I think. As you know the vet came yesterday and Del was diagnosed with a pretty bad attack of pneumonia. At noon he gave her intravenous antibiotics, an anti- inflammatory and lastly some glucose to give her some energy. She was in a pretty bad way her temperature was 105.2.

There is a chance that she will lose her calf – those temperatures do affect the calf floating about in there. We could not determine if he was still alive but he could feel that baby was still pretty high up and certainly not close to being born naturally.

By yesterday evening her temperature was down to 99.9 ( a little lower than average) and after a few hours of rest she took herself out into the field and we even saw her grazing just a little. She spent the night in the barn out of the cold rain and seemed much calmer this morning. She has lost that gaunt wild eyed look – I did not hear her grinding her teeth in the night which was a relief.

I will take her temperature again when I go out and let you know.

Do you see these little kittens? They were born in the barn on the West Side – they went to a new home yesterday where a friend of mine has had trouble with rodents in his sheds. Hopefully these three grow to be good mousers.

Early this morning Boo and I went hunting because we still have something trying to dig under the door of the chook-house – minks don’t dig that obviously so I am not sure what it is. The chickens sounded the alert, out we went, Boo saw something and chased it under a pile of concrete drain pipes and it literally went to ground, after a while it got too cold for me so I have left Boo to it. I could not see what it was but it is not coming out in a hurry.

Ok! While still keeping our eyes on everything else, we must turn our close attention to Tia. She is looking like calving soon.

I won’t be taking FreeBee to Champaign today. I want to stay close to Del for a bit longer and we have another cool weather system coming through.

It is cold this morning! Looks like the asparagus will be going into a pause. We have picked only twice. Ahead of us we have a few overnights dropping into the 30’s again.

To work everybody!!


34 Comments on “A LITTLE BETTER?

  1. I didn’t know cows could get pneumonia, but then, it would be more rare in Greece, I suppose. Glad she’s responding well to the drugs. Those kittens are lovely!

  2. I’m glad Del is a bit better today. Let’s hope she continues on the up and the baby is ok.

  3. Such good early news. I am relieved for Del & you. And I hope her recovery continues through the cold spell.

  4. Good news about Del-will be sending healing thoughts. Hoping the calf’s OK too. Wishing you warmer weather.

  5. Glad to hear that Del is doing better. I checked up a bit with Google on pneumonia in cows and while I only understand parts it seems that it can quickly down many cows in a herd if not caught so that certainly adds to the worry.

  6. Relieved Auntie Del’s temperature has gone down and that she is looking and acting more herself. Maybe St. Francis was helping.
    Fingers crossed for Tia now and that the weather cooperates. Oh those kittens! Adorable!
    And hats off to Hero Boo! Can’t help wondering who that creature is. Glad FreeBee and Tima get to stay a little longer in their respective spots.

  7. Cautiously optimistic Del and her calf will make a full recovery. Still holding thumbs this side. Laura

  8. Keeping good thoughts for Del and the calf in mind. Are the kitties old enough to leave mom? No idea on kitten ages. 🙂

  9. It’s a good start. I hope she continues to improve and hangs onto her calf. And I also hope Tia holds off long enough to give you a quick breather between crises!

  10. Fingers and toes crossed. So glad she is showing signs of feeling better. So glad you caught that she was not her normal self.

  11. Sounds like good news. Good luck to all imminent home movers and Calvers.

  12. 105.2 !? That IS high for an animal, much less a human! 102 feels awful, and poor Aunty Del at over 105……..! Loss of appetite, lethargy, high fever, and a rattling chest are all part of pneumonia – ugh! So FreeBee got a reprieve, eh? And those adorable Heinz 57 kittens, I could cuddle ’em to pieces! I, as are all the others in this circle of friends, am SO happy to read that Aunty is better! May she keep improving and may her calf be a healthy one!

  13. Just checking in to see if any more improvement In Aunt Del. Oh and Mr. floors’ display is so spectacular. If anyone tried to tell me a bird could “do” that, I wouldn’t believe ’em.

    • Aunties temp is still down but she has no appetite. She drinks though / I brought her up just now and have locked her in the corner pen in the barn. She wants to be out in the wind but not tonight – it will get too cold for a girl so sick.

  14. Wish genies existed and impossible suggestions could come true ! Would love to have the two gals in my 24C autumnal, sunny garden with not a breath of wind and baby them thru’ happy births ere sending them back to busy you . . . think you better call one of the babes Megan . . . today is supposedly her day . . . 🙂 !

    • Even with a genie I could never send them away. Del and I have always weathered it together. I will baby her. I did not know Megan was a saint – how did she get a day?

      • To begin with: it wasn’t !! But am amazing number of people here are awaiting her babe with ostensibly nought else in the offing ! . . . no comment ! Hoping for Del and hers . . .

  15. I’m glad to hear Aunty Del is feeling better and I hope the calf is okay too. Those are three adorable kittens. Bravo Boo!!!! Get that varmint!!

  16. The sweet baby eyes on those kittens are just too much. Our Del looks very concerned. Good healing thoughts for the farmy, and hopes that the calf survives. ❤

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