the cow will abort. But the calf is definitely way back and still there.

So now we wait. If the drugs are going to work her temperature will be down by at least two degrees by morning. I will let you know.

We don’t know why she is sick though and I don’t like that.

What a mess.


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  1. Oh no, that is terrible news. I definitely wasn’t expecting to read that. I hope her temperature drops fingers crossed 🤞 and all is well with the calf.

  2. Thank you for the update. Hoping beyond hope that she responds to medicine and she and calf will come through this tough time. Poor mama.

  3. Oh Aunty! I hope she is better by morning and the calf is okay. Dear this is a bad news day for our loved animals. Chloe Beagle has a tumor on her spleen. We have found cancer twice before in her and now we have another tumor. Poor pup.

    • So sorry to read of your dear Chloe Beagle, Pat. I am sending my best hopes for her to get better, not suffer & to you all too.

  4. I am so sorry for all of you. I truly hope the medicines save Del and her calf.

  5. I am so sorry it is pneumonia with Del. I hope her temperature will come down with the medication & that her calf will survive. I hope you can take or sip or something for your anxiety & worries. Thinking powerful healing thoughts to all at The Farmy this evening.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this C. I too am sending good healing thoughts and wishes your way for beautiful Aunty Del and her calf…

  7. Oh boy! At least there is a diagnosis. I’m hoping the drugs take effect and her temperature goes down. What a terrible shock though. I’m so sorry to hear this. Such a lovely cow, Auntie Del.

  8. What devastating news. I know that collectively we all wish for the best outcome.

  9. I’m so sorry. I hope the drugs can bring the fever down. Wishing you all the best — what a terrible situation.

  10. Poor girl…. animals always soldier on so stoically, being unable to tell you when they start to feel unwell. She’s a big, strong cow, and I hope that her good diet and the care and love she’s always received will stand her in good stead. C’mon, Aunty Del. Fight this thing!

  11. What a sad state of affairs! That explains why Aunty has been dragging around lately. Isn’t she the one who was so confused in the wind the other day? Horrible headaches often precede human pneumonia. Don’t know about animals! My thoughts and prayers for a good outcome are headed your way.

  12. Positive thoughts and prayers – for Mom-to-be, babe and you . . . this you didn’t need . . .

  13. The hardest part is not knowing the cause… and then the waiting. Like everyone else here, I’m praying and sending positive vibes… and lots of love.

  14. Absolutely beautiful closeup of her. I hope she will be okay. Very worrying for you but great that you noticed so quickly she was not well.

  15. Adding extra prayers and positive thoughts for Aunty Del and calf, I always keep you, the Farmy and the Fellowship in my prayers. With the weather as strange as it’s been she likely got a chill. I hope the medications help and the calf is okay too. Aunty Del is such a beautiful cow and a sweet soul.

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