Literally every calf ends up sleeping in the boot of the cow car.

This where I feed the cows their hay in the winter, so it is nice and soft.

But not dry – nothing is dry. It poured down with rain again last night.

The wet is endless this year. And the cold. I am feeling hunched.

My organic farmer/friend/ tenant/mill owner Harold says his absolute last good date to plant the organic corn seed in the ground is June 10th. Our seeds are not chemically treated so they rot much faster than the non organic seeds. And our corn products – the polenta and cornmeals and corn-flours are big sellers from the mill. Surely it will dry up soon.

My field is very swampy, very low and very wet. The cows pasture is amazing though!


I think it might warm up today. Let’s see.


hmm – the weather image will not upload and I have run out of time. I have to be up by 5.30 or I don’t get to the mill on time. It looks like it will warm up today – with showers.

26 Comments on “HAD TO HAPPEN

    • What does “wouldn’t hold thumbs” mean? Just curious as I have never heard that expression in my 75 years on this planet.

      • Same as cross your fingers, but it depends where your ancestors came from. Northern Europe and Scandinavia ‘hold thumbs’ inside a fist, while others cross their fingers.

      • Actually, in this instance, the saying ‘wouldn’t hold my breath’ would probably be more appropriate; but I am interested to learn that ‘holding thumbs’ is not a universally used term for wishing good luck. ‘Holding thumbs for you in the audition’, for example. The popularly given origin, that there were powerful forces in the thumb and these wold be contained by holding the thumb in the other hand, has never made sense to me because it is invariably plural and holding both thumbs in different hands is really awkward.

  1. Ha, Tia’s Bobby has been ‘christened’ ☺️ I see John has removed the boot lid. Hope you dry out soon enough to plant your crops. Laura

  2. That slightly soggy feeder has grass growing in the bottom. So perhaps if the paddocks stay too wet, you can sow grass seed in the boots of several cars and put them out! I see he’s had a nice poo in there as well, so the grass crop should be lovely, green and lush 😉

  3. It has been unseasonably cool and rainy here in Northern California as well. The native vegetation seems to be taking good advantage of that, but our regular planting season for crops is messed up. Cultivated crops just don’t have the same “brains,” even when they’re non-GMO and organic.

  4. Thank heavens you haven’t had any tornados! Disaster, with a capital D !, And the serious, oh SO serious flooding going on – have mercy!
    Heh heh! I could say “give the calf the boot” – meaning give him a home of his own, not ‘kick him out’ -type ‘boot’. ! Stay well, stay warm, Miss C.!

  5. The “holding thumbs” discussion is wonderful. I did come up with a way to hold both thumbs at the same time, by the way. Very cozy. Hoping for a reversal of the weather SOON SOON SOON.

  6. The “holding thumbs” discussion is wonderful. I did come up with a way to hold both thumbs at the same time, by the way. Very cozy. Hoping for a reversal of the weather SOON SOON SOON.

    • *laughing late!* You are not actually meant to hold both thumbs ! Usually just the left one: often waving it in the air showing you really, really mean it. Is we want to wish someone luck in an exam or an audition of doing anything special and important, EVERYBODY in Northern Europe says the same . . . just had not ever thought about it just done it since I knew how !!!! Crossing one’s fingers came on the horizon when I moved to Australia 🙂 !

  7. I absolutely love that you have a cow car. It’s rained here so much that every step taken squelches. Lord, I hope your farmer/tenant/miller gets his corn in. I am addicted to your polenta!

        • There is a kind of blog on the website which is written off site – more on the food really – I have not met the author and so I won’t launch one of my own. I will send out my letter newsletters and develop the Instagram account. I am like water – I will always find a way to join up with my people.

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