I have been waiting for the weather to settle down before putting Molly’s Eight out into the field – apparently it is not going to settle. So out they went yesterday.

There was a lot of screaming as the piglets were caught and carried through to the field and lowered over the hog panels and released into their new baby enclosure but the moment their little trotters hit the ground and they smelt all that delicious greenery they quietened and got down to some serious munching and running about.

I LOVE it when the animals get into the fields.

Though with these high winds and thunderous squalls and mutinous storms, I sometimes wonder how their huts stay on the ground.

Hell banging on it’s grate. Furies of steam escaping. Thundering from below. Let me out! Then gone again.

Short sharp explosive big storms in little packages.

Why is hell always portrayed as being below when it is on fire and heat rises.

This week I begin an online course of education in health and safety of the workspace. It is pretty comprehensive and will take some time but should keep me out of trouble for a while.

I need a new diary. I have been using one that has a month to a page. THAT is not going to work anymore!

I hope you have a good day planned.


20 Comments on “STORMS AND THE LIKE

  1. Just LOOK at the colour of that grass! No wonder the tiny porkers are in pig’s heaven. And as far as hell goes, I’ve always thought a cold, bleak hell with a harsh lazy wind and permanently grey skies would be far worse. I think, Miss C, that it’s time you graduated to a big girl’s diary, with a week to view, preferably A4 size, but I suppose it depends if you need to carry it around or leave it on a desk. And happy World Bee Day.

      • While it won’t help at the moment, you could ask Santa for one for the new year. Santa is usually good at bringing just the right thing (especially if you find the one you want on-line and give him a print-out). Works at my house – worth a try.

        Chris S in Canada

    • I was brought up to believe that hell is cold, with no company for eternity, just aloneness. On a cold bleak day I can certainly appreciate that it is far more hellish than the traditional depiction of hellfires and company!

  2. How did you end up with your ESL course? I wish I had your energy!

    • I completed the course with top marks but did not find anywhere close by to teach. However I can travel with it which is something up my sleeve.

  3. Bloody hell……you’re taking on EVEN more, how do you do it?
    Squealing piglets look so happy in their green field.

  4. Curious, being a hound dog person, are pigs ears as soft and silky as a dogs? I always wondered about the saying “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” (Coined by Stephen Gosson in 1579 in the book The Ephemerides of Phialo: Deuided Into Three Bookes) Wow! From 1579 and my family used that phrase very often. Happy Monday and good luck with your class.

  5. WOW! Look at the size of your once-little fuzzy ducklings! Again, WOW! That is one wild shade of Spring green you have there. Gorgeous, and the piggies are most happy it seems. Have a good day!

  6. That course sounds interesting–but one you could teach. At least the ducks are happy with the wet wet weather! And the piglets! I shouldn’t say this but there’s nothing funnier than a screaming piglet–when it’s not in any sort of pain, of course–but the nose is a bit out of joint!

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