And I forgot!

So, tomorrow morning I will sleep in.

Mr Flowers.

Jake gave me a dozen of his chooks. So they are all locked in for a week while the new chickens rezone themselves to their new quarters. If I don’t leave them in long enough they will not return to the hen house in the evenings and we will lose them.

The ducklings are growing fast! Even though the water-thing in the foreground is muddy ( everything is muddy) the look on Boo’s face as he tries to be good is priceless.

Trying to entice the ducklings over for a close/up using food does not work either.

They are still nervous. But way calmer than the last lot I raised. Ducks like to be able to see.

Today I have farm volunteers so Katrina and I are going to move electric fences and weed in the asparagus while Mike helps John with rocks and cooks and muddles about in the kitchen. John is very slowly creating a pond out the front – every rock has to be just so – I will take a picture for you.

It is chilly here this morning! It is 51f and we are forecast to get up to 84f. The temperatures just roar up and down. Hopefully we get some drying in today.

Have a lovely day.






24 Comments on “SLEEP IN MORNING

  1. I find ducklings very endearing, more than chicks. Something to do with their long slender necks makes them look delicate and vulnerable. Have a good lie-in tomorrow, Miss C. Richly deserved.

  2. Love it when the ducklings are still at the fuzzy-darling stage; it doesn’t last very long and must be enjoyed while it can. Already seeing just a hint of pins showing through their lovely softness; )

  3. Ah, you are still using helpers. I wondered if you had switched to Air B&B exclusively. We are sure enjoying our wwoofers — grateful for the help and so much fun getting to know them as well.

    • John is home full time and not good with people so I am steering clear of The woofers/ however I have lots of volunteers from previous years who come back regularly. They know him and his silent ways

  4. Wow, those ducklings grew quickly. Enjoy your lie in tomorrow. Laura

  5. I hope the day is productive and the heat pays off in drying out process. Every time we get close to having no water in the backyard it rains again. But the kids next door love to play in the swampy grass, so it has it’s purpose. 🙂

  6. I have been so inspired by your blog & your energy. Last Friday my eagerness to be more like you sort of backfired. I purchased a few Katahdin sheep& had them delivered to the farm. Things went wrong and the sheep never made it to the barn until 9 that night. In the meantime our horse, Daisy needed to be moved. I guess I spooked her, she knocked me off balance, and I broke my ulna. It’s sort of laughable, but not really. I’m not one that likes to sleep in either.

    • Oh no! That sounds quite nasty. If anything goes wrong here it is always like that – a comedy of errors pulling the rug from under your feet. The sheep sound lovely though. Hope you are not in too much pain?!

  7. Precious ducklings and you’re right – Boo’s expression is a picture to behold! Our little chicks are growing SO fast, too, Acorn hit the rooster in the back and he went straight up in the air, Could hear him holler, “The sky is falling, the sky IS falling!” – the big chicken!.

    Have a nice rest tomorrow a.m., Miss C. Be well!

  8. Lovely ducklings and poor Boo – I’m sure he just wants to lick them, though that’s a bit too much for a small bird.

  9. Diesel Dog gazes at our neighbours’ budgie in its cage with pretty much the same expression as Boo with the ducks. Everyone else but me thinks its cute… I see him licking his lips…

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