Pizza for dinner. The base made with the experimental Pizza flour that we ran through our new screens at Janie’s Mill this week.

John does all the cooking and I do all the chores! Sounds like a deal to me. Though after a days work three hours of farm work wears me right out. Our John is happy to be in the kitchen but I miss my vegetables. He is not big on vegetables. And when I cook, the meat is a little like a side dish. With a John the Silent One meat and carbs is the dinner. I am going to have to make a big container of vegetables to take to the Mill for lunch while I work, if I eat them on the quiet he won’t be put out. That should do it. And I seldom finish chores before seven do I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Last night I made a dough with the Calumet flour from Janie’s Mill and put it aside to rise. I love that flour and was delighted when I found a little bag too old to sell when my helper and I were doing our Friday inventory. Out to the car it went. We milled lots of Calumet this week too for a big order.

Manu has gone off to his new harem. He followed me beautifully onto my friends trailer. He is a good boy and Brian was very impressed with how good he looks for his age. All those vegetables and long walks around his field. Sad to see him go but he hates being alone. And I don’t breed again before December.

Look carefully at this photo, some of my ducklings have random pompoms on their heads others a few have white bands around their necks. They will be interesting looking adults. They are a mixed bag but already much calmer than the old ones. This week I will work on the first step toward blending these flocks / I will build the little ones a run in the Quack House. This will force them to all sleep in the same area. The big ducks will come and go and the babies will stay in there for a few more weeks. They need to be bigger before they are freed.

Del and her mud boots. She is milking beautifully. She is always standing at the gate waiting for me morning and evening. Del gives lovely sweet creamy milk. I only occasionally milk Tia now. Even though she has no objection to me milking her, she really does not have enough milk to share with me. Plus her milk is not tasty. It tastes grassy and salty. Just not nice.

Crimson clover in the recovery field.

I have a long weekend ahead of me – like all other workers, I guess. I can catch up on some gardening! And bloody bollocksy housework.

I hope you have a good day – we would like a day without rain. The internet is scatty due to the storms. We have been under a tornado watch yesterday and a tornado warning the day before. Thankfully no tornados touched down around here.

Talk soon


49 Comments on “PIZZA

    • I love home made pizza- we even have some basil up in the glasshouse – so I made mine with asparagus, labneh and basil- I am so looking forward to getting into the garden this week.

  1. I’m loving your photos. You must have a “peaceful” button on your camera, because they all shout (quietly of course)..peace. So pleased you take the time to share. Rain is good, in reasonable doses. Define reasonable for me.

    • Yes. We certainly are way beyond reasonable here. My basement has had water in it for over a month now. We need gumboots to get to the freezers.

    • I’ll bet he would love to work his way through that field. I still think I should have one – a tortoise that is. Would he live in the barn in the summer then in the house in the winter?

  2. Can you get Red Fife wheat? In my next incarnation I hope to have a small mill. It’s quite common in Europe for bakeries to have mills right in the bakery.

  3. Wonderful clover, all that lovely nitrogen going into the soil. Your pompom ducklings aren’t pure breeds, they have Crested Duck blood in them. Cresteds are good layers and make good meat birds too, so it’s not a bad thing. I do love the idea of you furtively munching your vegies out of sight of Our John, but it does sound like a peaceful solution to the issue!

  4. That field of Crimson Clover is stunning. So interesting that Tia’s and Del’s milk differ in taste. Looks like your temperatures are finally warming up. I wonder will the ducks keep their pom-poms? Laura

    • Aunty Google tells me that the poor things will be afflicted with the pompon syndrome forever. And they are not uniform – they just pop up wherever on the ducks heads. I don’t know about that!!

  5. What a lovely, interesting post. I bet your home made pizza was wonderful, my favourite. Despite the lack of veg
    In John’s cooking it must be such a help to not cook every evening. As for the bloody bollocksy housework l couldn’t agree more, give me gardening any time..

    Dear old Manu, has he left home for good or will he he be back when you are ready to breed again?
    Don’t forget your “lay in” tomorrow morning.

  6. I’m happy about this entire post, but mostly happy that Del seems to have weathered her storm and is doing well!

  7. Ah, pizza! Can’t wait for our courgettes to make an appearance. Last year, your courgette pizza/fritatta was a big hit around here!

  8. Good luck on the pizza. Today’s pics are particularly nice esp the clover and the cat basking in the sun. Fun assortment of duck ‘breeds’?

  9. Your clover is gorgeous! My mother came from Illinois dairy farmers and, although she tried to eat her veggies, what she really loved was meat and potatoes. I cook the way you do — heavy on the vegetables and little bit of meat. When I’m at work, Brett makes himself a burger and chips.

  10. I really like your clover! Makes me want to plant some, but alas I don’t have the room. All the fields are rented out this year.

  11. Hope Manu will be happy with some company. The clover and cat are so beautiful. So happy Del has come around and as someone above said so interesting that her milk tastes creamy but Tia’s grassy and salty. Why is this? How is WaiWai doing? I think the bonneted ducks are cute.

  12. Mornin’ All! Wasn’t there a song written about Crimson Clover back in the 70’s? Ceci, you outdid yourself with those gorgeous serenity photos, Del’s mud boots an all! Thank you!!

  13. We had pizza last night too…although somebody else’s homemade =) We too would like the days without’s sunny now, and supposed to get to 80, then 60 tomorrow. It needs to dry out-otherwise muddy…cheers to you.

  14. rainy here also…..really tired of it and need some warm sun!…..I wonder of some sneaky drake sneaked into the girls pen and that’s why you have a mixture of different ducks?

    • These are from a trusted hatchery – I don’t know what happened but I will call them on Tuesday and let them know- just for their own breeding notes. I am sure they will lay just as well.

  15. Oooh do tell what naughty things has WaiWai been up to? This is very good news. I still think of that moment when Jude got too close and wai gave him a little kick.

    • The naughtiest is that he has discovered if he puts his head under the grain sprouts shelf he can upend a bucket and eat as fast as he can telling me the bucket fell over all by itself. As he runs off with a mouth full.

  16. Shame on him! But he’s plenty shrewd all the same. You can hardly believe he can SEE anything with his eyes so closed but I guess he sees and smells everything! Most outrageous is his fibbing. So insulting, isn’t it?

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