And hay on the ground!

I don’t have much in the way of pictures of either I am afraid. As you can imagine it has been pretty busy.

Just wanted to pop in and see how you all are and let you know that we have piglets in the barn. Seven. Very pretty babies. Once again one is very tiny so we will see how that one goes.

The weather has swerved from cool and wet to very, very hot with a nice dry spell to dry the hay and hopefully allow the machines into the fields. Three or four days of this would be great. I would love to get some dry hay in but it is miserable for Poppy.

Friday again!!

I will take photos today and be back tomorrow. First thing to do today is get the coop ready for the next visitors. Check in with Poppy. Then milk the cow, feed everyone, race off to work and race back for the hay baling and more miking and more feeding. John’s hand is getting there but still not up to lots of heavy lifting. He will be back on board for the next cut I hope.

Friday. How on earth did that happen so fast?

I will take lots of pictures for you today.


23 Comments on “POPPY’S SEVEN

  1. Good morning! Can’t wait for photos of piglets. I know – Friday already. And the last weekend in June already! Enjoy your busy day.

  2. So pleased to hear your warmth had returned and that you have hay and new piggies in the barn. Laura

  3. I’m glad to read all your good news here. Poppy’s seven! new piglets (& my high hopes for the wee-est one), some hot sunny hay-drying days in store, John’s hurt hand healing, & weekend guests arriving. It’s Friday here too. It’s always Friday, or early Sat. morning (I work Saturdays). My family is here so this week especially has been one big blur.

  4. Good news all went well. Your making my head spin!! 😀

  5. Congrats! Super exciting about the piglets! And that you may have more hay to put away for the winter! Looking forward to piglet pics! xo

  6. Congrats on new piglets. You get one extreme or the other. Nothing in between but the fields need warm and dry so you get hot and dry. Hoping for the best for all of you. It feels like Saturday. My daughter took today off to work from home and help me half a day to set up for tomorrows yard sale. By golly, the sun came out. 🙂 Wishing you a good one.

  7. Seven little piggies – almost a nursery rhyme? (I think that 7 were monkeys, but piggies would be so much funnier)
    I like the picture – looks like a story beginning..you could have your readers complete that…

  8. Oh, I love the wee piglet already! AND she has warm weather to help her catch up! (Well, maybe it’s a boy piggy?) Hayin’, guest coop fixin’, feedin’, mlkin’, muckin’, mill workin’….may I present WONDER WOMAN !!! Don’t forget to breathe! Talk later, Ceci!

  9. You must just flop into bed at night and sleep like Rip Van Winkle…or a log! 🙂 Congrats on the new piglets! Since you won’t be breeding pigs anymore, will you be selling Poppy along with Molly?

  10. Congratulations to Poppy and you! I sure hope the weather breaks and cools off for her and her little ones–and all the good critters! Anxious, of course, to see them all!!

  11. Last piglets to be born on the farmy! Such a sensible decision, though some of us will hide our disappointment.
    Only joking, SO looking forward to some pics. Please try and slow down a bit this weekend. Very glad to hear your co
    worker’s hand is well on the mend. Thank you for finding time for us all in your incredibly busy schedule.

  12. Oh wow! A small reprieve in the weather = a huge chunk of welcome work for you! If you’ve got to be busy, it might as well be hay, piglets and more airbnb guests, and other useful demands on your time. Tightly crossed fingers for good drying weather without making poor Poppy too hot.

  13. Have just checked on Illinois weather . . . with five days of rain in the coming week smiles are distant ! Glad you have the work and BnB ! Glad about Poppy also naturally! Am hoping John’s hand is improving but the dirt and required strength of outdoor chores will demand awhile . . . don’t know from where the patience is supposed to arrive . . .

  14. Congratulations on the piglets! My son is delighted. We look forward to pics soon. Hoping for the dry hay. Thinking if you every day with your busy work schedule. Hope you are not too tired.

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