I don’t even know how many bales yet but definitely over two hundred. There is a counter on the baler but I forgot to look. John’s friends helped and lucky too because only a hour or so after the bales were in and the men were fed the skies opened up and it poured and then poured again. And that storm came in fast. I did not even know it was on its way.

So, so glad that John was able to call in reinforcements.

Has to be noted though that this hay was way way past its due date, so there is very little nutrition in these bales. But I will make it work!

Poppy’s babies continue to thrive.

I will baby-proof their back yard today and let Poppy back out. In the afternoon it is cooler around the back of the barn.

This is the state my outside table was in before I cleared it off to feed the men. That Cat!

I made sliders for their lunch and want to share the roll recipe. I have made these a few times and they are so good. I am going to make piles of them for our gathering next week.

I hope this link goes to the recipe because it has never failed me, I used 1/3 Turkey Red – Mackinaw and 2/3 Glenn – Chicago. Both available at The Mill at Janie’s Farm. I wish I had taken photos for you but they were gobbled up with my grass fed beef burgers so fast.

I also have the book written by the head baker at HEWN. She has a bakery in Chicago. She bakes with our flours and also stocks my small retail bags for sale.

Unlike most of her recipes the rolls are made with store bought yeast so everyone can make them. Sourdough feels a little exclusive sometimes. These take two and a half hours from wo to go. ( is it “wo” – I have never written that before – maybe it is woe as in woe is me, I had better go – woe to go).

Del is mooing. (Woe-ing )

I had better go.


the weather is in the 90’s again. Hot hot hot

20 Comments on “HAYS IN!

  1. Love the cat in the lampshade, hilarious. I could cry when I think of the days you lugged all 200 bales into the barn on your own! Also, I have never had success with rolls using sourdough, always too heavy and brick like 😝 off to peruse your recipe. Laura

  2. How wonderful the hay is in & we all Know you will make it Work! No woes. So good of John to rally the hay-makers & a fine reward for them from your hands. Cats have an eye for settings in case there is a close-up photo op. So special in this very case, a crystal beaded lampshade.

  3. I think it’s ‘Go to Whoah’… And loud Hallelujahs for 200 bales in the barn, that’s gold in the bank, poor nutrition or no. It just goes to show that with a small window of sunshine and willing hands, you can make hay even in the worst year.

  4. did the cat go to a party last night and is now sleeping it off in a lamp shade? Good job on the hay!

  5. The cat in the lampshade was priceless. Good shot for a card. I’m glad you had help and were successful in the mildest of ways. 90 is way over my limit. I can’t even imagine working in it. You have a lot of fortitude.

  6. Yay for the hay! And yes, the cat in the hat..I mean lampshade is priceless! What I want to know is why is there a pretty lampshade outside on the table and not inside on a lamp? 🙂 Will you be selling Poppy along with Molly as you’re not going to be breeding pigs anymore? I hope she can find some relief in the shade out back! She looked poorly yesterday and I don’t blame her. I hate the heat too!

  7. Is the runt the one in the middle of the pic of seven? When is Tima coming back to look over her subjects

    • Yes that is the little runt and she is so tiny! I saw Tima on Instagram the other day but am letting her enjoy the children. Tane is doing so much better without Tima knocking him down and stealing his food. It is a dilemma!

      • Hmm… Perhaps it’s better if Tima could stay where she is over there with the children and SlaughterHouseSurvivor (SHS) Piglet? Speaking of piglets, Poppy’s Seven are so cute (especially the littlest Miss: ) and funny how The Cat in the Hat (oops, Lampshade!) seems to be the automatic thought here. And, it seems to me that it would be worth helping with haying at the Farmy just to be fed lunch (‘cause those Sliders of yours sound incredible; )

  8. Is the runt the one in the middle in the pic of seven? When is Tima coming back to look over her subjects

  9. It’s just too bad we can’t take a page from that cat’s book. But no! Instead you have to kill yourself from morning til night, day after day. It ain’t fair! Oh and the other day someone called WaiWai a boulder! What a great description of him. I’ve laughed ever since.
    My mother used to say we have to make hay while the sun shines but being a city girl I never gave those words deep thought. I sure do now.
    We were raised on sayings. The one I hated most was, “All hands on deck.”

  10. You will work your magic with the old hay. And the animals must have loved the rainstorm. Especially Poppy.

  11. One good thing/looking at the bright side of the animals eating hay that’s a little mature, with all the off-Farm supplementation you’re bringing home these days, they’re still getting their protein plus their manure will be helping with reseeding this year; )

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