Poppy is being very relaxed. Which is par for the course at the beginning of the piglet time .

Seven little piglets who have shown no interest in their creep at all this time. Hopefully soon.

The babies are always feeding and Poppy is just hot and really tired. Plus her nipples hurt! I let water run onto her concrete pad after hosing her udder down so she can cool off.

A monster in the duck pond. Wai hung out in the pond almost all day yesterday. We are in the nineties for a few days yet and all the pigs seek puddles everywhere.

Boo watches over Tane while he has his milk – glaring at any chickens that dare get too close. Turn when Tane is done and moves off Boo licks the bowl. It is all very polite. The gallon of cows milk is doing wonders for his arthritis. Sheila gets some too and seems better. She had a wee bout where she was finding it difficult to walk. Raw cows milk in large quantities is magic.

Baby Bull got thrown out of his bed by a flock of chickens. These little black Australorps sleep with the big chickens but when they are out cruising they still stick together in a flock. I find it fascinating.

Well we have brought in two loads of hay already. My co-worker has been doing all the heavy lifting even calling in a few of his friends to help him stack. Such a relief for me I was able to peel off and do the chores. Looks like they will finish up today.

The hay is really dry now so I told them we will go ahead and start early. A little dew in the bales won’t hurt. So I had better get that cow milked and the pigs fed and get to it.

I hope you have a good day. We are hot and productive!


Oops – chance of rain in increasing – gotta run!

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  1. Baby Piggies are so cute!!! Mama Molly watching them get started in life!!! I can hear her grunting along as she nurses them!!! Yes these 90’s are hot for the animals. Just back from Kentucky and saw the cattle standing in the ponds of water. Have a good day Celi!!!

  2. Hot and productive is good. Hope the rain stays away till hay is done. First time to see Wai wallowing, poor ducks. Laura

  3. There is almost nothing better to gaze over than lovely soft little piglets. Poppy needs a cooling blanket to wear over her back…she looks completely done in 😦

    • She does look done in! It’s looks as though she’s wondering, ‘Where did those small creatures come from and what are they doing here???” 🙂

  4. Yeah!!! So happy it’s working to get the hay in!!! And how fabulous your co-worker, alias Our John, got his buddies to help!!! That makes all the difference!!!

  5. Yesterday’s post – stating Friday again – isn’t it different having an outside the farm job how you notice the time differently? On the farm it’s more day by day with not differentiation in what day it it but running a B&B and working at the Mill gives you a day of the week focus. Neither is bad but I do think us 8-5’ers wish our lives away waiting on Friday at 5 pm and dreading Monday at 8 am.

    Good BooBoo.

  6. I love the cast of characters as the Farmy: And now: Presenting Wai Wai as Swamp Thing! Fortunately the ducks, while giving him plenty of sea room, seem to be unfazed by that great boulder of pig in their water. All those different textures needed at the Farmy, too: Hay – Dry; paddocks – Medium; Ponds and wallows – Wet; Underfoot – firm; Celi’s bed – Soft!

  7. So happy for Wai to get cooled off too. And good for everyone getting raw milk. Surprising it helps Boo’s arthritis. And trusty ever-faithful Ton watching over Tane.
    “Birds of a feather flock together “ my mother used to say.
    Speaking of sayings—do chickens really get mad when they’re wet?

  8. Thanks for posting Celi! Any sign of your roosting peahen? Missed you girl!

  9. Wonderful ‘catch-up’ today, Ceci ! Thank you! Had’t seen much of Boo or Ton, then voila, BOYH of them in on shot! Little piglets look so cuddly, but I bet they squeal like banshees when you pick them up! Happy haying!

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